Roland TR-606

“Very good condition, especially for its age! Casing barely has any marks as seen in the photos, all switches buttons etc have good action, and the original carry case and manual are included along with a power supply.

Have given it a good test and everything seems to work fine – some seriously iconic sounds here.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Works. Comes with the original cover that has seen better days. It’s pretty dirty and has a hole. I’ve tested the drum machine with sync and it works good. The #6 and sometime the #10 button (i believe) sometimes need to be pressed twice. Could use a good cleaning inside and out. One of my favorite drum machines of all time. Called the poor man’s 808.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Ships from the USA. Roland TR-606 Drumatix Computer Controlled Vintage Drum Machine Works Great. Unit is missing the switch button for the PATTERN GROUP selector but you can still hit the switch with your finger with no hardship.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Roland TR-606 Drumatix Computer Controlled Vintage Drum Machine. Condition is “Used”. Great sounding little piece. I used this with compositions during my Kraftwerk/techno days. One owner, never dropped or damaged, never left studio. As soon as you try this thing you will recognize that classic sound only a Drumatix can deliver!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606 with Mods

“Selling an old Roland TR-606 drum machine. This unit has 2 modifications:
-The 1,5,9,13 LEDs were replaced with blue LEDs. This makes reference while jamming easier.
-5 individual 1/8″ outputs so you can record individual voices rather than using the main out.

While the unit looks old, it works great! All the voices are good, everything works. Main thing to note is the visual wear/age of the device. Functionally works great.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Works great. Comes with original adapter. Buttons #6 and #15 need a little bit more pressure to activate. Other than that everything seems to be working fine. Cosmetically it has some blemishes. I didn’t test the battery compartment. It looks like it needs to cleaning. The cover is a little dirty with a slit on the top. Please look at the pictures carefully before bidding.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Roland TR-606 Drumatix synthesizer machine . Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail parcel Special delivery!

Item is in used condition. Found in a house clearance. Tested and confirmed working. Includes pedal and original instructions although slightly discoloured.
Good condition for age. ”
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Roland TR-606

” Up for sale is one of the most clean, beautiful TR-606 machines I’ve ever seen. It’s got a couple marks underneath… but overall, it’s in amazing shape for an instrument from the 80s.

Sounds just as good as you imagine. Crisp and punchy. You can’t get that analog punch from samples. You just can’t. (I’ve tried a lot)

Syncs fine to older DIN machines, and new MIDI to DIN converters.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Roland TR-606 Drumatix Analog Drum Machine Vintage USED. Condition is Used. This TR-606 turns on and plays patterns. I do not no how to program these vintage drum machines so i can’t say for sure 100% all functions work. This TR-606 come with a 3rd party power supply.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606 and Roland TB-303

“TB-303 and TR-606, (tested working) both with original manual and a Boss ACA-120 power supply. Also including a “Roland Keyboards Vol 1″ instrument catalog that lists the TB-303 & TR-606.

TB-303 & TR-606 both are in excellent condition.
Cosmetically, they are great, with just a few marks from being stored in their original vinyl cases. (see photos – the 303 has a few more marks where the paint seems to have been marred by the vinyl case)

Both of these have seen very little use. Purchased new by my cousin. He used them lightly, and I never really used them other than a few tests. They’ve been stored in their cases on the shelf most of the last 30+ years.

all knobs, markings, labels look excellent.
Controls all work without noise. Tested them out and they work well and sound good. (I don’t really know how to use them, but I was able to coax some sweet sounds out of them anyway.) Battery contacts are like new. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Selling my vintage Roland TR-606 analog drum machine. Fully tested. You really cannot duplicate the sound, groove and feel of these toms and hats; toms are amazing with tons of low end and well eq’d thump. The kick on this one has lots of low frequency – as analog machines tend to vary slightly between units. Snare is bright and snappy! I have used every possible feature of this unit… The Din Sync works – in and out. The tom trigger outs both work. All buttons switches and pots are not noisy and are functional. Output jack is not noisy or scratchy. No mods have ever been done. It retains its pattern memory and has no corrosion in the battery compartment. It’s a great sounding and fun little machine for electro, techno and acid. I will note that the hats sounded different to me when using a power supply, not bad but higher pitch” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303, Roland TR-606, Roland MC-202


I have: The three most sought after “Roland Originals” from “the 90’s”!

