Oberheim OB-Xa

“I am the 2nd owner of this. I have had it for 20 years, never gigged, just home use. All caps replaced years ago. Midi added. There was some feature put in by the original owner that I removed so there’s a small row of plugged screw holes on the top left of the unit.

I had the anvil case made. It looks near perfect with only a couple of small scratches to the top of the case. Working well, awesome sound. Programs fine. No problems to speak of. ZERO corrosion or paint chipping. This one is probably the cleanest one available right now. I never used the MIDI and cannot say if it works or not, cause I don’t know. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa

“In good shape visually, several minor scratches and stains on one of the wood sides. Also, one of the wood panels is slightly warped due to aging. Seller has owned this iconic synth since 1984 and used it in studio environment.

Keyboard is in great shape, plays and sounds like new.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa

” Electronically restored 2 years ago. Recapped and most pots replaced. Plays Great & Sounds Great. All new foam in the case too.

Knicks are threefold:

#1. If you want it perfect, the case will need to be stripped and repainted and then re-silkscreened. There are companies out there that do this. I just wanted it to play properly, so the fact that the finish on the case isn’t perfect never bothered me.

#2. The Pratt-Reed keyboard plays fine, but the key dampers should be replaced. You get a little mechanical noise when playing. I used it for recording, so it never bothered me.

#3. The unit has a JL Cooper MIDI interface. It worked when I got it, but after I had the service done it stopped working. Again, there are other companies out there offering MIDI kits for this keyboard.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa

” Sadly, the time has come where I need to sell my beautiful Oberheim OB-Xa synthesizer. This is an early 8-voice 32-program version of the instrument (serial number 813313) with the wonderful Pratt-Read J-wire keyboard, but two of the voice cards were removed before I bought it so it’s currently a 6-voice.

The synth is in very good condition on the outside and exceptionally clean on the inside. See the pictures taken in broad daylight.

I began the process of repairing the instrument, but further work is needed. The unit powers up fine, all buttons light up as normal, and the autotune runs to success. But for some reason all 6 voices are making a warbled, static-y type of sound. I don’t know why.

When I bought the instrument, the voices tuned and played perfectly, so I think the voice cards are fine. The left hand controller is need of repair. The levers are not functioning correctly and the plastic rate and depth knobs are missing.

This is what’s been done:

Replaced most of the 4000-series logic chips on the upper and lower control boards
Replaced all keyboard bushings, fixed any broken J-wires, cleaned the bus bar and all and leveled the keys
Replaced the battery
Cleaned all pots

I am not a certified technician and it became clear to me the extent of the repairs are beyond my capabilities. This is a great synth with the rare P&R keyboard. Sadly, the time has come for me to pass the baton to someone who can complete the work.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim OB-XA and Oberheim DSX

“OBERHEIM OB-XA SYNTHESIZER KEYBOARD – 8 VOICES 120 PROGRAMS + Oberheim DSX WORKS. Condition is “Used”. Very rare piece of history. These were hooked up to an amp and do work. Not sure if they need tuning or something like that. This was used on tour of some sort. . Only one button has plastic covering missing which u can buy a cover to replace it. It comes with both power cords as well. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa

“The flagship of the OB series, this is a 8 voice, 120 Program vintage Oberheim OB-Xa. One of the most awesome, fattest sounding analog synthesizers of all time! The synth has just been extensively serviced in May 2020 by Synthchaser with:

Rebuilt power supply, including new capacitors, multi-turn trimmers, and beefed up bridge rectifiers
Rebuilt voice cards, including new capacitors and multi-turn initial frequency and pulse width trimmers
Synthchaser battery eliminator module installed – saves the presets without the need for a backup battery! Factory patches have been loaded.
Full calibration – power supply, DAC, and voice cards – in tune and sounds awesome!
New key bushings, keys and key contacts cleaned
New side panel screws, new nuts for rear panel jacks

Overall reasonable condition, with a fair amount of scratches on the case. Some extra holes that were drilled in the back panel have been plugged, and there is a tiny hole on the front panel. Wood side panels are in excellent condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa Project Machine

“2 years ago when I plugged in the keyboard it made one sound that was constant and unalterable. Today there was no sound. The keyboard was unattached to the base but it only needs two screws. The keyboard was also unattached from the rest of the circuitry. I reattached it with no discernible results. The glass over the led light on the left upper corner of the keyboard is broken but the light works. There is no power cord for this keyboard but it is the same type of cord that’s used for a computer monitor which is easy and cheap to obtain. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa

“Restored and improved with the best MIDI retrofit, Encore Electronics OBXa-MK, all the factory patches, 120 Programs, 8 voices, no battery needed, new springs and bushings for the keyboard, rebuilt power board and rear power rails / voltage regulators, new voice dip switch, repaired internal wiring, cleaned and repaired inside and out. There are some scratches on the case and the wood side panels, please see all the pictures for detail of the condition. So much work has been put into this awesome vintage poly synth.”
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Oberheim OB-Xa

“Getting rid of almost all my gear.

Quite possibly the most fat analog synth ever made

Only known issue is one of the 8 voices is out of tune.

Physical condition is great for a synth this age. A couple of scratches. Nothing major. If you want more detailed pics just let me know. ”
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Oberheim OB-Xa

“Oberheim OBXA, the Van Halen “Jump” Synthesizer, and king of 80’s brass strings and pads.

This fine vintage instrument was recently professionally serviced (March ’19) by world-class synth technician Greg Montalbano of Analog Synth Service (Oakland, CA). This service included keybed maintenance, and voice tuning/calibration (records available).

Cosmetically, an OBXA in Excellent near-collector grade condition, with the 120 patches, and the more desirable Pratt & Reed keybed, is pretty rare! It’s mostly clean, with a couple slight scuffs/scratches, and small chip to left wood side. See pictures for details.

Synth will be well-packed and shipped. ”
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Oberheim OB-Xa

“Oberheim OB-XA vintage analog synthesizer. This is an original factory 6 voice model. The synthesizer is not working properly. There is a tone or noise, depending on which knobs you turn but no patches. All voice cards are working and light up one at a time when you trigger a note but they are out of tune. When I purchased the synth, all 6 voice cards already had new capacitors and all multi trimmers replaced. The power supply had also been recapped along with all new key bushings installed. The previous owner could not find anyone to do a calibration so decided to sell it. I also cannot find anyone to do a calibration within 7 hours of my home. It may need more than a calibration or it may not. It has scratches on the panel of synth and wear to the side panels. I am selling it AS IS or for PARTS only. Each voice board alone can sell for over 900.00 each. I am tempted to part it out because I can probably get a lot more money for it, however I really do not want to part it out over a one or two year period but stay tuned if I do not sell it. It is super clean inside as seen by the photos. I pack well and ship quickly. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa

“Sale is for a Oberheim OB-Xa Keyboard Synthesizer. Comes with Sessions hard case. Unit is tested and works fine. Excellent vintage condition as shown in the pictures. Comes with power cord. Owners manual not included. This is a rare find and hard to come by.” Click here to search for synths on eBay