MOTM Cynthia Sawtooth Animator


Turn one VCO into seven!

(Your ear or an oscilloscope simply can’t tell the difference between this module and a whole rack of seven oscillators!)

This amazing Bernie Hutchins inspired all analog circuit has been admired for years as a true Electronic Design marvel, (Of course we could not simply leave well enough alone, voltage controlled FAT has been added which allows a signal such as an envelope or LFO to sweep from a single sawtooth wave output to an ensemble of seven. There’s also a square wave cluster output, so it’s not just sawtooths out, which might make for a crazy clock input to something.

Six internal LFOs track the incoming VCO frequency for a consistent sound at any pitch.

These six LFOs have individual output jacks

giving you a swarm of frequency controlled triangle outputs who’s output depth can be modulated by the VC FAT input. Think of the possibilities: the LFO outs can modulate six other modules in your system on command.

It’s optimized for a sawtooth input, but any waveform with a slope going into this thing… comes out as a super fat seven-hundred pound gorilla of waveforms!”
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MOTM Modular Synthesizer

“Moog-style modular produced and assembled by Synthesis Technology. No longer in production and only Eurorack modules now produced by the company. Large 5U form factor. Two oscillators, two filters: one filter modeled after the KORG MS- 20 (MOTM-420), the other filter modeled after SSM2040 like in the Prophet 5 (MOTM-440). Two EGs, LFO, Noise S+H, sub-octave generator, dual VCA/ring mod, a mult, power supply and documentation. With case for easy transport and storage. An assortment of 1/4” cables will be included. In very good condition.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

MOTM/5U/MU Modular Synthesizer

“Large-format modular system offers: 40 modules of various brands and 150 modules. In addition, there are various power-related modules, mounted in the front and the rear.

The system is 275 MU’s front face panels spaces plus 32-more in the rear. Featuring: 27 full-range multi-waveform oscillators, 12-filters, 3 discrete MIDI interfaces, and 4 sequencers. ( not including the Matrixbrute features)

It has taken over a year to purchase and assemble all of the modules: this system is completely ready to use. Most of this system is housed in solid walnut cabinetry.

There are a few modules I bought in used condition, but the rest are new purchases. The cabinetry, controllers, and cabling are all new. After assembly, this system has not been moved, exposed to smoke, or touched by anyone but me.

The entire system is in excellent condition, with a couple of VERY minor scuffs where modules have been periodically installed and/or relocated.

Regrettably, this system got EXTREMELY LITTLE USAGE, and was left powered-OFF when not in use, sometimes months at a time.

I estimate a third of the modules have never been used.

As you can see, a higher percentage of this system is comprised of products, a solid/secure company who has steadily dominated the large-format modular world with superbly built and designed products. Their reputation is 2nd-to-none. The customer support is excellent and their facebook page is very useful. In addition, there are MANY instructional youtube videos, which are VERY helpful. This entire system is functioning properly with no known calibration issues.

I have documentation for most modules, that I have painstakingly collated, hole-punched, and arranged in a comprehensive binder.

One of the 22-space cabinets has a small ding on the front lip ( see photo) which could be repaired with a small amount of wood-putty and stain.The 22-space cabinets have warped slightly due to exposure to environmental differences between Texas and the WV Ohio River Valley where it currently resides.

I’m in no rush to sell this, and as such, for the time-being, will NOT sell individual pieces. This is for that one person who has wanted to get into a large-format modular but may have hesitated to engage due to the massive man-hours and waiting time to assemble such a massive system. I have over $59,000 invested in this system.”
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