Modular, MOTM @ 18 July 2017, Comments Off on MOTM Modular

“I took my time and spent 2 years, off and on, building the modules and assembling into this customized case. All parts obtainable from MOTM where used, others were source of highest quality e.g. Switchcraft, etc. I also customized the case with the wooded side bars. During that time, I did not use the synth until it was completed – and even then, shortly. Rig has never been gigged or taken outside of my home studio.
Units have been tested and calibrated using the proper procedures and tools. I may have missed something so, the unit is being sold as-is.

MIDI Ready! Oakley midiDAC was purchased pre-assembled and can be seen in the lower right hand corner.
Oakley midiDAC MIDI-CV Converter Module

300 Ultra VCO
101 Noise S&H
120 Sub Octive Multiplexer
320 Voltage Controlled LFO
890 micro Mix
800 (2 units) EG
420 Discrete OTA Low Pass Filter
190 micro VCA
950 Triple Power Supply
Large power breakout board.

Colored 1/4″ cables as shown in pictures.
Extra Module power cable

Quality travel case with front and back end caps.” Link

Blacet, Modular, MOTM @ 20 October 2015, Comments Off on Blacet Time Machine MOTM Format

blace“Blacet FRAC board built with bournes sealed pots on stooge panel.

Mild rash as seen. Covered by mounting screws.

Bypass switch present but not wired. There if you choose to add it.

Quality parts build. Functions as expected. ” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 14 July 2015, Comments Off on MOTM Format Modular Synthesizer

mtom“Custom built modular synth rack built from 5U MOTM Modules.

Some knobs missing but everything works fine. 10 awesome modules in this rack with room for a few more.

modules are
MOTM 300 Ultra VCO
MOTM 800 Envelope Generator – 2x
MOTM 410 Triple Resonance Filter
MOTM 440 Low Pass Filter
MOTM 101 Noise/Sample & Hold
MOTM 120 Sub Octave Multiplier
MOTM 900 Power Supply” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 21 April 2015, Comments Off on MOTM 5U Format Modular Synthesizer

motm system “Complete MOTM 5U Modular System. Professionally built and in perfect working order. Original owner. All Synthesis Technology Modules are original issue Parts, PCB’s and Front Panels.I would like to sell as a complete system but I am also selling the individual components.

Local pickup available.

Thanks for looking.

The system includes:

MOTM-300 VCO x 2


Buchla LoPass Gate



MOTM-490 Moog Ladder VCF


MOTM-101 Noise + S&H

MOTM-830 Dual Mixer

MIDI to Clock/Sync 24 Clock Divider

MOTM-440 Prophet V Rev 2 VCF

Oakley Diode Superladder VCF

CGS Steiner Synthacon VCF

Oberheim SEM VCF (Needs proper front panel)

Custom White Mahogany Case

MOTM-960 Power PCB

Power-One 1.5A Power Supply

Module Power Cables

Additional Black Wood Screws” Link

Cynthia, Modular, MOTM @ 18 November 2014, Comments Off on MOTM Format Cynthia Zerosciilator

k2500r“Cyndustries Zeroscillator Mark I, MOTM format
Module is 4U wide
Power cable and screws included” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 08 July 2014, Comments Off on MOTM-101 Noise/Sample & Hold

“Up for sale is a MOTM-101 Noise/Sample & Hold in like new condition. Module is less than 1 year old and has barely been used.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 24 June 2014, Comments Off on Electro-Music Klee Analog Sequencer MOTM Format

“Brand new. Highest quality parts available – no compromises. Artfully hand wired in the 5U MOTM / MOOG Format.


Custom LED Colors: This Klee been modified with Bi-Color LEDs so Stage LEDs 9-6 are green when the sequencer is in 2X8 mode. Blue LEDs on Random and Bus 2 Status. Yellow LEDs on Rate and Bus 1 Status. Green LED on Bus 3 Status. Red LED on Main Bus Status.

