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“Roland CompuRhythm CR 78 model.
Used, the mains goes on as shown in the pictures by the red light but cannot guarantee it works so will need refurbishing
Great retro item.” Link

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“Here is my Roland CR78 which is in beautiful condition considering how old it is now.

This one has a midi kit fitted and is a rarity to find anywhere.

The Midi works like this

1. Clock (switch left): The CR-78 disables the internal tempo clock and can only be driven via a MIDI timing clock (MTC). This setting is to be used if you want to sync the pre-programmed sound or the local memory to the MIDI clock. It won’t accept any note on/off messages and the voices will not trigger externally.

2. Norm (switch centre): The CR-78 acts like it has no MIDI interface installed an will not accept any kind of MIDI message. The LED on the front goes green and internal tempo clock is selected.

3. Note (switch right): This is the main one you will be using in the studio. The internal tempo clock is disabled, clocking is done via MTC and note on/off messages will trigger the voices. You cannot start the clock from the front panel! At present the kit is tuned into channel 10 by default.

This is the 220-240V UK / EUROPEAN VERSION.

However there are some faults.Please read on.

Usually the unit works perfect and everything works as it should but every so often the bass drum,snare,cowbell fail to work.All the other sounds work fine.This could be a loose connection or something else inside the unit thats causing this fault.All the presets work perfectly and all sliders and buttons working.
However all the sounds work in Midi mode when hooked up as a sound module to your DAW.

I dont have the time to have this looked at or do it myself so it will need a good servicing by a qualified technician/synth doctor.” Link

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“Roland CR-78 in beautiful condition! Comes with original Roland pedal for programming.” Link

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“Recently serviced with a new old stock faceplate installed, cleaned and new battery lithium installed for saving tracks on the programmer.

This auction also includes the awesome Future Retro SWYNX box that also you to swing the preset loops and also acts as a pattern programmer.

Last but not least this CR-78 has been modded with a knob on the back to adjust the bass drum decay, giving you a variable sound from a stubby kick shorter than the regular cr-78 bass drum all the way to a booming 808 like kick.

The wooden box itself has some dings and corner wear which is to be expected of a 40 year old machine. This could easily be replaced with any wood of your choosing in the future.” Link

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“Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm Machine/Deck

Condition – all original , not cleaned with some black leatherette peeling in the corners AND RHYTHM TOGGLE SWITCH BROKEN.

Deck was hooked up to the external amplified speaker and tested following the online video.Every button responded and rhythm changed with every setting.Rhythm toggle switch is broken but still can be flipped using a pick.

Sold as working deck but AS IS DUE TO THE AGE and me not being a musician.I followed the online video to test it , it worked for me but this is it.No idea about other hook ups and operations.”

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“Vintage roland cr-78 CompuRythm. Minor repairs needed, but working. Sold as is.” Link

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“Up for your consideration is a Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm drum machine, a Legendary beat creator used in many Top 40 songs. this CR78 is in good working condition, and sounds great. has spent is whole life in studio or in dry studio storage. Took it out of storage a while back, used it in the studio. Now it’s up for auction, Daddy needs a New Word Clock.

It comes with two Original Roland pedals, has a few screw holes on top where it was mounted in a studio cabinet, has one screw hole in the bottom of the front where a small light was mounted, none of which affects its wonderful one of a kind sound. never did have the programmer, not sure if the internal battery is good, I did pull it apart to inspect the inside, everything looks good and clean, no battery leakage. New battery’s are cheap and easy to install.” Link

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“For sale is a super Rare Vintage Roland WS-1 Programming Switch –

The switch has been modified, it has a plug added, don’t know why or what the purpose of that added plug
It turns on but it is Not Tested, so I am selling it for parts or repair even it could work without a problem
Looks very clean, the battery connection and storage looks clean too.
Based on how it looks and not knowing if the unit works or not I believe I have priced it fairly, however I am open to offers.
Working units are around $1200 bucks (if you find it)
Review the pictures, what you see is what you will receive”

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“This is a classic piece of music history! A vintage Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm. This machine is in good working , it has been professionally serviced in the last couple months. Please see the end of listing for details on work done. The machine body is also in good condition- some wear to corners and 1 missing knob. Both details shown in up close pictures.
Service Description:

