Moog Taurus II

“Rare Vintage analog Synth

Moog Taurus II

includes model 343A & 343B Foot Pedals, Controller. also includes connect cable and power supply

Matching 4 Digit serial # 1xxx

missing the mount tube as seen

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Good used vintage shape, Tested and all working for the most part. the “NOISE” slider on the end is wobbly and only works correctly if you pull up on it, otherwise the noise is always on, also missing the slider cap. some knobs and slider caps are not original. the oscilator pot has a broken shaft, I found a small knob that fits it so it is usable and it works. Please see all pictures for condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

Unit has been cleaned all foam crap has been removed.
All pots and switches have been cleaned and lubricated.
All new capacitors and new power regulators.
Added a LFO indicator led.
New AC jack and New ac 24 vac adapter.
Installed new 5 pin din connectors even a extra one on the sound module. 5 Pin Cable included.
Cleaned all the bass pedal contacts as you can see in the pics before and after.
Now all pedals trigger the module, sounds amazing !
Comes with a MOOG HAT
2 – 1/8” to 1/4” ring tip cables so you can hook up to your modular.
Black boom stand.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

moog tauris ii “For sale is a moog Taurus II vintage analog synthesizer. It is the same synth as a rogue but no keys. It sounds great. The bass this guy puts out is devastating.

This Taurus does not come with the pedals. It does come with a s-trig converter cable. You can fully control it with CV gate/trigger with any analog sequencer or midi/CV converter. It also comes with a jameco power supply.

As far as I can see it is fully functional. All knobs, sliders and switches affect the sound the way I would expect. All jacks work. The wheels work.

Cosmetically, there are imperfections aplenty. See pics. A switch lever is broken in the modulation section. The switch is still functional.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

moogtaurusii “This Moog sounds incredible.
Originally designed to be used with pedals, this one has a MIDI kit installed.
I’ve used it with a variety of controller keyboards and have sent it MIDI tracks from the computer. Works really well. I never had pedals, so none are included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

taurusii” here is a rare and genuine Taurus II Bass Pedals by Moog (just like the ones Rush’s Geddy Lee used) Sale comes with a rugged and new custom fitted travel case by Roadie.

This vintage Synth and accessories are all in good, used working condition, fully functional 2 oscillator synthesizer, ad envelope, lfo, noise and 24db moog filter with bass pedals

Accepts external audio and cv for processing external signals or sequencing/integrating with modular gear. The bass pedals output cv/gate as well which can be used to control any gear accepting it. There aren’t many of these around-so get on it!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

taurus-ii “RARE Moog Taurus II 2 Foot Pedal synthesizer. Analog Synth Control Brain, one and a half octave foot pedal unit, connecting cable, original MOOG carry bag for the brain and power source. Used by groups like Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, ELP, The Police.. huge killer ANALOG sound! Working 100%, but may need some cleaning.. The sustain switch tip near top right area is broken off.. This does not seem to affect it’s main functionality. Does not include a mic stand. There are not very many of these available.. and values keep increasing. A copy of the owner’s manual/technical specs is included. Other than a really awesome instrument to play and own.. this is also an investment and a piece of Moog history!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

taurus ii “You are looking at a fully functional MOOG Taurus II with pedals. Just serviced at Switched On here in Austin TX. Comes with a brand new 1/4 economy ‘Tuffbox’ road case that i paid $150 for off of Amazon. This unit is all original and comes with users manual. Comes with midi cable and power adapter too. See photos before bidding. Good condition with light signs of age. The base of the Taurus where the mic stand screws in is chipped. It does not effect function. I put some plumbers tape on the threads to increase tightness of connection. Thanks and good luck. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

taurus ii “I purchased this complete from the original owner early 1990’s. Although he was using it live it was transported in a flight case and I believe was personally handled by him [no roadies]. It was in very good shape and he seemed pretty level headed. If I recall correctly it was only a couple of years he was using it, sporadically at that. He was mainly a bassist and was messing around with pedals.

I sold the [huge] flight case early on. The pedals themselves fell prey to an attempt by me to modify them which shall not be spoken of 🙂 , suffice it to say they are long gone. I saved all the innards [springs, felts, etc] and the circuit boards.

