Buchla Easel Command 208c

“Buchla Easel Command 208c MIDI w/ Host Sensel Thunderpad/Rack Ears 4U.

Like New condition- This model has Midi AND Host Port for the discontinued Sensel Morph Thunderpad. Thunderpad is like new. 4U rack ears were purchased separately from buchla and included w/ patch cables power and original box. ”
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Buchla Lightning

“This Buchla Lightning (sister to the Thunder) is listed as for-parts/not-working because I don’t have the wands necessary for use.

With a standard 9v (center positive) wall wart (not included) it powers up and all buttons work.

After sitting for a long time an error will be displayed the first time it boots. I imagine this is due to an internal battery that discharges over time when not in use.

No wands included.

One little-rubber-foot missing.

Stand-mount bracket missing.

No wands included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Buchla System 101

” FOR SALE: A super rare vintage BUCHLA System 101 / 200 series Custom Portable Modular Synthesizer . Custom made for Sorrel Doris Hays by her friend Don Buchla himself. This all original unit was factory set up in a large brief case like a larger Music Easel. This unit is exactly like it left the factory and was custom ordered to be. Only the added briefcase decals which were added by the original owner Ms. Hays

The System 101 (1970-78) was a very compact polyphonic synth using modules from the 200-series. It was the smallest of the 200-series “Electric Music Boxes”, designed for on-the-go musicians. Unlike the Music Easel this unit has a 32-note standard piano style keyboard in place of the Buchla-preferred touch-plate keys for a more musician-friendly experience. This briefcase mounted 101 unit is likely the only one ever built.

Sorrel Hays aka Doris Hays used this unit her entire music career and she can be seen playing this unit in several photos and video clips

Hays was born Doris Ernestine Hays was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and in 1985 adopted her grandmother’s family name of Sorrel. She studied music with Harold Cadek at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, graduating in 1963. She continued her education for three years studying with Friedrich Wührer and Hedwig Bilgram at the Hochschule für Musik in Munich, Germany. She then studied with Paul Badura-Skoda and Rudolf Kolisch at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, graduating with a Master of Music degree. After completing her studies, Hays taught at Cornell College in Iowa, and then moved to New York City where she studied with pianist Hilde Somer. In 1971 she won first prize in the Gaudeamus Competition for Interpreters of New Music at Rotterdam, and began an international career as a pianist. She is now known as one of the world’s foremost performers of cluster piano music.[2] In 1998 Hays was director of a graduate program in electronic music at Yildiz University, Istanbul. She has also taught as a guest lecturer at colleges and universities including Vassar and Brooklyn College.

This unit was purchased about 10 years ago from Switched On in Austin Texas. It was used during a recording session soon after it was purchased. Since then it has been in storage. Just before it was put into storage some work was done to the unit. The list of what was done way back then is here within the photos. However the unit is being sold untested, as is, for parts only. A unit this old should be expected to require some service and so selling it untested, as is, for parts only with no warranty makes this point clear and avoids any disappointment.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Buchla Easel Command Module

“Module is lightly used, well taken care of. Purchased in 2020. Perfect working order and aesthetically like new. Comes with original packaging, extra banana cables and 4 shorting bars. Also comes with Convert module for converting Eurorack to Buchla and vice versa. Quick start patch booklet included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Buchla Music Easel

“I’m the second owner. I’ve owned this unit for five years. It’s a Rev3. It’s in fantastic condition and comes with: the power adaptor & AC Cable, patch cables (original set missing the grey 1/8″ cable and a second aftermarket set), The 201 Tool Box (built by professional shop) – these really open up the box way more than the Buchla expansion card, patch cards, and cable bag, case keys and the original box!

The unit does have some slight colouration on the keyboard, that is very hard to notice and a small ding in the left corner of the case. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Buchla Music Easel

“Is there a more iconic representation of the playful experimentation of the West Coast Electronic Music Movement?