1. Cleaned up circuit board.
2. Re-capped both main cards as can caps leaking
3. Replaced corroded trigger connector, driver transistors, and resistors as originals were not accepting solder.
4. Wires added to bridge all traces between replacement connector pins and driver signals.
5. Cleaned other connectors and got all sounds to work from both the stored patterns and the programmer
6. Replaced frayed power cable with 3 pin grounded type
7. All functions working.” Link

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“You are bidding on a ROLAND CR-78 COMPURHYTHM. It’s in great working condition and sounds amazing. All switches and knobs are original and all working great. All connections working great.. Please look at the pictures before bidding, you will get what you see in the pictures.” Link

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“This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and is working 100%. As you may know, this was Roland’s first programmable rhythm machine. It will come with the hard to find WS-1 Write Switch (used to program patterns).” Link

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“This Is in good shape..I have tested it to the best of my abilites and believe it works as it should..I am not a expert at all…this is missing the 4 screws that hold the unit in the box. they came loose over the years i have had it and fell was never taken apart or fixed on the missing 1 button as you can see in the pics..I am sure it can use a good cleaning and some love as its been sitting for a few years..”

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“The WS-1 comes with original box and manual.

Unit has been barley used and is practically brand new.” Link

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“This is a very nice cr78 that I bought for a specific project a few years ago. I am a producer composer, and it was the right sound for the project

It was serviced by the previous owner, and functions as should.

I used some programmed beats, and sampled the sounds.

I don’t have the peddle but it should program fine. It was functioning when I bought it, and it’s just sat in a shelf in the studio.

Minor blemishes on the cabinet, the face place is perfect. A slider was a bit scratchy from sitting around, could be cleaned, but as I texted it more it went away.

Really great drum machine. Sounds awesome, super collectable. Mics condition I just don’t need it any more. ”

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cr78 “Beautiful vintage (1978) Roland CR-78 Analogue Drum Machine!

Fully and comprehensively serviced and overhauled for sale and in perfect working order!

Original 220-240 Volt machine for UK and Euro operation. Manual included.

All the analogue drum and percussion sounds work perfectly and are calibrated and tuned to factory specs. The programming section is fully tested and working and benefits from having all the RAM renewed. The battery has also been upgraded from the old NICAD standard to a modern(non leaky!) high grade 1200ah Lithium battery which has a ten year lifetime. The power cable and plug were also renewed in service.

No noisy sliders, sticky buttons or anything else. Ready to go and make music with!

Physically in superb condition, the front panel and buttons are near mint. The case has some wear and tear but it really is minimal considering it’s nearly 40 years old now!

A truly amazing and iconic sounding drum machine that’s been used on countless hit records over the years! The super sweet sound and unique groove/timing that just cannot be emulated!” Link

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cr78“For sale is a Roland cr-78 in very good shape, and perfect working order. Has been hardly played, well kept after and serviced last year by Triple S services in Bloomfield New Jersey. ” Link

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used roland cr78 “Vintage 1978 Roland Compurythm CR-78 rhythm / drum machine in excellent condition. There was a sticker on the bottom and there is some residue left after the sticker was removed. See the picture. All the buttons and levers are there. There are dozens of rhythms and beats and you can customize them to your liking. You can get a lot of information off Wikipedia about this machine. Serial number is 780664. Included is a Owners Manual downloaded from the web.” Link

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ws`1 “ROLAND WS-1 WRITING SWITCH PROGRAMMER FOR ROLAND CR-78 CompuRythm CR-78 drum machine. We are the original owners of this device, as my dad bought this in the late 70’s/early 80’s while he was still on active duty in the US Navy. He thought he would get retire from the Navy, and then open his own music studio in San Diego. He never did it though, so this VERY RARE vintage Roland professional music industry device & several other items are now being sold off by his heirs. I will be listing other rare vintage professional music industry devices here on Ebay as well. Like I stated earlier he never opened his music studio, so this Roland WS-1 programmer & the other devices he bought were never used. It’s in XLNT (brandnew) condition still, but it’s original Roland owner’s manual has been mis-placed though. ” Link

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- “Im selling a Roland CR-78 drum machine.
It is in very good condition and works fully, has been used in a studio since the middle of the eighties by an older man.” Link

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80 “This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and is working 100%. As you may know, this was Roland’s first programmable rhythm machine. It will come with the hard to find WS-1 Write Switch (used to program patterns).” Link

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cr78 “Everything works. Cabinet shows a bit of light wear and it’s missing one knob and a slider cap- easy and inexpensive to replace.” Link

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cr78 “I am the second owner of this CR-78, i bought it five years ago and have used it in a studio. there are a few nicks and smudges on the vinyl covering but this thing is in really great shape. it sounds great and has been serviced 3 years ago. We have a tech at our business so if you would like anything done to this machine we can work out mods or upgrades.” Link

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2 “I will post better pictures soon, but what we have here is TWO CR78 drum machines both with battery acid burns on the main board, this burns the circuit traces under the battery and prevents the machine from working. Let this be a lesson to change the rechargeable battery in your CR78!!!!!

