Roland RS-101

” Stunning 1975 Roland RS-101 String Machine in fully restored condition.

Fully polyphonic string synth with individual VCAs and envelopes for each note.

The first of the Roland synths to feature the lush Ensemble effect (the RS-101 has 4 modulated delay lines vs the rs202’s 3 delays and the difference shows) and this stringer has the mojo in spades. It’s as lush as they come.

The excellent feeling 5-octave Keyboard is split, bi-timbral, with Strings I, Strings II, and Brass either side of the split, and with variable tone control, fully independent Slow Attack, Variable Sustain, and Volume Soft options.

Very expressive synth, with a beautiful haunting tone, and being fully polyphonic (unlike the earlier Solina) the expressivity is fantastic. Sits perfectly in a mix. Again, the ensemble

This synth has undergone meticulous restoration, including recapping of almost 100 caps, full restoration of all pots, switches, etc. Keybed fully restored. It’s bulletproof and should provide use for many more decades to come.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland RS-101

“Well it was time for some early spring cleaning and we came across this in the warehouse, and after plugging it in, we soon discovered why it was buried behind a few things. This unfortunately does not appear to power up or make sound. We’re not sure what’s wrong with it, as it’s in pretty great physical condition, but none the less, we have no output. We don’t have a keyboard repair technician available to us, so we’re going to sell this at no reserve, as is, with no warranty. This might be good for parts, or it also might be an easy fix for the right person. We just don’t know. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland RS-101

“Roland RS-101 String Synthesizer 70’s Vintage – This unit has some hard scratches, paint chippings and cosmetic wear, but fully operational and functional in pretty good condition. We have maintained this unit, serviced and repaired all the keys (Vintage RS-101 and 202 mostly have this key problem and needs to be serviced because the circuit aged.), tested all keys, knobs, switches, faders, outputs works fine. The hard case cover missing, ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland RS-101

101 ” I found this guy at a music shop back in California in the late 90s and really liked the sounds, but once I stopped working with music it just went into storage and it’s been sitting there for the last decade. It seemed a shame for something like this to sit on a shelf for the rest of its life so I thought I should give someone out there a chance to properly use it.

I pulled it out last week and gave it a basic cleaning and it sounds great for the most part but there are 4 keys that need some work (I hear electrical activity in the headphones but no actual synth sounds). I don’t know if it’s something simple like a more thorough cleaning or if it requires actual repair.

This 61 key synth is notable for being the first appearance of Roland’s “Ensemble” effect and has a split keyboard with separate voicing for Bass and Treble sides.

It was built inside its case so the lid opens and is removable, but the bottom half is always there.

The synth is boxed up and ready to ship and is safely wrapped in large bubble wrap with kaizen foam on each end to protect the sides. For the box itself I took a 48x16x16 box and cut it down so it would fit this synth exactly. I spent an hour or two packing it so I’m fully confident that this synth will be safe during shipping.

Known Flaws:

Electrical or Functional Flaws:
4 keys (noted in the second picture: C, D#, A#, and E), make a slight electrical sound through headphones but don’t play the organ’s sounds. I don’t know if they just need to be cleaned or if there’s a hardware issue that needs to be addressed. It’s an extremely simple synth so repairs should be pretty manageable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland RS-101

rs101 “Roland Rs 101 Strings synth, vintage 70’s. Powers up and about half the keys work, some better than others, some make little or no sound. About half work fine and the other functions of unit seem to be ok , case is in good condition. I don’t know a lot about this, it was left to me, I am a guitar player.” Click here to visit listing on eBay