Roland SH-1

“Roland Vintage SH1 With Original Flight Case And Manual.

The SH1 is an original mono synth by Roland from 1978. It comes with original Roland flight case and manual.

The flight case is missing one of the bottom stands – see photos.

The manual is missing the cover and some of the pages have come away from the binding.

The keyboard has a slight crack on the back of its case which does not affect performance in any way. – see photos.

Works well have never had any problems. Selling due to needing space in studio and not really using it much.

Has an envelope follower function which I have used with electric guitars which sounds great. ”
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Roland SH-1

“Used, great shape for it’s age. I had some problematic sliders replaced. Pitch bend potentiometer has to be nudged into center sometimes but didn’t bother me enough to have replaced when I took in for service. As with all analog synths, pitch can drift while warming up .” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland SH-1

“Great condition SH-1 monosynth. I had the geniuses at Rainbow Electronics Sacramento install new custom sliders for hipass cutoff, VCO and VCF sensitivity range controls. White noise switch has occasional small idiosyncrasies, but didn’t bother me enough to have it swapped. Pitch can be unstable when warming up because it is a 40 year old ANALOG synth! This was a new thing for me I am a software guy, wanted some rich tones to sample for my vocoders. This synth sounds raw, deep, and phat- there isn’t a youtube video that really does it justice. 100v Japan unit, you will want to pick up a little transformer box.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland SH-1

“Title says it all! 100% perfect working condition. Really beautiful condition, with all original knobs, keys, switches, sliders, logos, etc. present and accounted for. Please see the picture of the top left corner of the synth- please note that there is a small crack in the case. Really of only concern to obsessive collectors. The dude that I had bought this from on Reverb also claimed that he had bought this from the legendary Three Wave Music in NJ- analog synth Nirvana.”
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