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“Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 sampler, new OLED display, latest firmware, factory disks,
One owner, unit never left home studio.
Everything works!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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p3 “English description look down

Zum Verkauf stehen zwei Prophet 3000 Sampler Haupteinheiten und eine Bedieneinheit , leider teilweise defekt

Das untere ,welches auf dem Bild zu sehen ist startet bis zum aufforderen die
Systemdiskette einzulegen .
Der Volumenpoti und die Rackwinkel fehlen .
Weitere Tests wurden nicht gemacht

Das obere startet überhaupt nicht

Beide sind 2 mb Versionen , untere Seriennummer 002x obere Nummer 015x

Eine sehr seltene Gelegenheit diese ultra raren Sampler zu ersteigern

Verkaufe sie zum reparieren , restaurieren oder zur Ersatzteilgewinnung , da teilweise defekt

up for sale , here we have two Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 main unit and one control unit

Both are not working , selling it for spares or repair”

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prophet-3000 ” I am selling my Sequential Circuits Prophet-3000 REV B with 4MB memory. It comes complete with the User Manual, some new spare Sequential Circuits IC chips and parts to keep it alive, some original Prophet-3000 sample disks, some user made disks of Prophet 10, Prophet VS, an Xpander disk, and some flutes and things like that. Also included is the WCP1.6B Hard Disk OS for using a SCSI HD and a Prophet 3000 Diagnostic disk. This sampler has been completely recapped and calibrated to factory specifications back in 2013. I’ve been testing all the functions over the past week and confirmed everything is still in great working shape. It’s really easy to record and playback samples. Editing is a breeze. It has features previously unavailable like automatically detecting pitch and mapping accordingly. It’s 16 bit and up to 48 KHz. It uses the Sony CX20018 A/D converter like Eventide used in the H3000 for high end audio fidelity. It’s got 8 assignable outputs. It’s got the Curtis CEM3387 filter chips onboard for that analog warmth. These Prophet 3000s are extremely rare, almost prototype status. With REV B many of the bugs were worked out, though by design there are some quirks. MIDI OUT doesn’t do anything, the jack is there but it was never implemented in development. If too many processor events happen the unit may produce a run away note, there’s a KILL function in the menu to turn the note off if that happens. Still, it’s a cool sampler and sounds huge and warm with synthesizers. Everything will ship in the original Sequential Circuits box it originally came in.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Up for auction is my beloved fully restored Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000. This is a project I’ve worked on for many years. I’ve spent a lot of money and even more time getting it to where it is today. I don’t think you’ll ever see another one like it for sale.

Included in this auction:

Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 Rev B with 4MB of ram installed
Remote Control with blue backlit screen
Properly formatted and working SCSI drive.
Custom analog sound library (50 sets)
Case of factory library disks
Operaton Manual
Service Manual with Schematics
OS disks and diagnostic disks (1.6A, 1.6B, 2.04A, 2.04B, 3.0B)
Wine Country Prophet 3000 Survival Kit
5 extra 1MEG DRAM Chips (for memory)
Extra Floppy Disk Controller IC
New Buttons on Remote
New Pots on sampler
New refurbished floppy disk drive” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Up for auction is a SCI Prophet 3000. These samplers filters are analog and sound amazing with there Curtis CEM chips same as Prophet 5 they are very warm and smooth and sound nothing like more recent digital filters and miles ahead of software samplers. There were only three 16 bit samplers that had analog filters to my knowledge The CMI Fairlight the EMU Emulator 3 and the SCI Prophet 3000. They all eventually replaced the analog filters with digital ones in later models and the sound was never the same.

This unit is in excellent condition both function wise and cosmetics. It was just serviced this week by Tom Virostek of Straylight Engineering

Tom replaced Several caps on Power Supply and main board. Also added more robust voltage regulators. Everything works as it should. Very shortly Tom will be offering a very nice memory upgrade for the 3000 check out the website for more details. A very nice guy by the way who does great work.

I am also including a very large library over 120 disks of some great samples from Mini Moogs to Pianos

The only thing Ive found is that sometimes floppy disks need to reinserted into the Floppy drive as they don’t read properly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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I bought it close to 10 years ago on ebay from a woman in Italy. It’s a Rev B unit so the memory was able to be expanded from 2MB to 4MB. I painstakingly tracked down the 1MEG DRAM IC’s and upgrade the memory, so this unit does in fact have 4MB of Ram installed. I then turned to the screen on the remote control. When I bought this unit, the backlight of the remote control was burned out, just like every other unit I have ever seen. Again, I did a bunch of research and figured out a replacement screen for it. The original backlight was white, but I used a blue one because… why not.. The life on this screen is something ridiculous like 10’s of thousand of hours. I then replaced the floppy drive because I was having trouble loading disks, so it has a refurbished floppy drive in it now. I then turned to the SCSI to see if I could get that working, I’ve never really seen one before with a working SCSI drive, but after tracking down the right kind of drive with the correct formatting I was able to get it working nicely. The fan on the drive is a bit noisy but that’s what you get with old technology. I’m sure it could be modded to be nice and quite. I then ran across this guy in Ohio who owned an analog synth repair shop. He also owned a Prophet 3000. So whenever a synth would come in for repair he would sample it with the Prophet 3000. He had since sold his Prophet 3000 but he kept the library he created for some reason. I convinced him to sell it to me and that’s what’s inside the white box in the second photo. A lot of the disks were old and it often took multiple tries to get them to load into the sampler. Only a few of them were unsalvageable. Because I didn’t feel like dealing with shoddy disks I went through and made copies of the entire library onto new Sony disks. That’s whats inside two of the floppy disk cases you see in the second photo. The third floppy disk case is full of factory disks bought from Wine Country Sequential. There’s nearly every OS that came out for the Prophet 300 in there. There’s also the diagnostics disk which I used to show that all the memory is working properly and is in fact expanded to 4 MB. Other maintenance I’ve done on this unit include installing all new buttons on the remote control, new potentiometers on the sampler itself, and I’ve replace most of the SCI proprietary IC’s with new ones from Wine Country Sequential. I’m also including the Prophet 3000 Survival Kit from Wine Country. Some of the IC’s in it are the ones I replaced but were perfectly fine, and some are still the new ones. I also have 5 additional 1MEG DRAM chips that I’m including in case one of them goes bad (for the memory). Also included is the Operation Manual and the Service Manual with Schematics in a binder. I think that about does it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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DESCRIPTION -This is a listing for a very rare SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS Prophet 3000 “4 MB Version” 16 Bit Sampler w/Remote!