All three were used only “6 months” out of the last 23 years! I know their complete history. I purchased them new in the box. In their only six months of use; I, alone used them. No one else but I have touched them since1995!

You won’t find “Original” Rolands as “unused” as these are! Being as“unused” as they are enables them to be in “perfect working order”! They were always kept high and dry. I have tested them through the years, and again just now. Again: All four are in “perfect working order”!

These “very Rolands” are “UP FOR BID” Right HERE!! Right NOW!!

The three “Original Rolands”are:

#1 The “Bassline TB-303″ Bass Guitar Synthesizer, with carrying case. “This is the “most famous of these Roland’s”!

#2 The Roland’s MicroComposer/Synthesizer Board” MC-202 (Complete with Data Cassette).

#3 The Roland’s “Drumatix TR-606”, Drums and Rhythms Programmer,with carrying case.

These three Rolands were designed to work together as a team. When synced up, they make a “programmable studio”, that anyone, (even non-musicians) can use to make any type of music! The endless sounds and rhythm patterns, created by these three units will make perfect “back up music”, anytime and as often as you want! You can then layer vocals in, creating any complete song of your choosing! You can also make endless, beautiful instrumentals! You can experiment and layer until you create “THE SONG”!! “THE ONE” you were hoping for!

I am selling these three Roland’s as a group. Grouped together they enabled me to become a “songwriter” instead of just a lyricist and singer, which is what I was. I just started with “bare bones” naked song ideas and then built them into great songs!

I used no actual musicians, and yet,created 10 very good songs in six months time! One of the songs won me a Billboard songwriting contest! There is no way I could have won that contest without the use of all these great units together!! That’s the reason I kept them. After winning the contest, I put them away. I thought I would use them again, when time allowed. That just never happened, and that’s the reason I still have them.

Because of how these units enabled me to do what I did; I know they will make a great addition to “anyone’s studio”, regardless of what they already have!

There is only one slight cosmetic blemish on any of these units. It’s on the bottom and one lower side of the Drumatix. It happened when I spilled a little “Coke soda” in its carrying case. I then placed the unit back in its slightly damp case. I did not realize it until a little later. The gray finish on the Drumatix’s ABS plastic enclosure was marred only where it touched the dampness. That’s it. This only affected the exterior gray finish. The Drumatix is otherwise perfect! That same spill wrinkled and discolored some of the Drumatix’s Owners Manual’s pages. I am sending an “exact copy” of the Owner’s Manual, that I printed off,from the Roland website.

I only used batteries in the units. I will send a universal adapter with each unit as part of the “total package deal”. It will save on battery costs,but you must make sure to use the right voltage and polarity, directions in the owner’s manuals” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606 Project Machine

“-The box plastic is in good condition (no shot, no shock)
-All potentiometers and led buttons seem to work
-Lights up on external power
-Do not turn on batteries
-There is sound coming out but this is not the normal sound of the machine (instead of the beep beeps, or very short sounds)
-to see photos for the inside of the machine

There was a run-out of battery ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Item is in great condition functionally. Comes only with drum machine. Charger can be purchased online for a few dollars if buyer doesn’t have 9V adapter. There is cosmetic damage on enclosure as shown in pictures. L.H. Tom knob is a little loose but functional. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“This listing is for one Roland TR-606 analog drum machine. It is functioning great and is in very good physical shape. All the buttons, knobs, ins/outs are working correctly. The auction also includes the official Roland silver carrying case and a proper, compatible 9V power supply.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Roland TR-606

Looks 9.5 of 10
In very good internal and external condition, pictures say everything.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and voltage regulators, some short life OpAmps, transistors and logis ICs with new ones.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

“Roland TR-606 Drumatix

Fully serviced recently including an upgrade of all tactile switches. Functions perfectly, operates and feels like new. Body and battery compartment in very clean condition.

Includes the correct power supply: Boss PSA-120T

Free shipping”
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Roland TR-606

“Roland TR-606 with original carrying bag. Has individual outputs for each sound. Also has three other mods which I have not messed with. I assume the mods are cymbal decay, snare decay and Kick decay. They can be adjusted with a tiny flathead screwdriver. Sounds like a normal 606 as it is. All sound generators, buttons, knobs and functions work perfectly. No corrosion in the battery compartment.” Click here to visit listing on eBay