The Klee is the most feature packed, crazy, beautifully insane sequencer out there. Every option is implemented in this layout. Once you get one the Klee in your rack, you’ll wonder how you managed without it. It can function like any other 16 step sequencer out there, or it can function like it has a brain of it’s own. Easily programmed with your own ideas, or flip the Random Switch and find out what “it” has in mind. An endless source of inspiration.

This is one BIG build. Save yourself the time, hassle, and inevitable troubleshooting by purchasing this Klee fully and professionally assembled by Free State FX.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 17 June 2014, Comments Off on MOTM Format Catgirl Synth Dual Psycho LFO

” Selling my MOTM format Dual psycho lfo, designed by Ken Stone, made by me, with a Front Panel Express front panel
works great
This is a bizarre little LFO that produces a wide range of pseudo random effects” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 29 April 2014, Comments Off on Encore Electronics Universale Event Generator

“Up for auction is a MOTM format UEG (Universal Event Generator). Slightly used with a very little rash around bottom screws. See photos.The UEG can be used as an envelope generator, a complex LFO, or as a step sequencer.
Eight stages are provided with adjustable time and level for each stage, and they each have an LED which indicates the relative voltage output for that stage.

This is a synthesizer module and is not a standalone synthesizer. It requires a suitable +15/-15 volt supply to function properly.” Link

Blacet, Modular, MOTM @ 08 April 2014, Comments Off on Blacet StonZ in MOTM Format

“Blacet Research frack rack StonZ phaser module. This item includes both the original frack rack Blacet panel and a custom aluminum MOTM panel from Front Panel Express. Also Included: original Blacet knobs, two Moog style knobs, MOTM PCB bracket. This module has been tested and works perfectly.” Link

Modular, MOTM, Synthesis Technology @ 25 March 2014, Comments Off on Synthesis Technology MOTM 950 Modular Triple Power Supply

“Up for auction is an MOTM-950 Triple Power Supply.

If you’re looking at this you know what it is so I’m not going spend much time describing it. I’m sorry to say I never built the modular I wanted to build after getting it so I’d like to send it to a home where it can be of use. I never got any MOTM modules, so of course technically there was no way for me to test this. I have ABSOLUTELY no reason to think it doesn’t work, and would be shocked if that were the case. However I can’t help but feel as though I should ease your mind by offering 14 days to test it.

There are TWO types of MOTM power supplies! This may or may not be the one that powers the modules you have. It’s a relatively easy mistake to make so please make sure this is what you need. If used with the wrong type of modules it will either not work, or potentially cause damage.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 11 March 2014, Comments Off on MOTM Format Wasp Dual VCF

“Again, this is factory new, fully tested and ready to ship. Also remember it is TWO discrete filters in one module, which is reflected in the price. There is no commercially available 5U build of this so here is your chance to own a custom build of one of the most unique and historic analog filters.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 18 February 2014, Comments Off on Synthesis Technology MOTM-800 ASDR Envelope

“For sale is a motm-800 ADSR module. This is a basic envelope generator for any motm system.” Link

Modular, MOTM, Synthesis Technology @ 14 January 2014, Comments Off on Synthesis Technology MOTM 900 Rack

“This listing is for a SYNTHESIS TECHNOLOGY MOTM 900 Rack w/ Synth Modules 410 420 800 490 380.

ACCESSORIES – Units are mounted on a rack with power supply. Includes binder with manuals. (Not shown in photos)

PHYSICAL CONDITION -Excellent. Condition. The front panel IEC Power Supply jack has been rewired to a hardwired rear mounted power cable. There is a little tape residue on the front panel jack. A little cleaning with a strong cleaner will bring it off. The modules are clean and show very light, if any, signs of use. ” Link

Modular, MOTM, Synthesis Technology @ 19 November 2013, Comments Off on Synthesis Technology MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter

“Up for auction here is a Sythesis Technology MOTM 410 Triple Resonant Filter Module. The Unit is in good cosmetic and working condition.” Link

Modular, MOTM, Synthesis Technology @ 19 November 2013, Comments Off on Synthesis Technology MOTM-101 Noise/S&H

