Akai, AX-80 @ 27 February 2018, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“Great analoge synthasizer! Fat sounds. In good condition. I only used it in my studio. Vintage sounds and more. Very creative. Enjoy!” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 20 February 2018, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“Great analoge synthasizer! Fat sounds. In good condition. I only used it in my studio. Vintage sounds and more. Very creative. Enjoy!” Link

Akai, VX 600 @ 06 February 2018, Comments Off on Akai VX600

“Overall, the synth is in superb working condition. The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The aluminium side panels are really tidy with only minor marks. The back panel is very clean with only minor blemishes to the paintwork.

All knobs, sliders, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

The unit has been fully tested, a new backlight installed, calibration procedure checked and the oscillator tuning and scaling confirmed. ” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 06 February 2018, Comments Off on Akai AX80

” Great analoge synthasizer! Fat sounds. In good condition. I only used it in my studio. Never took it out of my studio. Vintage sounds and more. Very creative. Enjoy!” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 06 February 2018, Comments Off on Akai AX-80

“Up for auction is a vintage Akai AX80 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer keyboard. This one was made in Japan, in the 80’s, serial number 0062036543. This one turns on and almost all the functions work with three exceptions:
The “F” key above middle “C” does not work
The Modulation control does not function
The power cord’s shielding is frayed where it goes into the keyboard (keyboard still turns on, but it is a shock hazard) and should be replaced

The body has some dings and dents. It will ship in its original gig bag, which is in fair condition. It will also ship with a printed copy of the original manual. We are selling this keyboard for parts or repair. ”

Akai, VX 90 @ 09 January 2018, Comments Off on Akai VX90

“For your consideration I have a ultra rare AKAI VX-90 rack. It sounds amazing and is 100% functional. It comes from a clean smoke free home. It comes with the original rack ears and hardware. This is a VCO synth with a lot of cool features. All of the waves have pulse width. You can stack half or all of the voices in unison and then detune them for a super fat sound. Its really easy to edit from the front panel. It also has an input to process external audio form AKAI samplers. The only thing worth mentioning it that the power cord has been shortened to fit in a rack, it does not affect the synth whatsoever.” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 02 January 2018, Comments Off on Akai AX-80 Project Machine

“I am offering a Preowned Vintage Akai AX80 1980’s Analog Synthesizer. Please understand that it is being SOLD AS IS WITH NO GUARANTEES AND NO REFUNDS. Also understand that this is a very large item and shipping costs will reflect this. I have no control over shipping costs. Here is what I know. The unit powers up without issue and produces undistorted sound. I was able to produce different sounds by adjusting controls. Pitch bend works as it should. I was never able to affect sound with the modulator wheel or the master control knob. One key is broken, but still produces sound. Another key, “A”, is depressed and doesn’t spring back. It does not produce sound. The following, “D” note does not produce sound. Some of the keys had been written on with a marker. I removed most of it with some remaining. I believe it will all come off with additional effort. The tone knob is missing. The exterior in general shows scuffs and scrapes/scratches. AGAIN, THE PIECE IS BEING SOLD AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR.” Link

Akai, VX 90 @ 02 January 2018, Comments Off on Akai VX90

” Akai VX90 rack mount synth. I picked this up years ago with the intention of having a play, but never got round to it. I have to list it as untested as I stupidly threw the power cable out in a recent studio cable clear out. It worked when I first got it. I’m including the sampler link cable.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 26 December 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX-60

“AKAI AX-60 Vintage Analog Synthesizer programmable midi synth keyboard ax60

Excellent condition

Sounds amazing

Super Rare

If you have heard these you know how cool these things sound .. ” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 12 December 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“Up for sale AKAI AX80 61 Key Synthesizer.The Synthesizer its good working and cosmetic condition.” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 05 December 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“This Akai AX80 synthesizer is in good condition. There is moderate wear on one of the front corners, and one of the keys on the keyboard was broken, then glued back into place (works fine). Otherwise normal wear for a 35 year old keyboard.

The akai works great, and all the led light are working and intact! I’ve noticed that if I haven’t turned it on in a while, it tends to have a “warm up” period, where it fades in an out (volume) until it has been on for a bit.”

