Sequential Circuits Pro-8

“here im selling a very rare sequential circuits pro-8 synthesizer

its the big brother of the sixtrak and has 8 of those synth on a chip instead of six

so its 8 voice polyphonic or dual layers of 4 voices that can be stacked or keyboard split

also the layers have seperate outputs a and b

it sounds amazing very warm and retro it has a nice compact size only tiny bit bigger then the sixtrak

the pro-8 was an exclusive japanese release and is very rare so its 100v and comes with small converter

it was later rebaged for the usa market as the split-8 with a different looking design

the pro-8 has the oldschool sequential design like the sixtrak and the prophet 600 with black matt finsih and the wooden end cheeks

the synth is fully wokring order and silly good collectors condition”
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Sequential Circuits Pro-8

“1984, Japanese market version of the split 8. 1984. Comes with a 240v transformer. This is in very good condition, looks nowhere near 37 years old. everything works apart from one LED (no 8). This is a great synth that few people have heard. It is capable of some amazing sounds especially in double mode which allows you to stack two different patches on top of each other. You need to be quite experienced at programming to get the best out of this as its quite tricky.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Pro-8

“It was released models in the mid-1980s.
While production of this age is also equipped with a MIDI. Patch memory 64 sound, 8 voice specification.
Polyphonic synth with a look reminiscent of the Prophet.
Although the sound makes feel a little cheap of, there is a unique charm.
Because the model not seen quite as well in the used market, who became worried as soon as possible! !

Serial: 02367
Scratch, without the use on the problem
BIN: Not
Manual: None
Accessories: Hard Case
UD20160716” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Pro-8

“It is a compact polyphonic synthesizer with looks reminiscent of Prophet. It was launched in the mid 1980’s, with MIDI installed while manufacturing in this age, patch memory 64 sounds, 8 voice specifications. With a flat design with almost no knobs etc. after DX 7, there is a white board in the center of the body, you can write notes such as patches. It is now difficult to edit sounds, but the sound is an analog sound like SCI.
Maintained by a specialist. The operation is good.

[Rank: B +: There are scratches, no problem in use]
[Case: Hard case (color tanning, with pain)]” Click here to search for synths on eBay