“This is a Synthtech MOTM-101 Noise/Sample and Hold module for 5U MOTM modular synths. Unit is in good shape and works fine. Assembled from kit. Module includes power cable.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 10 September 2013, Comments Off on MOTM Modular Synthesizer

“You are looking at a large modular synthesizer made up of 42 separate modules from MOTM and all in 2 dotcom 22 space walnut cabinets and 1 dotcom 44 space walnut cabinet. See below for an exact listing of modules.
Also included are the following:

MOTM unbuilt kits:
1x MOTM 190 Micro VCA
2x MOTM 300 Ultra VCO
1x MOTM 390 Micro LFO
2x MOTM 485 GX-11 VCF
1x MOTM 510 Wave Warper (Plus the 500 series power supply in kit form)

Modules included in cabinets:
101 Noise S&H
110 VCA / Ring Mod
120 Sub Octive Multiplexer
300 Ultra VCO
300 Ultra VCO
310 Micro VCO
310 Micro VCO
320 VC LFO
410 Triple Res Filter
420 MS-20 Filter
480 CS-80 VCF
490 Micro VCO
800 EG
800 EG
800 EG
800 EG
820 VC Lag Processor
830 Mixer
890 Micro Mixer
900 Power Supply
910 Cascade Multiple
940 Patch Bay –
Q101 Power controll
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 VCO
Q106 VCO
Q107 VCF
Q108 VCA
Q108 VCA
Q109 EG
Q109 EG
Q112 Mixer
Q119 Squencer
Q124 Multiples
Q125 Signal Processor
Q141 VCO Aid
Q141 VCO Aid
Q960 Sequential controller
Q961 Sequencer interface
Q962 Sequential switch
Q963 Trigger Bus

QCS22 22 space cab
QCS22 22 space cab
QCS44 44 space cab
QKB15S Keyboard

Price new for the entire system is around $14,000. All modules are in mint condition and perform perfectly.
There are a few MOTM modules that are newly built and have not been hooked up to the system yet, but are shown in the cabinet.
There may be a need for an additional MOTM power supply to power all of the modules, but layout and power distribution will be left up to the buyer.
Original documentation and kit instructions are also included as well as a variety of patch cables.” Link

Hordijk, Modular, MOTM @ 16 July 2013, Comments Off on Lot of 3 Hordijk Modular Synth Modules

“NEW 3 piece modular system racked in aluminium case/ rails

all you need is + and – 15V and that’s it

it contains
1 x Rob Hordijk Harmonic OSC- BRAND NEW
1 x Rob Hordijk Phaser Filter BRAND NEW

1 x Rob Hordijk Dual Envelope BRAND NEW” Link

Modular, MOTM, Oakley @ 16 July 2013, Comments Off on Oakley State Variable Filter

” This is for an Oakley SVF 5u module. This filter is based on the Oberheim’s amazing sound. Works perfect and is in perfect shape. Built by Krisp 1. Ships with a power cord.” Link

Cyndustries, Modular, MOTM @ 16 July 2013, Comments Off on MOTM Format Cynthia Sawtooth Animator

“For sale is a Cynthia MOTM Sawtooth Animator module. It works perfect and is less than a year old. This is the new shallow version. Sounds absolutely huge. Ships with a power cord.” Link

Modular, MOTM, Synthesis Technology @ 28 May 2013, Comments Off on Synthesis Technology MOTM-830 Dual Mode Mixer

“Includes power cable, mounting bolts and manual. Build per MOTM spec: switchcraft jacks, bourns / bi pots, alco knobs, etc. ” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 14 May 2013, Comments Off on Magic Smoke Electronics Thomas Henry 566 VCO

“Soundbeispiele und weitere Beschreibungen findet sich im Netz.
Lieferung mit Schematics/Bauplan-Datei; Modul ist getestet und funktionabel.” Link

Modular, MOTM, Oakley @ 30 April 2013, Comments Off on Oakley Discontinuity

“You’re looking at an Oakley Discontinuity wave folding module.

