Roland JP-8000 Project Machine

“standard power cable is NOT included

powers on and displays reads well
all keys working –
when you power it on the screen flashes “Memory Damaged”
then goes to the regular screen
the 2 main outputs have no sound
if you plug it into the Headphone jack it has output there
has sounds and seems to be mostly working but not fully tested
it will need to be serviced –
a few keys are sticky
this synth will be sold AS-IS, guaranteed only for power” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

” Item in working condition, however the volume is slightly low on cold boot. It does return to normal volume if left on for a few minutes. No distortion in the audio output. All keys, knobs, and sliders are responsive and in good working order.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“Roland JP-8000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer with Shuttle Case included.
Known for its incredible harmonics and fat analog distortion combined with digital accuracy and recall, this 90’s era gem is beloved for a host of progressive features making it a true classic.
Excellent condition. All Outputs, Faders and Knobs tested and smooth. New Internal Lithium Battery Professionally Installed. Display has one horizontal pixel row with slightly lower brightness (see LCD closeup photo)”

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Roland JP-8000

“This is one of the most versatile classic synths out there. So many awesome factors—analog modeling but polyphonic, famous for its supersaw wave and many more awesome things. It was having some noise/preamp issues which I’ve found out are common for these synths, but just got them replaced and had general maintenance done on the keyboard. I wouldn’t be selling but I have a second I thought was broken forever but the same guy who fixed this one managed to get that sort of going.

Note that it has a break in the last picture. I think this happened when it was shipped to me originally. I’ll have this professionally packaged and make sure nothing further will happen! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“This JP-8000 is in mint condition having been played for less than 5 hours in total. The case is virtually unmarked (see images – very small mark on back edge) unlike many of the refurbished keyboards that are available for resale. The keyboard comes with the original manual along with the Gator case as shown in the photos. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a legendary synth in almost new condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“Up for sale is our Roland JP8000 Super Jupiter Synthesizer. This is the best example of modern synthesis functionality with classic synth heritage. So many ways to manipulate great sounding oscillators and a killer filter section as well. No to mention this is the BEST Roland Super SAW synth ever made. It just sounds huge! It all works great and as you can see it looks great as well aside from very minor scuffs around the edges. These are perfect for live or studio and will sit perfectly with any style of music. To me, and many others… Roland’s last great true synthesizer!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“This is one of the best synths Roland has ever made and that’s no doubt. I don’t say that but that’s the view of the entire community of Roland fans. This one is in great shape and works perfectly. I truly love this unit. It’s as close to perfect as it gets for its age as they are already 25 years old. All you see is all you get in this deal.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“Roland JP-8000 Keyboard – Vintage Analog Modeling Synthesizer.

Lovely, distinctive sound. Especially good for lush pads sounds. A joy to use and program. Good condition overall. Home use only.

There is a small dink on the front panel, as shown on the photos, some minor cosmetic marking on the sides of the laminate coating, and slight underside damage to a key which does not affect playing. Also, when turned on the display reads ‘ memory damaged’ but this does not affect functionality and the memory has been completely fine ever since I bought it new 20 years ago. ”
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Roland JP-8000

“Roland Jp-8000 Keyboard Synthesizer. Condition is Used. Unit is in perfect working condition, except for a handful of keys that occasionally stick. With regular use, this issue may resolve itself over time. Cosmetically, the unit has a small piece of Velcro attached to upper left corner but is in otherwise excellent condition. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“Roland JP8000 Classic 90’s Rare Trance Supersaw Synthesiser Excellent Condition

This is one of Rolands best synths ever for electronic music,
All knobs keys sliders buttons working great

Excellent overall cosmetic condition Kept in a smoke free home,
Perfect for that real trance supersaw lead sound created back in the 90s
used on all best of trance records all original patches are in there,”
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Roland JP-8000

“This is the amazing Roland JP 8000 keyboard synthesizer released in 1996. This one is in very good condition with only a minor mark as shown in photos.

Sounds amazing, i have just replaced the main battery, re-calibrated the modulation wheel and done a factory reset so everything works as it should. The only slight niggle is that sometimes the bank down button is temperamental.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“Roland JP-8000 virtual analog modeling synthesizer. Condition is Used. Collection only from BN2 or BN13 areas sorry.

Everything works. It’s had numerous new pots replaced so each one feels tight. Screen is perfect. Keys are bright white no yellowing, completely smoke free.

Lovely example!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“ROLAND JP 8000 virtual analog synthesizer; in very good condition (minor scuffs-please see pictures) . I bought it for use at home just to practice some 1980s new wave music…..all keys, knobs, and sliders are fully functional. Only selling this as I have not had time to use it and am downsizing what I have.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“For sale is a fine example of the legendary Roland JP-8000 in excellent condition!

I’ve taken great care of this instrument while I’ve had it, it has never been gigged, its almost completely absent of wear and tear, and it sounds superb! Most of these seem to be in far worse cosmetic and functional condition than this specimen, so consider this a real find!

All 40+ push buttons have been replaced with new switches.
The key bed was dismantled, lubricated and the felts have been replaced.
The audio capacitor that goes bad and causes screeching has been replaced.
The battery has been replaced.
The power plug has been replaced.
Includes the original paper manual.
Includes the original VHS tape manual.

I’ve tested all the knobs and sliders, it transmits on all midi channels just fine, the ribbon controller and pitch bender work as they should, the keys feel great, no other problems like noisy outputs or low output or anything of the sort.

(there have been a few isolated incidents where the filter cutoff slider jumped its value momentarily, which was aided by moving the slider back and forth; most likely a piece of dust was present in the slider. This would be easy to fix by cleaning if it became a recurring problem)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“Roland JP8000 Synthesizer with original box and manuals.

Owned from new, in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures.

Only ever used in home studio and has been in storage for several years.

The battery reports low, but is straight forward to replace (CR2032 disk battery).” Click here to visit listing on eBay