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” You are bidding on the rare and vintage Baldwin Syntha Sound analog synth in great working condition. The spring reverb is nice and warm. Free Shipping! Ships FedEx Ground. ” Link

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baaldwin “1970’s Baldwin Synthesizer with foot pedal and case. This item powers on but I cannot get any sound. I am not an expert in musical instruments. It could be an easy or difficult fix. Also there are broken sliders for the external gain and reverb gain. Also,the head set jack is not connected as you can se in photos. Also will need some cleaning because it has been in storage for years. I am selling this rare item AS-IS. Would make a good restoration project. Thank-You for bidding!” Link

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Baldwin Syntha-sound ” Selling a Baldwin Syntha-sound synthesizer for parts/as is. It’s a rare vintage analog monosynth. Very similar vibe and era to Moog, ARP, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits synths etc. From the look of it, the synth section appears to be made primarily from discrete transistors. Pretty cool! This one powers up and occasionally makes sound. However, it is not working fully as it should be and there are a few missing switch covers etc. ” Link

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baldwin ” Here’s a rare Baldwin synthesizer from the 70’s. Main issue is that the keyboard is not responding, but I was able to plug a guitar into the external input and do some limited testing.

It’s missing various push button caps, some broken push button and slider stems/posts (but all sliders and buttons work), . External input/output works. Oscillator makes sound with trigger bar, responds to tuning slider, octave, and tremolo adjustment. Most things seem to work except for the keyboard which offers no response. Flute section responded to trigger bar, but no I didn’t get any response from the preset section. Missing faceplate/keyboard hold down screws.” Link

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Baldwin Syntha Sound “Ok I am just a guitar player and do not have a great deal of knowledge of vintage synths This is a very basic early synth but It all works including the built in speakers.

As previuosly entioned it has a slider know missing and the attached fader switch is shorter which means it must have broken off at some point but still functions

It comes with the original stand but to be honest I don’t know how I will be able to ship with the stand unless I can take it apart.” Link

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One of the rarest keyboards out there, the Syntha-Sound is full of cool, unique sounds. This synthesizer is extremely rare to start with, but included here is a complete collection of its even rarer accessories: volume pedal; case; user manual (with additional instructional inserts); four die-cut plastic setting templates (themselves works of art); service manual; schematics.

My tech went through it from top to bottom: the Syntha-Sound already worked just fine, but he cleaned all the contacts and sliders and checked out all the controls. He’s a guy of few words, but he was raving about this synth. My favorite quote: “It’s powerful and loud!” It is—that and more. This Syntha-Sound is one for the collection, but it also demands to be played—in performance, in the studio. ” Link

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“Hi, up for auction is a Baldwin Tempo-Matic Drum machine, i believe its from the 60s and its the earliest version of a drum machine that i have ever seen, its in great cosmetic condition for its age, it has been really kept good care of the faceplate is intact, all the logos are there and intact, the wood panels on the sides are in excellent shape, all the buttons are there but their just a little dirty it could use a clean up but its nothing that a good chemical solvent cant deal with, it is missing the knobs for the tempo and volume controls but they are easy to turn with you finger and respond really good. the drum machine works great the pedal to turn on and off the loops is in great shape and works really good, i love the vintage drum sound that it produces and would love to hang on to it since i am a musician my self and i love the sound and design of old instruments, but i just bought a vw and i need money for the restoration. Over all a great sounding and maybe a little weird looking drum machine with amazing loops really easy to use (you press the pedal and the loops start, press it again and they stop) originally intended to be used with baldwin organs and now a really cool vintage colectors item.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“1970’s Baldwin Syntha Sound with stand and cover. Works great, excellent condition, one slider tip is missing.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“60’s vintage.
Has the usual assortment of rhythms and alternate and random pattern buttons.
Mono output.

Missing a knob, otherwise works great and cosmetically very good.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.