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“Cheetah MS-6 6 voice multitimbral analog synthesizer. British made.

In good working condition.” Link

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“This auction is for a Cheetah MS6 Analogue Polyphonic Synthesizer.
I have owned this since 1989 and kept in a loving smoke free studio. It is fully functional and everything works perfectly. This synth sounds gorgeously warm, emotional, cutting and deep.”

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“Thanks for visiting my page! For sale is a Cheetah MS6 Polyphonic Vintage Analog Rack Synthesizer. It works perfectly, and is in excellent condition. There are some minor wear, comes with a manual (Japanese Language) and matching to your country the transformer.” Link

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“For sale my classic and much loved MS6.
Cheetah MS6 6 Voice Polyphonic analogue Rack Synth. (as used by OMD and Rick Wakeman).
Plus owners manual!

One of the warmest sounding synths out there, 2 oscillators per voice, each with their own Curtis filter + 6 note polyphony.

Battery saves presets and parameters just fine.

Good working order with a couple idiosyncrasies. and a few light scratches as you might expect from a rack of this age..

I’ve been holding onto this synth for 20 years but it’s not seen much play in the last 12 years, just been safely stored away in my home studio.

There are a couple of things I should point out:
– She’s missing a button on the front in position 5. There’s one on ebay now for $8.50 (search ‘Cheetah – MS6 – Small Push Button’). That said, the bank changes can be controlled via midi of course which is how i worked so this did not bother me.
There’s also an edoitor programme available here: that can be used to program sounds on your computer, (along with many other resources).
– I believe that originally the multitimbrality of this synth meant that you could assign a different midi channel to several voices. I don’t believe this is the case here (at least i con’t know how that works) and frankly I can’t really imagine you wanting to. The beauty of this beast is in the layered unison of voices to create incredibly rich analogue sounds. The synth only has the one audio out so if you want to add effects in the mixer you’ll only ever be able to record the one track at a time anyway (I’ve not met anyone that uses it otherwise). It shines best when all the polyphony is being use on the one voice (there are loads of amazing presets stored in several banks)
– Lastly the the LED display glitches a bit sometimes when the unit is plugged into the mains but is turned off. Behaves perfectly when turned on.

ADDED NOTE: Since listing the unit has recalibrated and the Led display is behaving as expected when turned off so this issue may well be mute! ” Link

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ms6“Ich verlkaufe meinen seltenen Rack Synthesizer „MS6“ von Cheetah.
Er wurde ca. 1990 gebaut und ähnelt dem Oberheim Matrix 1000 sehr –
jedoch ist der MS6 Multi Timbral !

Typische Merkmale sind warme Texturen, fette Bässe, jede Menge Brass,
wohltuende Strings, Lead -Sounds, Synthesizer, Effekt-Sounds.
Es sind 320 ROM presets, 96 RAM presets und
64 User programmierbare Performance
Memories möglich” Link

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ms6 “240v. Slight bend on left rack ear.” Link

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s6 “If you’re looking at this, you probably already know what an amazing sounding unit this is – if not, go check out some Youtube demos.

– Analog monster, sounds like a Sequential Prophet
– 6 note polyphonic with 2 oscillators per note
– Multi timbral… use as a poly, or 6 monos on separate midi channels! Or even say a 4 note poly with a bass and a lead!

This has fully working CEM chips. Some I’ve seen, seem to work, but have some weird missing notes/note stealing due to faulty Curtis chips – not this one.

A few knocks and paint scrapes on the top, but otherwise in fine condition.” Link

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ms6 “Cheetah MS6 Analogue rackmount synthesiser module
Very good working condition
Has scratches where another module has stood on top
The mains lead has been cut and rejoined with a plug/socket for easy cable routing (behind shelves etc).” Link

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cheeta “This is a rare analogue synthesiser.

When I last used it, it was producing rich, fat, silky sounds!