While Bob Moog was busy on the east coast with his MiniMoog, Morton Subotnick (Silver Apples Of The Moon) was making history with Don Buchla in San Fransisco, working together to create the Music Easel. They had seen a future of electronic music that involved exploring wild new sonic frontiers. But the main stream was not ready for blowing the rules of music wide open yet, and with the commercial success of Switched On Bach, the public had spoken. The East Coast practicality of the MiniMoog would prevail, and the rule breaking sounds of the West Coast Counter Culture would be confined to a small but passionate group of sonic pioneers.

I see the Mini Moog and the Music Easel as two sides of the same coin. They are both beautiful machines and iconic symbols in the history of electronic music.

The Details:
Purchased new on 7/06/15
Lightly and lovingly used minimally in my home studio.
Includes original reciept from Noise Bug, original Quick Start info card, original program cards and cables, and original accessory bag.
Shipped in original box.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Buchla 200e

“Buchla 200e Electric Music Box Modular With 201e-12 Powered Cabinet and White Buchla Flight Case

Buchla 200e modular system in a 201e-12 Powered Cabinet also included is the original white Buchla flight case that fits the system for added protection while moving or storing

This is a nice complete system configuration that includes sequencing, touch keyboard, both types of Buchla oscillators, filtering, random, S&H and noise options, audio and CV modulation, envelops, VCA / Gate, mixing and with all the blue knobs settings being able to be saved with the preset manager.

Included are all the cables you will need to start patching, 12 Tiny jack audio cables, 12 Pomona banana cables for CV and 4 Pomona Double Banana Stackable shorting Bars to connect the 281e outs to the 291e inputs, power supply and also a J&R e-Ray 12 LED light for the 201e-12 powered cabinet.

Here is a list of the Buchla 200e system:

– Dual Arbitrary Function Generator Model 250e

– Uncertainty Source / Dual Filter Model 267e

– Mixer / Preset Manager Model 206e

– Twisted Waveform Generator Model 259e

– Complex Waveform Generator Model 261e

– Quad Function Generator Model 281e

– Quad Dynamics Manager Model 292e

– Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator Model 285e

– Keen Association Polyphonic Touch’n’Run Voltage Array Model 220

– 201e-12 Powered Cabinet – A three-boat cabinet designed to accommodate up to 12 200-series modules

– Original Buchla White Flight Case for the 201e-12 Powered Cabinet

– J&R e-Ray 12 LED light for 201e-12 Powered Cabinet

– 12 Pomona Stackable Banana cables of various lengths for routing CV signals

– 12 Tini-Jax cables of various lengths routing audio signals

– 4 Black Pomona Double Banana Stackable Shorting Bars

– Buchla Accessory Bag

– Buchla USA Easel Weasel Sticker

The list price for this system configuration is around $16,300

I bought this complete system used last year for around 20% off list prices and love it very much but family needs have come up and I am forced to part with it. I am starting bidding out at more than 45% off list prices, synth dreams can come true!”
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Buchla Music Easel

“This listing is for a rare, barely played Buchla Music Easel in excellent to mint condition, no cosmetic or functionality issues to report.

It comes with the original box, power supply, banana cables, extra banana cables, plugs, bag, case key, and a courtesy printed manual. No program cards included.

Cables Included:

3 x 4” black

3 x 8” orange

5 x 8” red

1 x 12” red

4 x 18” yellow

6 x shortening bars (4 x white, 2 x black)

1 x 4’ 1/4 phone mono cable ”
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Buchla Thunder

“Super rare Buchla Thunder Midi Controller. This item is beautiful and they don’t come along very often. The last one I saw for sale was almost 10 years ago. Don’t miss your chance at owning a piece of synth history.
I’ve gotten questions asking if I have the original power supply, memory cards, or the manual. I don’t have the original power supply, but I have used a universal power supply over the years with it and the unit turns on, without any burnt out LEDs, and works well. Also, I have pdf of the manual that I will happily send to the winner of the auction. As far as memory cards go, I’m not sure if one is in there already, but I do not have any additional cards. Thanks for your interest in the auction and good luck!” Click here to search for synths on eBay