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emu-ii “For sale is this fantastic Emulator II classic 8-bit sampler, upgraded to an inbuilt HxC drive in addition to the 5-inch floppy. It comes complete with a full library of hundreds of disks in HxC format (the entire Emulator factory library plus both volumes of the stunning OMI Universe of Sounds collection, plus some oddities).


The Emulator is for many people THE defining keyboard of the 80s. It made its way onto countless chart hits and helped to nail the sound of a generation. The combination of 8-bit samples and clever, companding 12-bit convertors gave it a weight and authority that still seats the sounds instantly in a mix. For strings and orchestral sounds there’s a definite larger-than-life quality, while synths and basses benefit from the sheer heft of the machine’s low-end. It’s a dream to play and listen to 🙂

This unit has been overhauled and repaired and is in generally excellent working order. It’s been upgraded with the hugely useful HxC mod, in a proper 5.25” housing (rather than a clunky stuck-on-the-front-panel job like some I’ve seen on eBay recently!) which holds hundreds of disk images on an SD card. The EII comes with a huge library of hundreds of sounds (actually, I think it’s well over a thousand), all of which load up sweetly without the risk of damaged or erased disks. This is a treasure trove of classic patches which have graced an awful lot of hits – you can play “spot the Top Ten song” with many of them.


Operationally the EII is in perfect working order with one small caveat: some of the pushbuttons sometimes need a couple of presses to get them to trigger. The most affected is the Sample button, which clearly got a lot of use back in the day; sometimes I have to press it two or three times to get it to engage. Most of the day-to-day buttons, like the numerical keypad and the Disk button – both of which you use regularly to load patches – are fine though, so it’s only if you’re doing your own sampling that you’re likely to notice this; and then it’s a minor annoyance rather than a serious fault. I’ve done plenty of sampling with the keyboard and it’s never really been an issue. The sliders, the backlight, the pots etc are all fine (and have indeed been cleaned and serviced – see “Service History” below).

Sampling, incidentally, works brilliantly and sounds fantastic. You can of course use the EII as a library machine, but if you roll your sleeves up the sampling is (a) really easy to do, (b) brilliant sounding and (c) really good fun. Just stick a mic in the back and you’re good to go!

All eight voice cards are working perfectly, the 5.25” floppy drive is clean and functions (so you can access any files on actual floppies and easily transfer them to the HxC drive for archiving and future-proofing), the output is clean; basically everything is great 🙂


The EII is in generally good condition, but not pristine. There are some chips, marks and dings which you can see in the photos. These are all minor. The EII chassis is steel but the housing is powder-coated plastic, which makes respraying it pretty much impossible; but if the marks bother you, you could mix a paint to match using something like Humbrol modelling enamels and touch them in by hand. (I meant to do this myself but never got round to it.) The collar nut for the mix output is missing (but could easily be replaced and doesn’t affect functionality).

The important printed panel is clean and scuff-free (see pics), all slider caps and button caps are present and correct.

The “Save Ferris” sticker is vinyl and can be easily removed (though why would you want to?!)


The EII was bought from America in July 2014 (though it’ll run fine on UK voltage; it’s switchable). On arrival it was overhauled and serviced by Ben Rossborough of Cyberwave EMS, who checked pots and sliders, replaced one voice board that was misbehaving, and replaced the highest and lowest keys on the keyboard, both of which were damaged (these keys are notoriously damage-prone in EIIs because they stick up above the level of the protective ends of the keyboard). So the EII is now restored to full and correct operation. Since then it’s been in a smoke-free home environment and has been very carefully maintained.” Link

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emulator ii hd “Zum Verkauf kommt der legendäre Emulator II+ HD

Der Emulator ist in absolut einwandfreie Zustand.Es handelt sich um die Plus Version mit doppeltem Speicher und Festplatte.

Es gibt wohl kaum einen anderen Emulator, der einen derart optisch und technisch einwandfreien Zustand aufweist, wie dieser Emulator…er sieht quasi aus, als wäre er gerade ausgepackt worden.
Es ist eine neue HD installiert , die aber noch nicht initialisiert wurde.

Lieferumfang: Emulator II+ HD inkl. Case, Disketten, Bedienungsanleitung.

