WEM @ 04 December 2012, Comments Off on WEM Hand-Full

“For your consideration is this vintage 1968 WEM Hand-Full synthesizer noise module. This incredibly rare monosynth, serial number HF 00036, is in extremely clean 100% all original condition. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, this unit is in perfect functional shape. Designed to be held by in one hand, but played with both, this psychedelic approach to synthesis was too far ahead of its time. Most similar to today’s Korg Kaos Pad with regard to tactile manipulation and the small simple interface, this hand held synth consists of 4 separate circuits, each of which has 4 basic functions/buttons. Though each circuit board is mono, all four of the boards, as well as the 2 control knobs, interact in a very interesting manner. With squeals, slaps, dive bombs, whistles, and resonant thunder, the Hand-Full might be interpreted by some as a sound effect machine, but in actuality, is somewhat more sophisticated and clearly more musical. While this unit should belong in a museum, it would be an absolute treasure to have in a great studio. Though the serial number suggests that more than 50 were probably made, we’ve only accounted for the potential of a batch of less than 15. Part novelty, part history, this is an incredibly unique synth. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay