MOTM Modular Synthesizer

“Moog-style modular produced and assembled by Synthesis Technology. No longer in production and only Eurorack modules now produced by the company. Large 5U form factor. Two oscillators, two filters: one filter modeled after the KORG MS- 20 (MOTM-420), the other filter modeled after SSM2040 like in the Prophet 5 (MOTM-440). Two EGs, LFO, Noise S+H, sub-octave generator, dual VCA/ring mod, a mult, power supply and documentation. With case for easy transport and storage. An assortment of 1/4” cables will be included. In very good condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MOTM/5U/MU Modular Synthesizer

“Large-format modular system offers: 40 modules of various brands and 150 modules. In addition, there are various power-related modules, mounted in the front and the rear.

The system is 275 MU’s front face panels spaces plus 32-more in the rear. Featuring: 27 full-range multi-waveform oscillators, 12-filters, 3 discrete MIDI interfaces, and 4 sequencers. ( not including the Matrixbrute features)

It has taken over a year to purchase and assemble all of the modules: this system is completely ready to use. Most of this system is housed in solid walnut cabinetry.

There are a few modules I bought in used condition, but the rest are new purchases. The cabinetry, controllers, and cabling are all new. After assembly, this system has not been moved, exposed to smoke, or touched by anyone but me.

The entire system is in excellent condition, with a couple of VERY minor scuffs where modules have been periodically installed and/or relocated.

Regrettably, this system got EXTREMELY LITTLE USAGE, and was left powered-OFF when not in use, sometimes months at a time.

I estimate a third of the modules have never been used.

As you can see, a higher percentage of this system is comprised of products, a solid/secure company who has steadily dominated the large-format modular world with superbly built and designed products. Their reputation is 2nd-to-none. The customer support is excellent and their facebook page is very useful. In addition, there are MANY instructional youtube videos, which are VERY helpful. This entire system is functioning properly with no known calibration issues.

I have documentation for most modules, that I have painstakingly collated, hole-punched, and arranged in a comprehensive binder.

One of the 22-space cabinets has a small ding on the front lip ( see photo) which could be repaired with a small amount of wood-putty and stain.The 22-space cabinets have warped slightly due to exposure to environmental differences between Texas and the WV Ohio River Valley where it currently resides.

I’m in no rush to sell this, and as such, for the time-being, will NOT sell individual pieces. This is for that one person who has wanted to get into a large-format modular but may have hesitated to engage due to the massive man-hours and waiting time to assemble such a massive system. I have over $59,000 invested in this system.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MOTM Modular

“I took my time and spent 2 years, off and on, building the modules and assembling into this customized case. All parts obtainable from MOTM where used, others were source of highest quality e.g. Switchcraft, etc. I also customized the case with the wooded side bars. During that time, I did not use the synth until it was completed – and even then, shortly. Rig has never been gigged or taken outside of my home studio.
Units have been tested and calibrated using the proper procedures and tools. I may have missed something so, the unit is being sold as-is.

MIDI Ready! Oakley midiDAC was purchased pre-assembled and can be seen in the lower right hand corner.
Oakley midiDAC MIDI-CV Converter Module

300 Ultra VCO
101 Noise S&H
120 Sub Octive Multiplexer
320 Voltage Controlled LFO
890 micro Mix
800 (2 units) EG
420 Discrete OTA Low Pass Filter
190 micro VCA
950 Triple Power Supply
Large power breakout board.

Colored 1/4″ cables as shown in pictures.
Extra Module power cable

Quality travel case with front and back end caps.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MOTM Format Modular Synthesizer

mtom“Custom built modular synth rack built from 5U MOTM Modules.

Some knobs missing but everything works fine. 10 awesome modules in this rack with room for a few more.

modules are
MOTM 300 Ultra VCO
MOTM 800 Envelope Generator – 2x
MOTM 410 Triple Resonance Filter
MOTM 440 Low Pass Filter
MOTM 101 Noise/Sample & Hold
MOTM 120 Sub Octave Multiplier
MOTM 900 Power Supply” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Synthesis Technology MOTM 950 Modular Triple Power Supply

“Up for auction is an MOTM-950 Triple Power Supply.

If you’re looking at this you know what it is so I’m not going spend much time describing it. I’m sorry to say I never built the modular I wanted to build after getting it so I’d like to send it to a home where it can be of use. I never got any MOTM modules, so of course technically there was no way for me to test this. I have ABSOLUTELY no reason to think it doesn’t work, and would be shocked if that were the case. However I can’t help but feel as though I should ease your mind by offering 14 days to test it.

There are TWO types of MOTM power supplies! This may or may not be the one that powers the modules you have. It’s a relatively easy mistake to make so please make sure this is what you need. If used with the wrong type of modules it will either not work, or potentially cause damage.” Click here to visit listing on eBay