Versand : Bitte vorher anfragen.” Link

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emu emulator i “If you’re looking for an Emulator II+, you’ve found one that has been completely gone through. A true survivor, and a plus (2 memory banks) model, it has made it’s way here from 1984, and now has the best upgrades that today has to offer this legendary sampler.

This unit has always been maintained, and came to me three years ago, fully operational. It has taken over a year to locate the required parts to complete this project to my satisfaction. This is the second unit that I have rebuilt and upgraded, but this one has received an extensive no expense restoration that its new owner will most surely appreciate.

This Emulator was disassembled and systematically upgraded. Everything was removed, cleaned, and either refurbished, replaced or upgraded. The only parts that were not removed from the chassis are the main and output boards. They were chemically cleaned (with PCB component Safety II wash) whilst remaining in place.” Link

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emulator ii “EMU EMULATOR II 2 owned by BARRY GIBB of the BEE GEES! This was purchased directly from Barry Gibb’s estate sale of his music equipment, including pieces from his famous recording studio in South Florida. The Emulator II works as it should (verified by technician). And it comes with a LARGE box of Floppy Discs containing sound samples. Who knows – maybe you will find the samples used in the Bee Gees hit “Staying Alive” from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a piece of music history!” Link

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emulator ii+“For sale is a vintage E-Mu Emulator II Sampler in exceedingly fine condition. Includes the original manual (rare), Grand Piano 5.25 floppy, Software Version 3.1 5.55 floppy, and power cable. Tested with Grand Piano floppy disk and all keys function as they should. ” Link

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emu emulatorii“UP FOR AUCTION

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emulator ii“If you are reading this you know what it is… No computer software virtual instrument or sound card can sound as big, fat, punchy, crunchy, charming and characteristic as the real thing. The magic is in the D/A converters and the analog filters. If you have never heard one before, it sounds awesome, very similar to the SP-12.

Good Working Condition – History
Everything works as it should. The knobs and buttons respond great and the front panel is clean. The LCD is good, but the backlight is dim, if you setup a light the right way, you will be good. I regret to sell it, but I already had another one when I bought this one back in 1997 or 1998. I really got it to have it as a spare backup, so I didn’t use it very much at all…in fact it has only been turned on a few times in the last 15 years, so it is like exactly the way it was when I first bought it. It was serviced by Advanced here in LA when I first got it and at some point later I got the 3.5 Inch floppy drive put in which is supposed to be more reliable, but I have never really had problems with the older bigger drives. I do have original manual, just didn’t take a picture of it.

Comes With Sounds
I will include 2 boxes of the big floppies, about 100, with some classic cool famous sounds…most others don’t come with sounds, so what you will get is kind of like a best of to get you started, but the idea here is to sample your own stuff. I will also include a 3.5 inch floppy with the latest 3.1 OS on it, so maybe from now on you use that drive for newer stuff and to backup the older stuff, since it is much easier to find 3.5 inch floppies.

Almost Excellent, however, there were some scratches here and there on the back top and bottom corners, nothing major. If you are sitting down playing it, you can’t see them at all. The original clear coat on the area around the mod and pitch wheel is flaking off a bit, very common for these.” Link

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e2 “Hi.
The last time this worked was 2004. I copied and sampled the sounddisks and then the disk drives stopped working. I never got it fixed, and am now no longer interested in it. It is being sold as is. The screen doesnt work and sometimes it powers on with all the lights on. I bought the chip that supposedly fixes the screen but ive decided that i dont want to mess with it so that is included as well. I also have a homemade cable for the mac. There are over 50 disks that were copied from a friends collection. I dont know if they work, but they are included as well. I will pack the Emulator with care and in a secure way. I am honest and conscious ebayer.
TJYC.” Link

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“Unit powers on and boots with OS 3.1. Although, unit requires OS 3.1 HD to function correctly which I do not have. Right now the unit has OS 2.6 HD but trying to load voices renders the “overlayloaderror” message in the LCD. So, selling as-is for repair. The internal Miniscribe hard drive is intermittent as all of them are now being 30 years old. Some of the samples have distortion at the end of them if the unit acts nicely and loads samples from the internal hard drive.

The unit is very clean and doesn’t have any peeling labels like the others out there. The unit was working a few weeks ago and was able to have voices transferred from EMXP with the Emuser. But just recently it started to act up. I have a regular EII that works fine and I don’t have the time to get this one going too. I have way too many projects going on right now. This is a great unit for someone who wants to install an HXC floppy emulator and wants to get into an EII and not spend $3000 ore more. So don’t sleep on this unit. Selling As-Is without any returns. Unit comes with custom EII dust cover with embroidered EII logo and 1000 EII voices on USB thumb drive that includes the very sought after Depeche Mode voices. The unit is pretty clean with your usual nicks and paint chips but nothing major. See pictures. It’s very clean for it’s age. Most Emulator II fans are installing OLED upgraded displays and HXC emulators and this unit would make a great candidate for those upgrades. Hopefully you’re aware the work and maintenance these units require but also know that the sound is so worth it once you work out the quirks. Don’t sleep on the best deal on an EII on Ebay and the EII + HD is the most sought after EII to have and probably the cleanest unit too.” Link

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“Emu Emulator II+ Analog Synthesizer Sampler Drum Machine SP1200 Vintage 80s 8bit

Emu Emulator II+
Double sample memory of the II — also dual 5″ floppy drives, for fast sample switching
All Analog components, 8-bit
Similar to the SP1200 but with a 61-key keyboard
See condition description for details on condition.” Link

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“Description: . comes as seen. power cord included. please see all pictures. I have not Disks to test it. it powers on and LED reads Insert Disk. there are no sounds from the keys. the LEDs on the Disk drives flash. I believe you need the disks to make it work but I am not too familiar with this item. since I cannot test it fully I will have to sell it AS-IS, no returns.

Condition: powers on as seen . Physically in great shape w/ some minor scratches. LED reads well. No case. Untested. ” Link

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” Just tested, fully functional. All keys, buttons, sliders, and wheels are working, as are both disk drives. Cosmetically good condition.

Sound collection is more classically oriented than rock/pop, but does have some guitars//bass gutars/weird stuff and SFX. Mostly commercial samples but some original too. Includes several boot disks and 4 blanks. Runs OS 2.3. There are some duplicate disks so there aren’t 186 separate sample sets.

Complete with dual volume pedals and heavy-duty road case. The interior foam in the road case had rotted away so the sampler will be packed in a shipping blanket inside the case.” Link

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Everything works as it should. The knobs, sliders and buttons respond great and the front panel is clean. All the keys on the keyboard work. The LCD is great, but the back light is dim, if you setup a light the right way, you will be good. I hate to sell it, but I already had another one when I bought this one back in 1998. I really got it to have it as a spare backup, so I didn’t use it very much at all and it is exactly the way it was when I first bought it. It was serviced by Advanced here in LA right when I first got it and I have rarely turned it on since then. It has worked perfectly for me the last few days as I was going through sounds all day loading and saving to and from both drives to make the 60 floppies that it will come with.” Link

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“The Synthesizer is in used, working condition.
Has some signs of use and scratches on the body.
Has some small dents, missing one of the eq. regulators, pls see pic#3
Comes with power cord and Original USER’S MANUAL.
Manual has a lot damages.
NOT tested. We do not guarantee its working condition.
The power cord is a bit damaged. ” Link

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” Up for sale is an E-MU Emulator II + HD that includes the original manual and an ATA hard case. The unit appears to be fully functional and powers up great. The only issues are some cosmetic wear (which can be seen in the pictures) and the hard drive can be slightly loud at times. Other than that, it’s great! I’m also acquiring a full floppy disc library for this, so be on the look out for that!” Link

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“This is the second EMU emulator ii from the estate sale

Unit is in good physical condition except for scuff marks in the floppy drive area..see picture

Unit boots up off floppy but makes no sound

sold as is” Link

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“For sale is an E-MU Emulator II in fantastic condition. The front panel, keyboard and disk drives are in mint shape. A few minor blemishes on the sides (see pics). Unit is in excellent working condition.

This keyboard is a true classic that still sounds wonderful today.

Does miss this own an Emulator II in great condition.” Link

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“Hey Ebayers!

I have for sale here my much loved Emulator II+ HD Keyboard / Synth / Sampler. I’ve used this board on so many recordings and it’s such a shame to let it go.

If you are looking at this description you most probably know what it already is and what it’s capable of so I wont blab on too much!

