Vox @ 12 June 2012, Comments Off on Vox Percussion King

“Here is a very clean stylish and killer vintage Vox Percussion King Drum machine. This is the nicest one I have ever seen. It is fully functioning and complete. That is a rare thing as they are always broken or missing the pedals. This was the same rare model that was used on the Kraftwerk record Autobahn! This does not work like a normal drum machine. You have to “play it” with the pedals and or the buttons. It is a bizarre system but can be amazing alone or combined with an Echoplex or other loop-delay. It sounds very cool. The “Solid state” badge is missing from the bottom front. I have never seen one that was fully there before. Other than that it is 100%. There are a few light marks etc. please see pics. It is nicer in person. I will pack this extremely well.” Click here to visit listing on eBay