Akai, AX-80 @ 21 November 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“It’s both cosmetically and functionally excellent. There are no dents or dings in the metal chassis. The paint, print, and logos are still intact and glossy. The end cheeks also have a nice glossy finish. The membrane buttons all work. There are no tears or rips in the membrane. All other knobs and controls work as intended. None of the keys are chipped/broken/repaired and they all trigger notes correctly. Yes, there are scuffs and marks on the end cheeks, some light wear marks here and there, and a few very light scratches on the plastic display panel. The latter can likely be completely buffed out using plastic polish, if you desire. ” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX-60

“Fantastic condition Akai Ax-60, all sliders and buttons are fully functional with virtually no scratchiness. I have owned this synth for probably about 15 years, and have taken great care of it – it basically looks brand new except for one ding that I literally just noticed on the right hand end cheek. I have no more room and it just does not get enough use, so it must go. ” Link

Akai, VX 600 @ 07 November 2017, Comments Off on Akai VX600

“For your consideration I have a used AKAI VX-600 analog synthesizer. It’s 100% functional and sounds amazing. I don’t think any synth manufacture today is building them like this anymore. The VX-600 is a polyphonic analog VCO matrix synthesizer just like the Oberheim Xpander. It has 6 individual outputs for each voice and the keyboard has velocity and aftertouch! All of its components are through hole discrete. This synth is built like a tank and it is portable. I popped the hood to show the condition of the components. I also took out one of the beautiful voice cards to show off the CEMs. A lot of people like to bash this synth online but most of them didn’t get past the presets, this synthesizer needs to be tweaked to bring out the best. Honestly if it was really that bad you would see them for sale everywhere. Even the old great mono synths get drifty after playing them for a while, thats just how vintage VCO synths are. Even my guitar needs tuning after shredding lol. This VX-600 still has all of its presets, most of them are okay but there are a couple really good string pads and unison bass patches that sound amazing.” Link

Akai, VX 90 @ 07 November 2017, Comments Off on Akai VX90


Akai, AX-60 @ 31 October 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60

“Item is used and in great shape and working condition. This synthesizer is AWESOME! ” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 24 October 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“Up for sale is an Akai AX-80 synth. It’s a beautiful, thick sounding synth that may be just what you’re looking for!

These synths are known for the poorly designed circuit board connectors that are practically guaranteed to break after years of use. This synth was professionally modified by Control System Labs Inc in Buffalo, NY with ribbon connections and all edit functions and membranes are working (see images / video demo).

The synth has some dents (see pictures) due to its age and one key is cracked but plays fine. The volume is a little fuzzy when adjusting, but once you’re set its just fine.” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 10 October 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX-80

“Very minor wear on synth. Case is a bit banged up, but it’s been used for 30+ years!” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 10 October 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60

“Very nice Synth, great condition. Everything works like a dream. Looks beautiful, has a few missing knobs as seen in the pictures but the tabs are still pretty easily accessible without the knobs. Also has a hair line crack in one of the keys but it is hardly noticeable. Please see all close up pictures for full details of the unit. Thanks for looking! ” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX-60

“Good condition. Some scratches on side of body. Everything works.” Link

Akai, AX-73 @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX-73

“Akai AX 73 Synthesizer. SOLD AS IS FOR PARTS/REPAIR. I have not tested it, it is sold untested. Overall in good cosmetic condition as seen in photos with usual wear.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60

“Good working condition. Small dent and 2 knobs missing. My mother used lightly before she passed.” Link

Akai, VX 90 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Akai VX90

” Liebe Sammler, Musiker und Studiotüftler. Zum Verkauf steht hier traurigerweise wegen Umzugskosten und Studioumbau einer meiner stärksten Synthesizer, den ich gerne in guten Händen wüsste. Dieser Analoge hat Charakter. (beispiel song mit genau diesem Gerät aufgenommen — auf soundcloud beim Künstler emonkperas “theme for underrated VX-90” bitte bei Interesse reinhören).

Von Bread & Butter Productionsounds, cheesige Sequenzen, warme Bässe, Noises, bis zu verrückten wilden Filter R2 Beeps alles möglich, erzeugbar, editierbar und auf den 100 Preset=Userplätzen abspeicherbar!!
Hat Midianschlüsse!

Ein relativ seltenes und offiziell unterschätztes Gerät aus Mitte der 80er. Eine Art “Verdickungs”- mode ist schaltbar für brachiale Leads..
Die Bedienung ist unkompliziert und mit nur 2 Skippern und einem Slider kann man wirkungsvoll in den Sound eingreifen.

Das Gerät ist technisch voll einsatzbereit, hat optisch ein paar dicke Gehäusekratzer, die man aber im Rackeinbau verstecken kann. Ein Rackohr/Schraubenloch rechts unten ist aufgerissen.
Viele Anschlussmöglichkeiten und einige aufwendige, druckvolle User- Sounds von mir sind vorhanden und werden an Bord mitgeliefert, da ich nicht übers Herz bringe, sie zu löschen.

Display ist in tollem Zustand und leuchtet topp, und die Zeichen sind ausgezeichnet zu lesen! Bitte auf den Bedien-Augen-Winkel beim Aufstellen achten. Dies ist entscheidend für die Contrasteinstellung am gleichnamigen Regler.