The keyboard is in near MINT condition and perfect working order apart from a couple of small minor problems which does not affect the keyboard at all.

Problem 1: The Backlight has finally died but these are still widely available and is just a case of buying a backlight and fitting it

Problem 2: The “Define” button came away which is common. I am including a spare unused one in this sale so again it’s just a case of fitting it which is a five minute job with a soldering iron. (If I’m honest I’ve never had to use this button hence the reason I’ve never fixed it)

Included in sale:

Emulator II+ HD Keyboard
Library Disks
Standard 3 pin power lead
Spare button to replace “Define”” Link

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“Here it is! This is your chance to own a piece of history. These babies do not come up on ebay very often, especially in full working condition. The E-MU Emulator is to samplers what the minimoog is to analog synths. 8 BIT ANALOG FILTERS!!!!! Super collectible, Very Rare. Would you believe the original cost was $8,000.00 I am also including an E-MU E5000 Ultra. Loaded with 13GB of samples! The sounds are amazing and fit beautifully in the mix. The reason I am parting with them is because I am recently divorced, moved into a small apartment with minimal room. I have way to much gear and plan on taking my girls on an awesome vacation. I will also list my Korg and other gear soon as well. Just gonna hold on to my Virus ti desktop & the Akai MPK-49. I still have to make room for my NI Maschine. I am not gonna get to technical on the samplers. You can google any information you need. There are many forums and believe it or not parts are easy to come by. What I planned on doing was buying a 9GB external SCSI hard drive for Emulator. Easy to find and inexpensive.

E-MU Emulator II Serial #305. This is an early production model. The previous owner had some work done to it. More like a tune up. The LCD was replaced with a new backlit display which is nice and bright (The pix suck from my cell phone). All Slider potentiometers were replaced with new units. Replaced a non-working fan on side of unit with plexi. Buttons were cleaned. All power supply capacitors were replaced. The unit was successfully tested with EMXP (do a web search for it). Included are 15 floppy disks and power cord. Works and sounds awesome.

E5000 Ultra comes loaded with 13 GB of samples!!!! Good luck trying to find one of these with my library. This E5000 Ultra is running EOS 4.70, 128MB sample RAM, Effects, 13GB Hard Drive, CPU RAM 8MB, Flash RAM 4MB and 64 channels. EOS 4.70 let’s you choose to save with FAT format and supports .wav & AIFF files. The screen is bright, all buttons respond as they should and the Encoder is tight and smooth, no jumping. 13 Proteus 2000 sound ROM’s are copied directly to the hard drive via my E4 Platinum from the original ROM’s themselves. Sound banks are: Ensoniq Halo/ZR-76 Perfect Piano (443 Presets, 980 Samples), Beat Garden (424 Presets, 767 Samples), Techno Construction Yard (608 Presets, 574 Samples), Mo’ Phatt (451 Presets, 717 Samples) X-Treme Lead (284 Presets, 746 Samples), Vintage Pro (139 Presets, 874 Samples), Composer (186 Presets, 903 Samples), World Expedition (734 Presets, 763 Samples), Orchestral 1 (67 Presets, 454 Samples), Peter Siedaczek Advanced Orchestra (58 Presets, 402 Samples) Orbit/Phatt 16MB (474 Presets, 997 Samples), PX-7 Protean Drums (703 Samples) and Protozoa (801 Samples). Also included is the Getting Started manual and copies of 12 CD ROM’s. E-MU Standards Volumes 1-8, WCC..Green, Hip-Hop Nation, Techno Trance, and Analog Odyssey. The rack ears have minimal wear and are included along with power supply.” Link

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“This listing is for an E-mu Emulator II+ Vintage Synthesizer/Sampler, version 2.4 with MIDI! The unit is fully functional and in MINT cosmetic condition. This is the highly sought after ‘+’ model with dual disc drives and ‘Double Memory.’ Included is the original owners manual (in near mint condition), foot pedal and an extensive sound library with over 175 discs including horns, strings, bass, drums, guitar, piano, synth and sound effect samples. EXCELLENT! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Here is my Emulator II for sale. Bought her about 10 years ago and just didnt use it very much. Comes with 10 or so discs with the operating system disc. Everything works well except for 1 or 2 keys which I suspect are dirty key contacts from lack of use. Easy fix and new contact strips are available for 17 or so dollars. Everything else is perfect. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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When plugged in and switched on, the display backlight comes on but no characters appear on the display. As the means the OS from disk does not load, obviously the keyboard does not make any sounds right now. This was a working machine when I originally bought it, but one day the disk drives went crazy (lots of clicking), and now it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s an easy fix if you know what you’re doing – maybe not. So, bids on a “spares or repair” basis only please. I’ve taken some pictures of the insides so you can see that – as far as I can tell – most or all of the main bits are in there.