If you’re here, you probably know what this is – but it is one of Oakley’s more oddball based inventions. Very rare custom blue panel built by Krisp1.

Unfortunately cash takes the priority right now otherwise this wouldn’t be going anywhere!

Hardly used with minimal rack rash. Perfect working order.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 12 February 2013, Comments Off on MOTM Modular Synthesizer

“***MOTM (Mother of all the modulars) SYNTHESIZER SYSTEM***

This is like the next step up from Dotcom.

The build quality is like military spec and a slightly different aesthetic (ie jack placement etc)

It took me more than 6 months to get this system together.

Modules were all imported (its impossible to find anything in Australia)

They are from the US, Germany, Finland , Uk, Ireland” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 11 December 2012, Comments Off on MOTM-300 Ultra VCO

“MOTM-300 Ultra VCO
This is item is built by me. It is brand new and 100% functional and 100% aesthetically pleasing. It’s calibrated and ready to go.

Only highest quality parts are used in the construction (e.g., Switchcraft jacks, BI/TT dust sealed pots, NKK switches).” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 04 December 2012, Comments Off on Tellun Neural Agonizer

“The Tellun TLN-156 Neural Agonizer is a voltage-controlled spring reverb built for the MOTM 5U modular synth format. From the designer’s description:

“If you’re looking for a smooth, natural sounding reverb system to make your synthesizer sound like its being played in the Concertgebouw, then go buy a Lexicon. This is not your grandmother’s reverb tank, this is a noxious tool capable of inflicting some serious damage to your audio.”

This module includes two 15″ Accutronics reverb tanks, six RCA-to-3.5mm cables for connecting the tanks to the module, four black #8-32 mounting screws, and a double power cable with MTA-156 connectors that attaches to a MOTM power supply or distro board. The panel is 3U wide. Might need some calibration, the Feedback never kicks in and destroys my speaker system as the user manual suggests it might do. Obviously, this is a DIY product produced in very limited quantities so it’s being sold as-is.” Link

Blacet, Modular, MOTM @ 16 October 2012, Comments Off on Blacet Time Machine Kit in MOTM Format

“synthCube is helping to make modular analog synthesizers more accessible. Spend your time assembling and playing rather than hunting rare or discontinued parts!

This is a COMPLETE kit to assemble and run a Blacet Time Machine Analog Delay module, in the popular MOTM format. This kit includes EVERYTHING required to assemble the modules- bring your own tools, skills and solder, but everything else is ALREADY in the box.

The full kit INCLUDES:

Blacet PCB (large format) sourced directly from Blacet; 4-Pot aluminum PCB mounting bracket; Professionally manufactured anodized aluminum panel w/mounting screws; Documentation (Blacet instructions, parts list, assembly instructions, rear panel diagram, resistor chart); ICs and Sockets (Including ALL of the rare/out of production chips INCLUDING a tested MN3005BBD); PCB Components (including individually labeled singlet and doublet resistors, caps, diodes, headers, etc); Panel Compenents (Including Alpha pots, NKK switch, knobs, LED, and pre-crimped pot header sockets); Wires (Including single wires, twisted wires, MOTM power cable, shrink tubing)

This is an incredible synth module designed by John Blacet and originally released by him some years ago. The current version of his PCB utilizes some revisions based on suggestions from great enthusiasts like Larry Hendry, Dave Brown and others. We bought the last batch of remaining large format PCBs from Blacet in order to create these kits. Hopefully he will be encouraged to eventually produce more of them!

Individually these components would cost over $425, assuming you could even find the rarer parts such as tested MN3005 ICs. Its assumed you have a MOTM-format synthesizer in which to place your assembled Time Machine.