One machine is totally complete and assembled with acid burns on the main board where the battery would have been (the leaky battery has since been removed) but other than that looks sharp with minor wear. The face and back are REALLY clean looking and the black tolex has minor wear. IF you have the skills to replace burnt traces and replace a few bad caps or chips (just speculating) you will have a really nice CR-78. I do not know what caps or chips are good NO attempt has been made to repair this by me. The previous owner took it to a lame organ/accordion store in the 90s for repair without success. They removed the leaky battery and handed it back to him with a shoulder shrug.

I am kind of burnt out on dealing with techs and I live really far away from anyone competent. I am not a tech or very technical but I have owned enough of these since the 80s to know this one is complete with all components and connections in place but will need work.

The other machine has a bad acid burn on the main board and is nearly complete except for the outer wood box. I had it in pieces for a while (see pictures) but now it is nearly assembled. The A/B switch is sheered off and the power chord is cut. This machine is missing a few of its knobs and slider caps (I have a few I will include but not all) and is disassembled. It is missing what appears to be one or two caps on the main board, but is more or less complete. It was obvious when I got this one it was mid repair when someone just gave up. The previous owner got it from a repair shop that went out of business abruptly.

One reason I was holding onto these machines is that CR-78 drum machines are very easy to swap parts on. If you have one in bad shape with scratches all over the face, a bent back panel (the backs bend easily when you drop these or ship them without proper packing), a missing switch, or broken or missing outer box it’s nice to have some parts around! The other reason I was holding onto these was the hope I could find someone who could repair the burns and I could have two CR-78s! I do have the second wood box for the CR-78 that is missing it in the pictures, but it has been broken down/disassembled so a local carpenter could try and recreate it. I will forward it to the winner of the auction if they want but it will have to be at a later date. The box will have to be re-assembled using wood glue etc. I also have a photocopy of the original service manual that I will include. ” Link

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cr78 “Here we have my favorite drum machine. The CR-78. I sold another one from my collection in 2011 and received glowing feeback for it. I love these machines and know them inside and out. I have collected a few of these over the two decades I have been involved in music.

If you are looking to experience the sonic richness and musicality of the CR-78 it is important to get one that has been checked out and has a new proper battery. The original batteries will eventually leak after 30 years, burning circuit traces underneath them. The new replacement batteries of the same design will NOT leak and will last another few decades with no need for replacement. In order to use a different style battery you have to modify your machine and I wanted to keep mine original. The entire point of the original batteries is that they are rechargeable and charge whenever the machine is plugged in. Modding your machine to accept a non-rechargeable battery never made since to me. It’s a mod done by people because the original style batteries were not available for many years. NOT because the current proper replacement batteries have any issues. They are used by hospitals and the military.

This machine has a new proper hospital grade battery recently installed and was completely serviced before the old original battery had a chance to leak or do any damage, This is a really nice CR-78 with a few signs of wear on the original black vinyl covering. You can tell by looking at the face of the machine, the back, and the insides it has really been taken care of and always kept in a climate controlled environment.

All the knobs and sliders move smoothly. The machine has had gentle use and has recently been serviced so everything functions, looks, and feels fantastic. There is NO smoky or musty smell. It is a really nice machine. I tried to photograph it at many slightly different angles to try and highlight any flaws. The only real noticeable wear is on the case. The rest of the machine is really clean and all original. This is the first version of the CR-78 with the brown circuit boards like the Jupiter 4. I noticed that the early machines from 78/79 seem to have the brown circuit boards. Then it seems in late 79 they move to the green PCB circuit boards with traces. This is just an observation after owning so many CR-78s over the years. ” Link

