CMI, Fairlight @ 22 September 2009, Comments Off on Fairlight CMI 3 Keyboard

fairlightcmi3 “For Sale – Vintage Ultra Rare FairLight CMI Series 3 Keyboard. Very much in Mint Condition with Road Case. No other items included. No A/C Adapter, Monitor, or other accessories, over 20 thousand dollars when new in the 80’s. Asking $2500 or best offer. This keyboard is for knowledgeable collectors of vintage keyboards who can appreciate the historical significance, not to mention the unmistakable Fairlight sound. Very nice condition. Looks like it stayed it’s whole life in a private recording studio. Great as a performance instrument, spare, or for a parts unit. I do not know if the unit works though. I don’t have the any of the accessories. But the unit looks well taken care of and came with the road case, so I assume it is a viable unit, but I don’t know if the keyboard is functional. The inside of the road case is very clean, no mildew or other signs of antiquity. The keyboard came from the sale of a recording studio and it’s contents. I inquired about the accessories and was told that this all there is, the unit itself and the road case.

The action on all the keys seem to work fine. I tested each key individual and none of them stick and the action seems normal. No issues that I could detect. I have owned 7 weighted keyboards of various makes so I would know if there were any problems from a physical stand point. I am an experienced buyer at estate auctions and my hunch tells me that unit most likely works, judging from the overall condition which is very good, and the inside of the case which is clean with no musty or mildew smells and the foam looks relatively new. It’s withstood the sands of time quite well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CMI, Fairlight @ 07 July 2009, Comments Off on C.M.I Fairlight

“This listing is for a CMI Fairlight 2X sampling system. The unit is 100% functional down to the lightpen and monitor which still works great. The unit is in nice cosmetic condition and will come as shown with keyboards, monitor, CPU, all connection cables and about 60 floppy discs with samples (as well as OS disc).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CMI, Fairlight @ 06 January 2009, Comments Off on 2 Vintage FAIRLIGHT C.M.I. Keyboards from "Full Metal Jacket"

“WOW! 2 Fairlight C.M.I. Vintage Samplers. These very rare and coveted keyboard samplers, which have been used on major breakthrough records, are alas, up for auction. They are in excellent shape. These Fairlights were used during the making of Stanley Kubrick’s film “Full Metal Jacket” by his daughter Vivian Kubrick (composer). If you have any questions about these Fairlights Here is the link to additional pictures- ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.