Casio, FZ-10M @ 19 December 2017, Comments Off on Casio FZ-10M

“This is the great Casio FZ10M. These units sound great. I know I’ll regret selling it, but hopefully someone that really appreciates these units gets it. It works great, and the condition is really nice for a unit of this age. I don’t have any discs left to test the drive, but last time I used it (other then when I turned it on to test it out before listing it) the drive worked fine. ” Link

Casio, FZ-10M @ 14 March 2017, Comments Off on Casio FZ-10M



Amazing Piece Of Equipment!!” Link

Casio, FZ-10M @ 28 May 2013, Comments Off on Casio FZ-10M

“Marks to the case, but in good overall condition” Link

Casio, FZ-10M @ 16 October 2012, Comments Off on Casio FZ-10M

” Zum Verkauf steht der auf den Fotos befindliche Synthesizer.
Die Funktion konnte nicht überprüft werden da keine Soundfiles zur Verfügung stehen, aber er lässt sich normal einschalten.
Bieten Sie bitte nur wenn sie sich bewusst dessen sind.” Link

Casio, FZ-10M @ 12 April 2011, Comments Off on Casio FZ-10M

“I am currently selling this piece of studio equipment,
A Casio ‘FZ10M Digital Sampling Synthesiser’.

I am not quite sure on what it can exactly do as my mate got it for me to put towards my studio when i was putting one together a few years ago but due to family ties and no time on my hands to use it, i am selling off my stuff.

Its in good condition.
I think i have a manual for it somewhere but i will try my very best to find it before the end of the bid. But you can also possibly download a manual for this on various websites if all else” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.