Akai AX-60

“Up for sale is our Akai AX60 polysynth upgraded with the essential Tauntek OS.

The new OS adds a number of enhancements to the synth. These include:

1) MIDI Sysex patch save and restore – saves or restores all patches in one operation (tape save/load works as before)

2) MIDI CC parameter changes are now supported

3) Non-volatile storage of MIDI channel setting and current patch

4) Slider code modified for smooth potentiometer operation.

5) Adjustable Unison de-tune feature. (Not active in split mode) (can be disabled)

6) Random arpeggiator mode instead of “play all notes” mode (can be disabled)

7) Arpeggiator up/down mode which doesn’t repeat the top and bottom keys (can be disabled)

8) Slow LFO mode which halves the frequency over the entire range of the LFO (can be disabled)

9) VCF resonance slider taper mod to move oscillation point up (overall range is not changed) (can be disabled)

10) ADSR slider tapers mod to increase effect in the lower part (overall range is not changed) (can be disabled)

11) MIDI clocking of arpeggiator with choice of 48,24,12, or 6 PPQ (can be disabled for internal or 1/4″ jack clocking)

12) Sustain mode can be activated using Arp Hold switch

13) MIDI Note velocity added to VCA EG Depth setting mode (but new setting also affects notes played on AX60, can be disabled)

The synth is fully tested and working as it should be. Recently serviced, work included replacing all the front panel tact switches, installing a new memory battery, lubing potentiometers.

Cosmetic condition overall is excellent. There are some marks and blemishes to the panel, the keys are nice clean, side panels in good condition.

The synth is a 100v model so a step down trandformer may be required depending on your location.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai AX80

“Akai AX80 in great condition for it’s age.
Its been well looked after and works perfectly. It’s had a new battery (replaceable) fitted for the memory and also a MIDI upgrade from Tauntek – which means you now have sysex dump and can adjust parameters via midi!

I’ve also upgraded the original PCB joining system – always a weakness on this synth. Now its very easy to service if anything goes south. It’s super clean inside and looks practically new.

It’s cool sounding, and although it doesn’t have tons of knobs it has lots of functions controllable via velocity and aftertouch. Some minor damage to end cheeks, and some one has removed a sticker from the back leaving some glue…. Can be played at the studio. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai AX-60

“Unit powers on and produces sound but 4 of the keys (marked in picture #7 with a white sticker (G#, C#, D, E)) are unresponsive. Middle D# has a bend to the left and middle F# is bent forward but both keys still function. Knobs and sliders all seem to function properly. Comes with a soft gig bag.”
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Akai AX-60

“NOT A NEW SYNTH. Yes it works. everything on it works. There are signs of wear. Couple little paint spots on the back of case? not sure if it will come off might be able to rub some paint remover on it or something. Looks like it would come off. Couple scratches on the back. Top left and corner VERY small dent (all pictured) This thing is built like a tank. Solid. All keys work, all sliders all knobs all work. Feel free to shoot me a message. NO RETURNS> sold as-is ANY DAMAGE IS POSSIBLE. used for a long time. Just running out of room and getting out of it. Good sounding synth HUGE resonance. Pitch wheel and mod wheel both work just like they should. Manual comes with it. Plug is original and non damage. Other than a few cosmetics in good shape. PLEASE review pictures carefully as they are part of description. Will be packaged well with LOTS of bubble wrap. Thank YOU. and good luck.”
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Akai AX80

“Now, this is working and it produces sound but it has some defects that means i am selling it for “Spares or Repairs”

Known issues:

DATA / OSC 1 / OSC 2 & VCF – LCD displays are not working (all other displays are working)
First E key is broken (but working)
6 other keys do not produce sound when played.

Everything else seems to work as expected. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai VX600

“Akai VX600 6 Voice Analogue Synthesiser . Probably the nicest example you will find of this rare classic 80’s synth in stunning condition. The synth has just been fully serviced by ‘Gareth Magennis’ and has had a brand new back light fitted.

This is a VCO analogue synthesiser with a similar architecture to the Oberheim Expander and sounds lush having 2 VCO’s per voice.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai AX60

” Sad to be selling the first synth i ever owned but it just doesn’t get used enough to justify keeping it anymore. It is in great working condition, I had it serviced a couple years ago. All tact switches replaced, and calibrated. All voices are working as they should. It’s got a killer filter that has crazy resonance. If you have an Akai S612 you can use the voice in to process that though the filters and envelopes of the AX60. Physically it is in good shape, not shop fresh but in good condition for its 35 years, all keys play fine. I have had it in my smoke free, pet free home studio for the whole time I have owned it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai VX90

“Needs service.

This VX90 synthesizer rack works and sounds great but the rear outputs are noisy. The headphone output is not noisy. It is all original and still has all of the factory patches. I took a picture with the cover off to show the condition of the electronics. The original 3v battery is still in there and hasn’t leaked. Because its a vintage instrument and needs service it is being sold as is no returns accepted.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai AX-60

“I am second owner, have maintained operating condition for over 20 years, recently replaced numerous microswitches and cleaned key contacts and slider pots.

Cosmetically it is fine, scratches, scuffs and some stains on front panels. Keys in great shape.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX60

“Akai AX60 for sale. sn x1979
Fully serviced by professionals and working great.

We got this unit from its original owner who took great care of it. It came to us in full working order, but we replaced the battery and cleaned up the volume pot.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai EWV 2000 and Akai EWI 1000

“Akai EWV 2000 synth module with EWI 1000 controller. They are in amazing shape considering their age, with some light scuffs here and there. It works fantastically. The unit with the wind controller is quite rare and can create very expressive sounds. What is included in the pictures is what is up for sale.

