DS-2A, Oberheim @ 20 October 2009, Comments Off on Oberheim DS-2A

DS-2A ” Up for sale is a piece of Tom Oberheim history! rarer than chicken lips!! Oberheim Digital Sequencer model DS-2A* This is a very reluctant sale. The unit is in excellent working condition for its age, as well as cosmetically. There are 2 missing button caps, which have been replaced with modern caps. The caps are functional but do not “snap” into place like the originals, so they have a loose fit to them. There are a few burnt-out bulbs underneath some of the push buttons. The 3 black paddle switches are newer replacements, as well as the grounded ac line. Perfect for your SEM Two/Four/Eight Voice, MOOG, ARP synths! Don’t let it get away!! About 1975, Oberheim electronics introduced the DS-2a, a “Digital” sequencer capable of remembering one-hundred and fourty-four notes. Although it was only a monophonic device, the attraction to this type of sequencer was that notes could be entere in both “real time” or “step time” from the synthesizer keyboard. This was of great interest to composers who would prefer to play notes in from the piano keyboard, rather than having to painstakingly “tune in” one note at a time with a potentiometer. This unit had the capacity for three sequences that could either be played back independently or chained together to play in turn, but there was no means of permanent storage for anything loaded into the device. Since all information was stored in a “volatile” RAM memory, everything was erased when the power was removed. Simply a great instrument for creative use*” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.