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cr78 ” I recently acquired this ROLAND CR-78 Drum Machine at a local garage sale. The unit appears to have been sitting for several years.. it was covered with dust. It is missing tempo control knob, balance end knob and has a slightly bent shaft on the program control knob.I have not attempted to deep clean it. The controls will need to be cleaned, the volume control is dirty so when it is attenuated the signal is a little bit crackley. The unit powers up and seems to work as advertised as a drum machine. I have not attempt to test any of the inputs on the back.. just the low/hi outputs which function. I have not tested nor do I know how to test the programming controls. (as I am novice to this machine). The other controls seem to work as advertised such as start/stop, volume, balance, add voice but at the very least would need to be cleaned and or may have issues that are not evident to me. I am offering this unit as/is.. What you see is what you get. The cosmetics are not perfect but not bad, no major dings, dents or scratches. The vinyl covering is coming a little bit loose on one corner, the other corner has a very minor ding. I am all but certain you will want to service this drum machine. It may need repairs.. I am basically offering it to you the buyer as found… I have not done anything short of dusting this unit off. It looks to be a great candidate for a restoration. There are no guarantees or implied warranties. This is completely as/is as found. I don’t want there to be any confusion on this… The unit powers up, and makes drums sounds I will guarantee this much.” Link

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used cd-78 ” This is one of the cleanest CR-78s I’ve ever seen! It is a black tolex covered US 117V model and all knobs and sliders are perfectly functional with no noise or scratchiness.

The old rechargeable Ni-cad battery (that has the potential to leak as it ages) has been replaced with a new non-rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that will not ever leak, it will simply stop storing patterns when it dies. There is no evidence of past leakage on the board, it was perfectly clean inside. The old RAM has been replaced by NOS RAM chips and socketed for easier future replacement.

Cosmetically it is in super excellent condition, what most people would describe as mint. If you get in really close, though, you can see hairline cracks on a few of the rubber/plastic slider tips and a very small dimple in the tolex on the lower front lip of the case.
Most importantly, it functions perfectly. All knobs, sliders and switches turn and engage smoothly with no issue, it really feels like it just came off the factory floor. This is the CR-78 only with attached original power cable, no footswitches are included for programming but you can really use any off the shelf footswitch (or analog trigger source, like a modular synth or sequencer) to program it, nothing special is needed. I was using a Korg SQ-1 gate output to program it, I just hooked the CR-78 trigger output up to the SQ-1 sync input and the SQ-1 Gate output to the CR-78 Write input. It worked very well!” Link

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“Up for sale is a (1) vintage Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm machine. This one is in near mint condition (see photo’s) and in perfect working order. Great analog drum sounds for in your studio! It’s a 220V version and the serial number is: 925172.” Link

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r78 “Metal beat! The Roland CR-78, is it the best drum machine of all time? It is definitely a distinctive and revered instrument, notably providing the backing for countless electronic innovators. This one is very clean, with very good looking tolex for its age, only a little scratch on the logo on the panel, and a little oxidation on the jacks. This machine is fully functional and sounds tremendous. This classic rhythm box includes the Future Retro Swynx (with TRS to stereo TS cable), a Midi/Din Sync converter box which also adds time divisions, swing, and write switch capability for user programming. ” Link

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used cr78” Roland CR-78 For Sale. Other than missing 4 white plastic lever covers, this machine works perfectly.” Link

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cr-78 “Here we have a very nice CR-78. This one was recently serviced and recapped, also got a fresh new backup battery. Famous drum box as used on “Vienna” by Ultravox, “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and many others!

Very good condition, only few signs of age. Ready to play…♫♫

Please have a look at the pictures and see for yourself. Please check my 100% positive, music/synth/studio related feedback. I’m a serious and professional seller AND packer. ” Link

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cr78 “Roland CR-78 classic analog drum machine.

Everything seems to work fine except the programmer section. The track one and four lights come on and off, no patterns play from it, this section needs repair.

So it being sold as is, but not doa.” Link

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used cr78 “Up for sale is Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm, a classic analog rhythm machine with microprocessor to be used for the first time.

The unit appears to be working fine to the best of my knowledge, all the rhythm patterns play fine with the buttons and switches appear working. I was able to program some simple patterns using a generic footswitch too. Maybe a slight scratch noise on the sliders, which could do with some adjustment/servicing.

Cosmetically its in reasonable condition for its age as you can see. There is a bit rust on the faceplate with some wear marks here and there as pictured, but nothing too major I suppose. All the parts seem to be there in place. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.” Link

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cr78 “Hallo, Sie bieten auf einen defekten CompuRythm CR-78 ist runtergefallen danach ging nichts mehr- geht nicht mehr an. Vielleicht kann man es wieder Reparieren- keine Ahnung deshalb defekt. Kein Umtausch.” Link