Sadly it’s not working. It powers up, the display lights up but it won’t produce any sound? MIDI fault? Synthesiser fault? Output amp output? I’m sorry, I have no idea. ” Link

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C/w Power Supply And The Manual
Powers Up Ok All The Buttons Do SomeThing
All The Led’s Bar’s Work Fine” Link

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ms6 “CHEETAH MS6 Vintage Analog/Digital Synthesizer Module

For your consideration is a used Cheetah MS6 module in great condition. Unit sounds clear and is in perfect working order as far as I know, no hum or dead voices. I have used this module only a few times in the years I have owned it. (Had two MS6’s, the other unit was not in excellent condition so I used it more often before eventually selling it). Original manual is included. This one is set up for the North American voltage, 120v! ” Link

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• Excellent condition

• Tested and fully fully functioning

• User manual included” Link

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korg ms6 “You are buy 1 (one) Vintage Cheetah MS6 MS-6 Analog Rack MIDI Synthesizer with 6 CEM3396 IC Wave form and shaper VCF VCA from Oberheim Matrix 1000.” Link

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cheetah ms6
For sale is a Cheetah MS6 6-voice multitimbral analog synthesizer module. The Cheetah MS6 is a beautiful sounding synth that uses CEM3396 synthesizer voices. This unit had the power supply rebuilt and the firmware was upgraded to version 9.0, which supports MIDI sysex implementation (necessary if you want to program the synth using an iPad or knob controller). Everything is working great in this unit. Cosmetically, the outside case has a few scratches, which is expected of rack gear from the early eighties. The unit has a clean bill of health. ” Link

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cheeath ms6 “Item revised with correct package size and weight

Up for sale is my rare Cheetah MS6 analog polyphonic/multi-timbral synthesizer. This is a six voice dual DCO synthesizer (12 DCOs total) with analog 24db/oct filters with resonance control, using CEM 3396 chips which are the same as you find in some Oberheim synthesizers. It has the Maad firmware mod which adds programability using MIDI CCs, extra waveshapes and many more features (see

I’ve owned it for a few years and it has been one of my favourite synthesizers but since getting into modular synthesis alot of my old gear is not getting much use and I need the space so I’m selling them. It is in great cosmetic condition with barely any marks on the front panel, the screen and all the buttons work well and I have tested the MIDI and the audio output and checked the calibration of each CEM 3396 – everything is 100% functional. It has a UK plug but the lead is quite short. If you are interested in this you may also be interested in my Cheetah MD16 drum machine – see my other items.” Link

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ms6 “Cheetah Ms6 Analogue Synth.

Comes with updated MAAD Rom.

Also includes sturdy hard-case suitable for any 1U rack equipment.

Unit powers up, but does not currently respond to midi and front panel buttons do not function. A bit beyond my ken to repair, but I’m sure someone out there can breath life into it! ” Link

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ms6“Unit comes complete with original users manual in good condition ( sellotape down the spine). Cheetah decided to silk screen the parameters list on top the module, this can be a bad idea once in a rack as you cannot see the list. I however have made a copy that will be sent with the unit, this is an A4 laminated sheet showing all parameters all laid out the same as on top the module.

This unit has all of it’s factory presets re-installed. Has a new hydride battery mounted on the main board. The are two brand new transformers to the original specification mounted inside the unit, this should give good reliable service for years to come. The unit has some paint damage at the front by a rack ear, there are other marks that have to be expected with a unit of this age. On the whole, a great piece of kit that will fail to dissapoint. A great example that could be a welcome addition to any computer setup. Unit requires 240VAC @ 50Hz, There is a switch at the rear allowing 110 VAC Operation.” Link

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ms6 “I am selling a rare Cheetah MS6 6 voice multi timbral synthesizer. It will need to be serviced because voice 4 is faint and hard to hear. All the other voices come in loud and clear. Voice 4 was replaced so the problem might be a bad trace in the audio circuit from voice 4. I don’t read schematics and don’t have the money for a repair right now, so I’m going to let this go. All the patches are in place and sound great. MIDI is working fine. This even has the new MADD OS upgrade installed. The case is in rough shape, the finish is bubbled and rusted in places. Once racked it doesn’t look that bad. If you can read schematics and can follow the audio signal from voice 4, this looks like an easy fix. Otherwise, like me you might want to pay to have this serviced. ” Link

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cheetah ms6“This is a rare opportunity to buy a great bit of kit.
I was told that it has an Oberheim Matrix 1000 chip in it…as you can see from the picture one of the front buttons is missing but to my knowledge the rest of it seems to work…Happy Bidding!” Link

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ms6 “Cheetah MS6 Multi Timbral Analogue Synthesiser Module I am unsure whether this works so I am selling as seen sometimes when you get 8 8 8 8 on the led screen other times you get nothing.” Link

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cheetah ms6 “Scratched/ marked on top, but front fascia in very good condition.
Includes manual, power supply, 1/4″ audio lead and 2 Midi cables.