ACCESSORIES -This item comes with The Prophet 3000 Remote w/cable and a spare SEQUENTIAL PC3000-2 REV B Circuit Card to assist in repair.


WORKING CONDITION -Fair. Does not power on. This item is in need of repair/servicing. Included with the unit is a complete spare motherboard which was purchased by the owner to assist in repairs. However, he decided to sell it before having it serviced. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” An excellent example of a rare and highly collectible Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000. This unit, number 0122, is infrequently used in studio work and stays wrapped and crated when not in immediate application.

When the piece is in use primarily it is to access the analog section of the Prophet 3000’s architecture and assign a filter and an LFO to a sample. Very fun stuff, augmented by the fact it is a really well designed and built Sequential filter which sounds rich to say the least and an ultra smooth LFO.

The links at the bottom of this listing delve into further detail on the functionality and historical reviews of a Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000. The Prophet 3000 was the last piece ever built buy Sequential Circuits and is both a collector synth as well as a rock solid work horse studio sampler with killer analog functionality and a ridiculously easy to navigate graphic remote interface.

This individual unit has been fully tested recently runs operating system 2.04a. Included are the original manual, A foot switch trigger with Sequential Circuits label and four sets of sample disks Grand Piano, Choir and Strings, Performance Set 1, and Stereo Effects” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 Sampler.- With survival kit-

The 3000 is the last unit that Sequential Circuits produced.

Nice Condition, I am the original owner and this unit has always been kept in my non smoking studio.

Just tested—all functions work perfect, disks load fine and sound great, exit button is a little sticky but still works fine. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 Exc. Condition with Extras

This unit has always been in studios, never on gigs. The remote is in pristine condition with an extra long cord. Unit runs nicely within specs. It has the optional SCSI drive working. There is an additional internal cooling fan attached to the CPU which can be removed if deemed too loud. All sounds from all floppy disks are already loaded on the included Syquest cartridge.

What all comes included in this auction:

Main P3000 rack unit with powercord
P3000 Remote with extra long cable
Syquest SCSI Drive with powercord
2 Syquest Cartridges, 1 with 39+ Presets + 1 blank cartridge
Box of floppy disk backups of all sounds including various Wine Country Productions sounds
New Spare Floppy Drive
New Spare Syquest Drive
Various Spare IC’s from Wine Country (some I have are not available anymore)
CN50 to DB25 SCSI Cable and terminator
P3000 Service Data Manual
P3000 Operation Manual” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This Prophet 3000 is part of an estate liquidation. It was removed from the rack in a functioning studio. Cosmetically it is in pretty nice condition, there are some scratches on the case from putting it in and/or taking it out of the rack. There is one very tiny scratch on the face just above the remote rj11 connector, a few of the screw heads show some corrosion but I did not see any evidence of it anywhere else, inside or out (this is the reason I am offering it at such a low price). The musician/composer that owned this was a fabulous performer and performed in Vegas before he became ill and passed away.

What you see is what you get, except the line cord as it belongs to my monitor. I do not have an operating system for this sampler so I could not test it, but as you can see in the photos it does come up with the proper startup display. All I can say is that it did sit locked away for a few years and can probably use a good cleaning. It came from a working studio that I did personally hear operate as we were friends for years, all the other synths and equipment that I sold from this studio has been in working condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“A very interesting piece of equipment. The Prophet 3000 is a rackmount sampler with sophisticated technologies for its time. Unfortunately just as it was produced Sequential went under so there are not too many of these things floating around. Its sampler specs are 16 Bit with variable sample rates up to 48 KHz at 21 seconds. 2 MB internal memory expandable to 8, auto editing features for quick sample looping and trimming, and very warm analog filters, SCSI, 8 individual outputs plus a stereo output. It also has a detachable face-plate with a great LCD display for more comfortable access and editing. If you gotta have a classic vintage sampler that’s fast and easy to use then the Prophet 3000 is a tempting offer.

These samplers are VERY RARE and VERY HARD TO FIND!

This auction is for 2 Prophet 3000’s, 3 controllers, 1 manual, 1 connecting cable and a bunch of sample discs.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 sampler. This is a very rare sampler and very hard to find. This is in excellent condition and works great. I believe it has 4MB sampling, which makes it even rarer as these were originally 2MB and this one was upgraded to 4MB. Comes with original manual, the main unit, remote controller with connecting cable, OS discs and a large sampling library, including several original sequential discs. Very simple and easy to use. A great collector’s item and awesome sequential sound.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.