MacBeth M5

“Analogue, semi-modular, semi-mythical monster. About 100 ever made. No digital circuitry at all. No patch memory, no MIDI and no USB. It just sounds spectacular.

Note this has just arrived and while we don’t expect it to need any service work it will be carefully checked inside and out before we ship. Please allow up to 30 working days for shipping.

Ken Macbeth hand-built around 100 of these before production stopped. Beautifully laid out with acres of room to get in and really play the instrument. Had plenty of ARP influence in the looks but it is no 2600 (or anything else) clone. Described as “big and brash” by Ken himself, more than one review says it can take you into classic big bottom Moog territory if that’s where you want to go.

All sockets are normalised – so no need to start plugging in cables if you just want to dive in and make some noise.

A read of the reviews below and a good look at the front panel shots should tell you what you need to know. The pair of excellent filters are worth a mention though: there’s a 24 dB/oct lowpass ladder filter and a 12 dB/oct with Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch options.

As the intro says: this is a modern but militantly analogue affair; you won’t find such luxuries as patch memory, MIDI or (heaven forfend!) USB here. But of course there is CV control and the front panel is raised up a few inches ready for you to put a keyboard in front of it.

In superb cosmetic condition with minimal wear. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

220/240v unit. A step-up transformer will be required for use on 110/120v supplies. Please ask if you need advice on what to use. We do not recommend using cheap, generic Chinese mains transformers.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MacBeth Elements

“I had this for almost two years and as part of the cull, its not being used enough to justify keeping it.

Already considered a modern classic, UK stalwart Ken Macbeth has really turned his hand into something of masterpiece, a beautiful piece that has equally been revered and treasured by many enthusiasts. Make no mistake this will be the Buchla of our time!

Its been well looked after in my care and I am the 2nd owner, what you see is exactly what you will see in the pictures so please ask any questions in advance. Slight blemish to note on the back is a small pitting I have shown in one of the pictures and a small dot mark on the gold key plate none of which of course affects its superb sound!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

MacBeth M5

“For sale here is my Macbeth M5 all analogue semi-modular synth. A Rare + Modern Classic in Superb condition. After the main picture head on of the synth as a whole including upper & lower half in pics 2+3, the next 8 show each ‘section’ of the M5 in close up & the last with it under it’s dust cover. Note that the face plate is in superb condition as pictured.

I am the Original Owner from new on production in 2006, as serial number on the rear will show to the buyer.

It has had only bedroom studio (non-smoking) use in that time and was kept under wraps (dust sheet) when not in use.

This is the Original M5 with the black & orange colour scheme, as used for the later version ARP 2600.

Note that whilst it ‘looks’ like a later model Rev.3 ARP2600, the M5’s ‘sound’ is both Moog and Oberheim ‘inspired’.

The original ARP 2600 (Blue Meanie model) that many/most claim sounds best of the 2600’s, stole the Moog filter design of course, hence epoxy sealed units, lawsuit, 4072 ARP filter redesign, etc… Plus, the M5 actually dwarfs the 2600 in overall height + size. This M5 is one of around 90 (I think) of the original versions that were hand made between 2005/6, so only 13-14 years old compared with 35+ for a 2600.

As such it offers far more likely long term reliability and with great build quality courtesy of Ken McBeth. No tiny slider tops or mini jack sockets to fiddle with… On a practical note you can get multiple (man sized) finger tips between the slider tops for patching/mixing/modulation purposes. A joy to play with as you can easily see all patch points, sources, destinations, signal flow, etc.

As regards stability & tuning, many older analogue synths had & still do have problems with these factors. This M5 tunes very accurately and holds tune throughout every session, nor is this dependent on whether it’s hot or not – inside or out, as was the downside of many old analogue synths, though it’s appreciated some do like such instability… I prefer to start off with known stability & increase detuning/instability if/when needed. There is even a stability pot on Osc#3 for ‘dialing in’ that effect when required, except it’s under your control and not at the mercy of other elements…” Click here to search for synths on eBay

MacBeth M5N

“”An extremely rare chance to bid on a MacBeth M5N (less than 100 ever made) semi modular synthesiser designed by Ken MacBeth. This is the latest version of the M5 with the modded envelopes which are a lot “snappier” and the filters have been modded to improve S/N. Otherwise the M5N is just a new paintjob and and new slider caps. The sound of the MacBeth is just phenominal…from some of the videos and interviews on the web it seems that Ken took the best of his favourite synths (EMS VCS3, Arp 2600 and MiniMoog) and created a real analogue from scratch using discrete components (no chips) and to my ears this is a real success…its got the qualities of all of the synths which is weird as you end up saying things like “thin but warm”, “fat and ethereal” which just doesnt make sense…until you hear the M5N.

Steel housing with three VCOs each with Subosc, Sync function and diverse Waveforms,
Ext. In,
Lag processor,
Two LFOs,
24dB Filter,
12dB Filter,
VCA (x2),
panning module and diverse connection possibilities.
60 Dials and Switches,
minimum 62 partly self-switching patch sockets and more.
Internal Power supply is expected
Internal Spring Reverb
no midi.”

This is made in EU, so is 230 volt, and needs transformer to operate in U.S..

This is 65 pounds and has to be shipped by freight only. Sorry for the high cost, but it is truly the largest and heaviest synth I own, moreso than a Moog, Arp or Oberheim OBMX
Does NOT include any patch cables, there never were. You will have to pickup your own. These are the A-Plug type, the ones that are the wide stereo jacks. You can get them online!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

MacBeth X-Series Micromac-D

“This Macbeth X-Series Micromac D fully analog synth is in very good cosmetic condition, and it works as it should, no functionality issues.

Made in the UK.

As you may know, this is a rare synth, out of production, and hard to come by. Built like a tank. Solid enclosure and solid controls. No cheap Chinese plastic components here.

These synths are making their way into sought-after vintage instruments. It’s a sure investment that you get to enjoy for many years.”
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MacBeth X-Series Micromac-R

“It is EuroRack synth voice module of Macbeth Studio Systems.
It is a specification, sound which considers Minimoog.
I think that it is a precious model that is not readily available in Japan.

We will send for equipment arrangement.

Although it is confirmed all the way, there are abrasions that do not appear in the photograph, but I think that it is in a beautiful state as a whole.” Click here to search for synths on eBay