Spezielles 2-poliges Gerätesteckerkabel (siehe Foto) ist dabei.

Falls für Interessenten von Bedeutung: Nichtraucher- und Nichthaustierhaushalt, auf jeden Fall seit 2008 oder 2009. Andere Geräte oder Gegenstände, die zufällig partiell oder ganz mit abgebildet sind oder nicht komplett bei der Bearbeitung der Fotos weggeschnitten werden konnten, gehören nicht zum Auktionsangebot.

Bei dieser Auktion möchte ich nur Überweisung anbieten, kein paypal.
Ich versende bestmöglich gepolstert etwa 1-2 Tage nach Geldeingang.

EU-Bidders — item, which I bought in 2008 or 2009, is in a very good condition, perfectly working, obvious rack scratch traces can be hidden by putting into the rack,
super sound.6 VCO analog Synthesizer with many plug abilities, even Midi and can also be connected with certain nearly Akai sampler series.
VX-90 will be sold and shipped with a special 2-pole power supply cable.
no users manual.
no paypal for this auction, only bank transfer
shipping, well packed with lots of cushion, 1 or 2 days after money received on my account, only to destinations DHL Zone1 EU (22,99€) ”


Akai, AX-80 @ 15 August 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“Akai AX-80 in really excellent condition, and working perfectly. All buttons are very responsive, screen is working flawlessly. This is the glossy wooden side version, which is apparently the older one. You can see from the pictures what kind of shape this is in – only minor nicks around the sides and a few scuffs. The data knob and other parts look brand new! I’m pretty sure I was the second owner and the last owner clearly had it in storage for years. Still has the inspection sticker on it! Definitely one of the coolest looking synthesizers with the fluorescent bar graphs!” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 18 July 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“Akai AX80 in working condition. There is one dead key, it is marked with the blue tape in the photos. That dead key does respond to midi. There are surface scratches and cosmetic issues, but all membrane buttons, and knobs, and dials, and wheels all work fine. It will be shipped in a HYBRID brand case.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 04 July 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60

“In excellent working condition, awesome vintage sounds, carefully packed and ready to go!” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 13 June 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX80

“Selling Vintage AKAI AX80. True Analog poly synthesizer with 8 voice. Released in 1984. Synth comes with built in power cord to unit. Fully functional but including a disclaimer. It is a known thing with this synth that solder pins on board for the membrane buttons do get broke during transportation. I have had this happen to me before upon moving. This is an easy fix and I have performed this before once with no problem. Just one of those quirks on this vintage piece.”

Akai, AX-60 @ 30 May 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60

“This item has been stored for over 20 years and rarely used. It has the original boxing and original manual. I just turned it on and went through all the combinations of sounds and they all work and all LED’s, sliders, keys, etc. work. There are no missing pieces or dents or scratches.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 23 May 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX-60

“one slider cap missing, if you press to hard the buttons behave eratic ( the circuit boards bend or are loose) maybe you could tighten these) volume knob crackles some all sliders and keys work
this is a well used board with scratches and is far from mint! but sounds amazing
sold as is with no returns” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 09 May 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60 Project Machine

“Up for auction is this Akai AX60 Vintage Polyphonic Synthesizer! Selling for parts or repair because it has not been tested thoroughly! It powers on but we have no way to test that it produces sound, so we are selling for parts or repair! Cosmetic wear throughout! We are a pawn shop and not the original owners of this item so we are unaware of the history of this item! We are not responsible for any unforeseen complications. Please look through pictures before bidding!” Link

Akai, VX 90 @ 02 May 2017, Comments Off on Akai VX90

“Cosmetic condition is fair (see pictures) with some rusting occurring on back of casing, and some of the pots feel a little loose. Internally the unit is in great condition, and operation is flawless” Link

Akai, VX 90 @ 25 April 2017, Comments Off on Akai VX90

“Up for bid is a used AKAI Professional VX90.

This was used at our church.

Everything works.

Sold as is in good working condition.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 11 April 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60

ax60 ” In very good condition and perfect working order. Only a few very light scratches, hardly noticeable. Missing one slider cap. Awesome synth similar to Roland’s Juno series and except more versitile and with more bite. “ Link

Akai, VX 90 @ 04 April 2017, Comments Off on Akai VX90

vx90 “Some scratches and scuffs due to age but otherwise in good condition.Perfect working order.” Link

Akai @ 21 March 2017, Comments Off on Akai EWI 3000 and EWI3000m

akai ” brought straight from Japan. Works great. module buttons all work. buttons on wind instrument work as well. hardly used at all actually.” Link