I’ll include a couple of boxes of 5.25″ floppy disks that came with it – some of these disks should be in operational condition but as I do not have a working Emulator II to test them on I cannot be sure of this. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Emulator 2 Memory Board” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“E-mu Emulator II in immaculate working condition. Fully functional with clean bill of health. Recent button service, pot and slider cleaning.

The listing includes:
E-mu Emulator II
50 Sound Disks
Power Cable” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Emu Emulator II for pepair-ServiceManual Debug Rom & Disks. Not working but all the insides are in tact.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“E-mu Systems Emulator II


Laut Vorbesitzer funktioniert alles (gekauft vor ca. 2 Jahren), habe aber lediglich nur die Disketten-Library genutzt. Das bedeutet ich kann nicht sagen ob wirklich alle Funktionen zu 100% gegeben sind, das Gerät wird deshalb als defekt angeboten. Das Programieren, Nutzen des Samplers und Wälzen der Bedienungsanleitung war mir mit diesem Dino immer zu umständlich.
Der Emulator lädt die Disketten und ist sofort spielbereit.
Die Räder für Modulation und Pitch-Bend funktionieren einwandfrei.
Der Lautstärkeregler (Mix Out Volume) funktioniert nur voll aufgedreht, leiser regeln führt zu Tonausfall
Display ist bei direktem Blick von oben nur schwer ablesbar, bei einem Blickwinkel leicht schräg von unten ist alles klar zu lesen
Optischer Zustand siehe XXL-Fotos

Im Lieferumfang ist der Emulator II, Bedienungsanleitung auf Deutsch und Englisch, Netzkabel und eine umfangreiche 157x Disketten Sound-Library

Die Disketten sind nicht die originalen von E-mu, einige aber wahrscheinlich 1:1 Kopien, viele der Disketten sind vom Vorbesitzer selbst erstellt
Zahl mit X beschreibt die Anzahl der Soundbänke pro Diskette (z.B. Oberheim Strings 1x = eine Soundbank/Sound ohne weitere Variationen)
Ich habe alle geladen und bei einigen wenigen Sounds gibt es Nebengeräusche wie in der Liste vermerkt (siehe Fotos)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Nice Condition Emulator II Midi Keyboard Synthesizer
Works perfectly
27 sample disks
26 blank?
1 Original Manual
Road Case is also included” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Here we have my vintage EMU Emulator II sampling synthersizer , I have owned the Emulator for many years and it’s in very nice condition for it’s age. There is one button top missing ( the disc button ) but apart from that the synth is in great condition. Unfortunately I haven’t used the synth for many years and I no longer have any floppy discs for it so I cannot fully test it. The synth powers on , the display reads insert diskette and both drives flash . I assume the synth is in working condition as it was working when I last used it around 6 years ago and it has been stored since then in a dry warm environment . Due to the fact I cannot test it properly I am selling it as sold as seen with no return or guarantee. The Emulator II is getting very hard to find especially in this condition and are now very collectable. I am sue if you are reading this you will know all about the Emulator II and what a fantastic sounding instrument it is but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Nice Condition Emulator II Midi Keyboard Synthesizer
Works perfectly
27 sample disks
26 blank?
1 Original Manual
Road Case is also included” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“E-mu Emulator II sampler/synthesizer c.1985 <> This unit is in excellent/refurbished condition, and with everything you need to create/transfer 1000’s of voices/samples, without relying on an old pile of disks.. This Emulator II has just gone-through an extensive dis-assembling/cleaning/servicing, and in 100% all-around working condition. The Shugart 5.25″ disk drive is in excellent working condition, and the lower floppy has been upgraded to a 3.5″ drive, for complete disk compatibility. Brand new blue backlight installed!! All buttons//sliders//PCB’s//IC’s//pots//keyboard assembly//pitch-mod wheels have been fully cleaned of dust/residue. All button contacts of both Panel boards have also been resurfaced for optimum performance/reaction-time. <> The RS422 connection on this EII is in fully working under Macintosh control, as well as CDS3/ProCDP units. The cosmetic condition of this EII is excellent with very clean Panels!! Also included is one hand-typed 5.25″ Emulator II OS 3.0 start-up disk//one hand-typed 3.5″ Emulator II OS 3.0 start-up disk//one hand-typed 3.5″ floppy containing Sound Designer for Emulator II//one RS422<>Mac cable//and one AC line. The Emu Systems Emulator II is the holy grail of 8-bit samplers, using 8 x SSM2045 analog filter chips, for the most beautiful of sounds. <> Macintosh computer not included and used only for Sound Designer demonstration purposes >>> ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For auction: an Emu Emulator II sampling keyboard in perfect working order and beautiful physical condition. This is a stellar sampler, adding a lot of punch and color to samples in contrast to modern digital hardware/software due to its lower sample rate, unusual signal processing and SSM analog filters. The Emulator II is one of the most iconic samplers ever, possibly the best-known sampling keyboard and has been featured on countless hit records.

