Steiner, Synthacon @ 21 December 2010, Comments Off on Steiner Parker Synthacon

“The year, 1971, 16 years old from Japan, on a trip to NYC.Walk into Manny’s Music in Manhattan. Excited that I’m getting my first “real” guitar, a new Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ( still have it!! finish is cracking nicely!!). Strange keyboard with a ton of switches catches my eye. Way cooler than the Mini-Moog I had seen before. My Dad, being cool that he is, urges me to check it out. Makes all kinds of weird noises. Gotta have it!!! Wow everybody back home, groove to Walter Carlos, pre Wendy, Morton Subotnick, etc. Awesome tones and crashes when I intertwine the oscillators, envelope generators, VC filters. Many a stoned headphone journeys taken. 2010, Synth hasn’t seen the light of day in 30 years, packed away the whole time. Plug it in, move around the oscillators, and BAM, wacka-wacka memories!!!!!! I have no use for it now.But I know that it’ll make someone’s fantasy come true!!! The workout…. Every switch works, every knob works, every key works in tune ( all keys are uniformly stiff. they will need to be re-conditioned.. felt?) As you can see, no dings, a little dusty. This machine has never been played outside. Never been onstage like my Paul. Just in great condition for its age. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.