It came with the Moog soft gig bag which I also sold some time ago.

The circuit boards/switches are fully functioning. They can be clipped together easily and will control the Taurus as is, carefully moving contacts with your finger [tested before listing].

Late ’90s I had a tech put together the hand controller, it is simply switches with resistors just like the original, and a trim pot thingy on the end for tuning. 3 of the switch caps have gone missing [see pic], I believe I used “Whiteout” typing corrector for the color. The second faceplate in pic was from my first attempt at a box, later I just went with a generic from radioshack.

NOTE: The cable for the hand controller was custom made, it has a mini-din plug on the controller end and standard on the brain end. I seem to recall not being pleased with this, I believe I asked for regular size. Also it is really long. Just giving a heads up, if you’re out working with this you’ll have to plan ahead for a spare cable.

The brain also got a good cleaning and lube by the tech. If I recall correctly something original had got quite gunked up in there. The original power supply was malfunctioning, he cracked it open and fixed it. Also came up with a new generic one and spliced the correct plug onto it.

When testing I was surprised to find no scratchy pots or sliders. Wouldn’t hurt to open it up and go through it though, last time was 20 years ago.

I myself only took the unit out and about probably a dozen or so times. Other than that has been in my smoke and pet free home studio.

Sounds great! Unlimited sounds/noise/experimental/analog bass etc. I am selling because I have a huge backlog of music ideas [requiring different tools] which I’ll never get to if I keep stuff like this around to distract me.

Note the print on the Contour Generator is worn, not sure what happened there or if it came to me like that, possibly from cleaning. Also, there is a chip out of the front right wooden end cheek. It actually looks like it was cut out [see pic], perhaps the other guy needed that to fit just right on his rig.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

taurus ii “Condition: This synthesizer is in great overall shape. All electronics and parts have been tested and are working and the unit has had a recent thorough service. The rubber knobs for the sliders are missing. Cables and controls are all included. It is in excellent condition with very little noticeable wear and tear. If anybody needs close ups of the pedal unit I can send on. But to be honest it’s in top nick and as I say has just had a full service through Cranes Music in Swansea.

Synthesizer: Moog Taurus II Model 343A. Features controls for modulation, oscillation, contour, filter, mixer and master volume. Controls for pitch, mod, tune and glide are on the far left side. There are several internal trimpots with access on the back of the unit. See photos for input/output jacks.

Floor pedal: The floor controller includes a total of 18 pedals and input for the main synthesizer unit on the back. The pedals come with two voltage transformers – one big and specially made for portability.

Case: Includes leather case for synthesizer, cable and stand that is connected to the floor pedals. A manual is also included. Some handwritten notes are in the manual. There is also a full set of templates giving a beginner an indication of what this beast can do.

The bottom line is that this piece of kit needs no explanation to anyone who knows about Moog or bass pedals, or have a love of Prog Rock. I’m only parting with it because I’ve had to give up the band I was in due to personal circumstances and want to free up some cash. She’s the Mama and until you’ve heard her, or felt her you’ll never know why they include ear defenders in the new Minitaur Midi units.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Taurus II

” Here is a set of MOOG TAURUS II pedals, circa 1982. This system is cosmetically a 9/10, and sonically an 11 out of 10.

While many modern day samplers do an outstanding job of recreating vintage instruments, the one area they consistently fall short in is reproducing bass frequencies accurately. Side by side comparisons will blow you out of the water. I have owned a number of vintage Moog I and II units, and this one is the finest of the group. I have also found the II series to be more versatile and “creative”, but your mileage may vary.

I treat my audio gear fanatically, and it shows. Everything works 100%, no excuses or issues, and this will arrive to the lucky winner with the original owners manual (shown), and the original leather or pleather carry case for the head (also shown), as well as some preset templates. I am the second owner for this unit, and it has never left my personal studio.

I would keep this Moog for 1,000 years, but I am moving to a tropical island next year, and need to reduce the hardware footprint of my studio. It will be painful, so Im removing the band aid slowly. I’ll be listing some vintage instruments and amplifiers, and some rather eccentric pro-audio items over the next few weeks/months, so check back.” Click here to visit listing on eBay