One minor issue is that the control knob for the Line Input does not directly line up with the parameters as they are bounded on the unit (see last photo for an example). This amounts to no difference in the ability to control the input level and is a cosmetic issue.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX-60

“Akai AX60 Analog Synthesizer. Condition is “Used”. In good condition for its age – I’m not an expert on old Akais, however, so sale is As Is. This line was Akai’s answer to Roland’s Juno series. Will be professionally packed.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX-60

“After owning this great synth for roughly two years and making some fun noodles, I’m letting go of this rare Akai AX60 vintage analog synthesizer poly-synth. All functions work, all the sliders are there and there are no damages from drops or scratches. Power connection and cable are both in perfect condition with no showing of surge damage. Video below will show sound and function and my peasant level synth programing.

Feel free to make offers or ask for additional photos or videos. Previous owner used 3M wall strips to attach the shown rack knobs. I have not tried to remove them but should come off with a plastic safe solvent. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX80

“Removed from a local studio that has been inactive for some time. I do not have the full set-up to do a complete testing on this unit, and therefore it is being sold as-is.

Please note:
-The exact unit you will be purchasing has been pictured, and is present in all photos.
-I did plug the unit into a power outlet. The unit was switched on, and displays all seem to light up properly. I have provided photos of the device while turned on. Someone “more familiar” with these models may know what to expect, and these pictures may help clarify conditions. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX60

“Akai AX60 Analog Synthesizer.
I’m selling my Akai AX60. Its in great working condition and sounds great! The Akai AX60 is among some of the last true analog polysynths of the mid-eighties. It is a programmable six-voice synth with a nice LFO, lowpass (VCF) filter, envelope sections, and more. Its ideal for lo-fi vintage synth pads in production settings.
Condition is Used. Shipped with FedEx SmartPost. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai EWV2000 with Akai EVI1000

“Rare vintage Akai EVI1000 and EWV2000 Analog Synthesizer. Used by a professional player so it has been taken care of. A few small indents in metal of EWV2000 but does not effect item. EWV2000 turns on and lights up just fine. Unable to test EVI1000 without the cord but it worked fine the last time it was used.

**This item does not include cord that connects the two items.**

Please see photos to see what is included in auction.

Interesting paperwork with some Newsletters from Network 2000, a user group for the Akai EWV’s and EVI,EWI.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai VX600

“Rare 6 voice 12 oscillator digitally controlled Akai analog synth from 1988. If you’re looking for this you probably know what it is. The ‘matrix’ in the name means you can route modulation in weird ways. I bought this in 2017, after years of waiting for one to appear on eBay, from a boutique synth seller who fully serviced the VX before selling it to me. It’s been used in a smoke-free home studio setup since then, and well taken care of. Backlight has been replaced, everything functions as it should. I’m including a Roland M-256E memory card that works with this unit. Power is Japanese but a US convertor will also be supplied.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai VX600

“AKAI VX-600 programmable polyphonic synthesizer

Looks 9.50 of 10

In very clean condition, please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and some short life transistors, opamps and logis ICs with new ones,
and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping.”
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Akai AX73

“Akai AX73. Very rare, six voice polyphonic analogue synthesizers. Condition is Used. One white key has a chip. Volume fader is a tiny bit scratchy sounding sometimes. I believe I am the second owner. Everything seems to be working well as far as I can tell. I used it for one week prior to creating this ebay ad, testing and sampling sounds. I have owned it for several years.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai VX90

“Akai VX90 Rackmount Analog Synthesizer 220/240V. Condition is Used.

Synth has been upgraded with a coil cell CR2032 batter so no need for future (dangerous) soldering of a Lithium battery! Now the replacement takes a simple swap of a cheap, common coin cell battery.

Includes rack ears as pictured.

Includes Roland style power plug.

Please Note this is a 220/240V synth.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX-80

” This Akai AX80 is in full working condition, fully tested.. it works great, looks great and sounds amazing.. VERY Juno 106 meets Matrix 6 sonic territory… Very easy to edit and create with. Its truly an 80’s powerhouse of a synth. It has some scuffs around the edges but overall looks great as you can see in pics.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai VX90

“I’ve had this synth module for around 10 years. It has a wide pallet of sounds, from lush synth pads (add some chorus), biting chord stabs (great for electronic dub) in poly mode, to thick lead sounds in unison mode, to weird stuff pushing the filter resonance and adding some ring mod. I will miss this synth; selling to fund other studio upgrades. ”
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Akai AX80

“Tested and working good!
All of the super cool display screens work as they should, all buttons work fine, all keys play, no missing knobs!
Decent used condition – See photos
Photos are of the actual synth you will receive!
I have owned this synth for several years, it has been in my studio since I got it, I am selling it because
I rarely use it and to raise money to buy the gear I want to add to my studio.
Give it a good home! Good ones in good working order don’t come up often!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX60

“Akai AX 60
Vintage Analog 6-Voice Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer
Upgraded with Version 1.2 Operating System

Very Rare Akai Synth.

good condition – all working.
Includes Original Owners Manual, Service Manual, and Parts Price List.
Anvil Forge II Hard Case also included. ”
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Akai AX-80

“Vintage Akai AX80 8 Voice Hybrid Synthesizer No Reserve 1980s analog.

All original. No issues – plays and sounds great! Left wooden side panel has some paint chipping. Looks this the corner was bumped at some point. Does not affect playing. Pretty clean overall.

Will ship well packed (heavy old synth).

US bidders only please.”
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