This is a re listed item as there is a fault with the unit. The synth doesn’t play notes every half octave apart ie the 1st and 7th semitone are silent. This pattern is repeated across all octaves. The actual notes this affects seems to vary depending on the patch used e.g. C and F# in one patch, and perhaps D and G# for another. ” Link

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“left rack wing slightly damaged but 100% functional. modified grounding + new battery.” Link

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“You are looking at my Cheetah MS6 which is in great condition compared to many examples I have seen, comes with the original box and instruction manual, this beast gives you the oberheim sound. I’ve not really used it since I purchased it, everything works, sadly due to work commitments I don’t have the time to go on my equipment, hence the sale”

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“Amazing 80’s synth module.

I have owned this from new since the 80’s. I had not used it for many years and recently dug it out of my old studio gear.

The case is not in the best cosmetic condition but the unit appears to function well. I installed the firmware upgrade from maad and also changed the battery.

The unit is much better than stock now and can be controlled from your DAW amongst other things.” Link

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“‘m reluctantly selling my Cheetah MS6. It has the Maad Firmware Upgrade which adds various features – such as portamento – making it a much-improved synth (details here

It’s been well used and its appearance reflects this. There’s a dent in the front panel (in one of the pictures) but it works perfectly and as you can see from the photos the legend on top is still completely legible.

I’ve owned it for what must be coming up to 20 years but not used it nearly as much as it deserves recently so have decided to sell it so somebody else can put it to good use.” Link

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“Cheetah MS6

great synth.

slight damage to left rack wing see photos, I think this has slightly affected the very leftmost led also it flickers a bit during use.

writing is a bit worn on top of case also.

100% fully functional though.

+ modified grounding ensures no electric shocks from this one, (common problem with these synths)

also midi grounding hum mod made aswell to ensure no ground loop created through midi IN

+ battery replaced with a brand new one to reduce the risk of battery leaks/corrosion for another 20 years.” Link

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“Rack mountable
Multi timbral
6 voice polyphonic
Velocity sensitive
Programmable from the front panel
LED display
320 rom sounds
96 non ~ volatile RAM sounds” Link

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” Vintage multitimbral polyphonic analogue synth, like a weirder cousin of the Oberheim Matrix 1000 with extra layering capabilities. This one has been fitted with a firmware upgrade that allows extra waveforms to be selected (combinations of the original shapes), so added tones are possible on it. I’ll send the original chip with the synth too, so you can revert it back to factory setting if desired.” Link

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“Rare Cheetah MS6 in good, used condition with some light scratches.

Works fine and sounds amazing.

No user manual included.” Link

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“In one word – immaculate! This item was barely used from new in 1988 when given to me as a gift 10 years ago. I have used it twice and it has spent all other time packaged in its original box. Full working order and pristine – including original box and user manual. There is only a minor surface mark on top (shallow surface scratches) as show in the pictures but I confirm that this item has never been gigged or rack mounted at all.
You are unlikely to find an example in this condition very often!!!” Link

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” Here we have a cheetah sound module that I’ve had in the studio for some time now, tons of sounds on there, too many to even try to list, no longer gets any use, so happy bidding and thanks for looking.” Link

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“You are bidding on a Cheetah MS6 analog polyphonic synthesizer module. If you are looking at this, you likely already know what it is, but if not, it is similar to the Oberheim Matrix 1000, except unlike the Matrix 1000, the Cheetah MS6 is multitimbral! Has a few small scratches from being racked, but its in overall excellent condition, as you can see from the pics. Unlike a lot of these that sell, all of the writing on the top of the unit is in excellent condition, as you can see in the pic. Also, unlike most you see for sale, mine comes with the original manual. And perhaps most importantly, unlike the vast bulk of these you see for sale, this one is 120V, which means you do not need any sort of power converters to run it on US power.” Link

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“Retro vintage analogue synthesiser sound module with owners manual. It powers up ok and my controller can play it, but the tone patches will randomly change (notably to no’s 31 and 81?). Also the individual keys are intermittent, but that could be my controller. A project perhaps for someone with more electronic ability than me? The sounds are warm as analogue sounds should be, and there are banks to store your own sounds, should you manage to get it working!” Link

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” Cheetah MS6 Analogue Polyphonic Multitimbral Synthesizer + MAAD OS, box, manual. All 6 voices are sounding and pass the DCO calibration/diagnostics test. New battery was fitted in 2010 so should be good for a number of years.

Has been well looked after as can be seen by the condition.” Link

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“Excellent contrition. A real British Classic. Multi-timbral.” Link