MXR 185 Project Machine

“For sale is a very rare MXR 185 Drum Computer. This drum machine is a rare 80’s classic. As pictured. Sold As-is, for parts/not working (though is semi-working). Great for a restoration project. Unit turns on, and produces some sounds. The drum pads/buttons probably need a good contact cleaning to produce all the sounds. Display lights up and works. Patterns do not run, though that could also be a button contact issue, not sure. The “trigger inputs” pin connector on the back was removed by previous owner (PIC 6, I believe they were trying to convert it to midi but stopped). Faders seem to mostly work but also need cleaning. Cosmetic wear due to age, but in decent vintage condition. Missing one slider cap. Would make a great project for restoration if you have electronics know-how. Sold as-is, no returns. Unit is heavy for it’s size due to it’s metal and wood frame. Unit has many problems but doesn’t seem too far off from being able to work again. If you can repair it, don’t miss out on this beautiful drum machine!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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MXR-185 Drum Computer

“Listed is the 2nd of (3) MXR-185 Drum Machines that I accumulated (hoarded as my wife sees it) over the years. Like the one I recently sold, it has been physically and electrically cleaned/conditioned inside and out. Everything(*) operates great, all functions, buttons, sliders and jacks have been checked out.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

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MXR 185

“Listed is a MXR-185 Drum Machine. It has been completely cleaned/conditioned inside and out both physically and electrically. Everything operates great, all functions, buttons, sliders and jacks have been checked out.

Although the sync-to-tape feature has not been verified, I did use TAPE I/O to store, load and verify sequences. The sync to/from tape feature uses mostly the same circuitry, so it should work. The External Trigger Inputs (back Molex connector) work and they can be used to program patterns in addition to the front panel switches. Also, I haven’t tried the External Voice feature.

While this unit is super clean and functions like new, I can’t say its appearance is pristine. It has a few dings here & there but nothing unusual for equipment of this vintage. There are no dents, bends or broken pieces. It just has “character”. These minor blemishes are purely cosmetic and have NO effect on any machine operation or performance. It does look much better than these photos depict.

The major points are:

· All sliders, key switches, jacks & EPROM sockets have been disassembled and meticulously cleaned then treated with CAIG contact products

· New Lithium backup battery installed

· Quality copies of documents: User Manual, User Card and Schematics are included

· All original EPROMs + 5 additional Linn LM-1 sound EPROMs. The LM-1 EPROMs were programmed using factory sourced .bin files (no re-sampled sounds).” Click here to search for synths on eBay

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