Individual parts, panels, brackets etc also available- please inquire. DOTCOM format panels and power adapters may be available- please inquire. Professionally assembled modules underway and expected by 10/15/2012- please inquire. ” Link

Modular, MOTM, Synthesis Technology @ 16 October 2012, Comments Off on Synthesis Technology MOTM-101 Noise/S&H

“One MOTM 101 module in excellent working and cosmetic condition. These are very high quality modules with a lot of versatility. This unit does the classic white noise and sample and hold tricks but with several options (“track” is very nice) that aren’t offered on many competing units. ” Link

Modular, MOTM, Oakley @ 14 August 2012, Comments Off on Oakley VCO

“This is an Oakley Oscillator in MOTM format. It is an issue four pcb built by Krisp1. Beautifully constructed and superb sounding!
It is about two years old. And is in perfect condition.
Works perfect!” Link

Modular, MOTM, Uncategorized @ 14 August 2012, Comments Off on Ian Fritz Teezer Through-Zero VCO MOTM Format

“This is an Ian Fritz Teezer Through Zero VCO in MOTM format. It was built by Bridechamber about one year ago. Killer price for a through zero VCO, considering the other option costs $1000!
Works perfect!
Has typical screw rash and a small smudge next to the fine tune knob.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 31 July 2012, Comments Off on MOTM-510 WaveWarper

“Up for sale is a Synthesis Technologies MOTM-510 WaveWarper. MOTM is the pinnacle of modular synthesizer design. Studio grade components (Bourns sealed pots, switchcraft jacks) ensure reliable operation for years to come. ” Link

Blacet, MOTM @ 31 July 2012, Comments Off on Blacet Time Machine MOTM Format

“Up for sale is a Blacet Time machine in MOTM format. Blacet (adhering to the MOTM format) is the pinnacle of modular synthesizer design. Studio grade components (Bourns sealed pots, switchcraft jacks) ensure reliable operation for years to come.” Link

MFOS, Modular, MOTM @ 19 June 2012, Comments Off on Lot of 2 MFOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator

“I’m selling 2 Music From Outer Space Oscillator modules that I built a couple years ago from full kits from Bridechamber ( All parts are installed and all pots are wired. They just need to be calibrated in order to properly track, etc., but this should not be a problem for someone with electronics/DIY know-how. I have successfully put together several other MOTM modules & diy projects (and many, many cables) so my soldering skills are pretty good, but I have neither the time nor tools at the moment to calibrate and utilize these.

*Once again, these modules are being sold AS-IS and are not currently ready to go.
However, this could be a great opportunity to cheaply add oscillators to a MOTM format modular system.” Link

Modular, MOTM @ 05 June 2012, Comments Off on Jurgen Haible Krautrock Phaser Schulte “Compact A Phaser” Clone

“Brand new. Highest quality parts available – no compromises. Artfully hand wired in the 5U MOTM / MOOG Format.

The Krautrock Phaser is a faithful recreation of the classic “Compact A Phaser” from the Berlin company “Gert Schulte Audio Elektronik”. It uses a combination of Lamps/Light Dependant Resistors to create a lush and swirling phaser that sounds as incredible on vocals as it does on synthesizers. Classic “Tangerine Dream” sound here. This module is not available anywhere else. I have only one extra Krautrock so when it’s gone it’s gone. Don’t miss this opportunity to have one of the most sought out phasers in music history.

Assembled with:

External Control of Bypass, Rate, and Depth*
True Bypass Pushbutton Switch – via Relay!
Effect Active/Bypass LED
“Fender” Jewel type Front Panel Lamp that lights up with LFO
2U MOTM/Moog style Front Panel
Switchcraft Jacks
Polyester Film Capacitors
Metal Film Resistors
Double Plated PCBs with Soldermask
MOTM Power Connector
Runs on +/- 15 Volts” Link

Blacet, Modular, MOTM @ 29 May 2012, Comments Off on Lot of 2 MOTM Format Blacet Time Machine PCBs

“These two Blacet Time Machine pcbs are new, still in their original packaging, and come with the 1K TC and LS358 chips and a complete instruction manual. The Blacet Time Machine is an analog BDD delay module for modular synthesizers. This sale is for two PCBs only, with the 1K TC and LS358 for each. No panel, wiring, or other DIY materials included.” Link