Roland System 100 Model 101 Keyboard

“The synth has been thoroughly tested and is working as it should be. Potentiometers have been cleaned and lubricated.

Cosmetic condition is truely outstanding – its as clean as it looks in the pictures with hardly a blemish anywhere on the synth.

Included as part of the sale is the original Roland hardcase for the synth. This is in great condition, with only minor marks.

The synth is a 100v model, so a step down transformer may be required depending on your location. Alternatively, we can arrange for a new 240v transformer to be installed.”
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Roland System 100 Model 101

“I’ve tested it and everything seems to work apart from the EXT. INPUT in the Audio Mixer section, but I may be doing something wrong here?
It’s not perfect cosmetically, but it’s pretty good considering its age.
It has been recently striped down and had the keybed cleaned.Works beautifully.
It’s 100V so you will need a step-down transformer to use it which i will include in this sale.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland System 100 Model 101

“Roland Synthesizer *RARE* System -100, Model 101. Condition is Used but appears in very good condition. This belonged to my late brother-in-law, unfortunately we cannot test this or verify its working condition as we do not have amplifiers etc. Plugged in however, lights do come on as shown in the pictures.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland System 100

“Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of history!

All parts look and sound amazing, in great condition except very few small blemishes which can be expected from a rare vintage synth system like this.

It includes:

Roland synthesizer 101

Roland expander 102

Roland mixer 103

Roland sequencer 104

Roland speakers 109

I will pack the system in 5 different well packed boxes and will use fedex. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland System 100 Model 101

“Contemplating selling my System 100 or at least gauging interest based on its condition. The synth is far from perfect but has been partially refurbished. It was saved from going to recycling and I did what I could considering my skill-set. The synth functions as it should but the portamento slider is missing. The LFO/Keyboard gate switch is a bit wonky but works, the pulse width mod switch needs replacing and the cutoff frequency slider functions but not perfectly. Missing high C black key and high D is cracked but the whole keybed functions completely. Aesthetically it looks like it went through a war but that kind of added to the allure for me. Those are the bad aspects but they are tons of good also. Some of the knobs are not original and a full new set is available online. IF I sell it I really want to see it go to someone who will continue the refurb and breathe new life into it. I won’t be bummed at all if it doesn’t sell.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland System 100 Model 101 and Model 102

” The classic, there’s nothing like it. I know, that’s a tired phrase but if you haven’t heard the thundering bass and filters on these, you have to. There’s something about gear from this era, they definitely got the low end right.

Having both the 101 and 102 is phenomenal – 2nd FAT oscillator, another phenomenal filter set (HP and LP), snappy envelope and VCA, PLUS … Ring Mod, Sample and Hold, both weak and strong oscillator sync that sounds insane, and more!

You’ll find some System 100 101’s online, without the 102, and they’ve usually got serious problems. To find both, in great working condition? Rare. This is a special opportunity as both of these units are in very, very good condition.

Many used 101/102’s are missing sliders, slider caps, pot caps or switches are broken. The sliders and pots are noisy and deteriorated. Very often the 101 keyboards have keys that are dead, no action, or the key bed contacts are intermittent or non-functioning, etc.. Not here, all working and solid.

To make sure before selling, I had both recently completely inspected and serviced, including calibrated, fully recapped, and had all pots, sliders checked, by Three Waves Music in NJ. I have the receipts ($800+) and you can call them to confirm and ask any questions. If you’re serious, I can send you the full receipts for your review, and if you purchase, I will email you the receipts for your records, but for privacy I prefer not to post them online here.”
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Roland System 100 Model 101

“Up for sale is a vintage Roland System 100 analog synthesizer.

We bought out a large studios full inventory a couple of months ago. Most items we are keeping. Some items, like this one which we have no need for, we are selling.

It was tested for under an hour and here is what we found…

It all works, all sliders, jacks, keys etc and sounds amazingly wicked. BUT there are a couple of sliders that feel a slight bit looser than others and have sputtered signal when moved at some point along the throw of the fader… that said all sounds good without sputtered noise when set and left.

Also, some keys on occasion double trigger. This is a VERY common thing with roland synths of this era as had several SH5, SH3, SH7’s etc… all had that issue. When we triggered this synth via external CV it played, responded and handled perfectly via another keyboard. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland System 100 Model 104 Sequencer

“Very rare but absolutely essential part of the 100 modular system. A joy to program, absolutely required if you’re going to do anything live with the System 100.

As a bonus, it can accept relatively low gate levels (5-15V), but outputs +14V gates as required by Arp 2600, Odyssey, System 100/101, System 100/102 and many other early 1970’s instruments. This is a great convenience if you have a lot of old analog gear, you don’t have to get it modified for low trigger levels, you can just use it with the 104.

100v, comes with (tiny) 110v->100v converter for operation in US as seen in photos.”
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Roland System 100 Model 101 Synthesizer

“Roland System 100 101 synthesizer

Great Condition

Only selling because I have 2 and I need space to accommodate other equipment.

Japanese 100V version comes complete with very high quality British-made Airlink 240v to 100v Step-Down Voltage Transformer. Those units have been specifically designed to use with expensive, sensitive vintage music gear and pro audio use.

Also included in are Pdf versions of Instruction Manual, Patch Book and Service Notes.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland System 100 Model 101 and Model 102 Expander

“Roland System 100
– 101 Keyboard unit
– 102 expander unit

The 102 unit has been modified in a really cool way. The headphone output had been replaced with a switch that turns on a sub oscillator (square wave). The knob is a level control for the sub oscillator. Much more useful than the headphone output, especially when you have both of these units together.

Both are in fantastic condition. Cosmetically very very clean. And working great. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland System 100 Model 101 Keyboard

“Bought in 2002. Beautiful sound, almost human sounding! Played it a lot for many years, then put aside, to be played only occasionally, and then not at all. Stored in temp and humidity controlled studio. When I brought it out a few years ago, there were some problems that had developed. The initial gain control seems stuck on the release envelope. Its not a bad quality if you keep playing, but after you finish a note, the sound doesn’t die out. I have remedied this by hooking up a Moogerfooger filter module, and turning the initial gain down. This way I can have the beautiful Roland filter as well as the Moog fatness to switch back and forth between. Several of the sliders are noisy also. The 2 that are needed to tweak sounds the most-the filter cutoff and filter env amount-are especially noticeable. The rest not too bad. It could use a good cleaning. Everything else works just fine, and the cosmetic condition is very good. Its a very cool looking synth-Rolands first ones had a future retro look about them. Did not come with a manual, but its pretty self explanatory.”
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