This auction also includes a second 5.25″ DS/DD disk drive, bringing the total number of disk drives to 3. Disks for booting into OS 3.1 are included as are a bunch of new-old-stock DS/DD 3.5″ floppies so you can start sampling as soon as it arrives! I formatted and tested a couple disks today (Feb 13th) and they work perfectly. Also included are a folder of old 5.25″ sound floppies that would require updating to use when the Emulator is booted into OS 3.1; to do so, you need one of the 5.25″ drives installed into the drive 2/bottom slot.

THIS AUCTION INCLUDES THE BRAND NEW HxC SD CARD FLOPPY DRIVE EMULATOR! The winning bidder will also receive the SD Card Floppy Drive Emulator (Rev C)- I ordered one a few days ago from Europe; when it arrives, it will be forwarded to the winning bidder. Ultimately, this technology should mean the Emulator II will no longer depend on obsolete disk drives and media. The SD Card Floppy Emulator is extremely new technology for the Emu Emulators- in fact, write support for the Emulator II was announced less than a month ago. As emerging technology, there are a few requirements- for instance, you will need additional hardware to image old floppies and the SD Card Floppy Drive Emulator’s software requires Windows XP or later to run. Read up on it & see the relevant video links here: http://hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_emulator/index.html Whether or not you choose to install the SD Card Floppy Disk Drive Emulator is entirely up to you- it’s an included extra and not required.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on an E-Mu Emulator II
Sold As Is

* Included is a good collection of samples
* Unit was working but has been in storage for a while
* There is a cosmetic crack on the drive, some of the plastic keys are broken, and it needs a fuse holder.
* This unit is ideal to hook up via midi to integrate into a more current set-up.

Also good for parts for those collectors” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is one of the BEST samplers made. This is from the 1980’s and very hard to find. This unit is un-tested and being sold as is.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on an Emu Emulator II sampler/synthesizer!! This EII has been fully tested and in 100% all-around excellent working condition!! It has just gone-through a cleaning/servicing. Brand new blue backlight! Both of the Shugart 5.25″ disk drives work great. All buttons/sliders/pots/ins/outskeys/pitch/mod wheels are working as they should. The cosmetic condition of this EII is also excellent!! The Emu Systems Emulator II is the holy grail of 8-bit samplers, using 8 x SSM2045 analog filter chips, for the most beautiful of sounds!! Also included is one Emulator II OS 3.1 start-up disk, as well as 20 blank DS/DD 5.25″ floppy diskettes, with a 3M box for protection (disks are not 3M). AC line included. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction, THE EMULATOR II Keyboard Sampler/Sequencer workstation in great condition! It is over 25 years old.!
Includes 245 5.25″ sound disks and power cable. No manual and no system disk are included.
The sound library is huge and has just about every instrument and sound effect you would want in a vintage sampler!

All the buttons and functions work. The upper 5.25″ drive works as good as new.
The lower 5.25″ disk drive works intermittently. Maybe it needs a cleaning?” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.