DIY, Gristleizer @ 05 May 2009, Comments Off on Throbbing Gristle Gristleizer Clone

“I bought this on eBay about two years ago and now I’m reselling it, here’s the original description from the creator. “ONE OF A KIND handmade and modified TUBEGRISTLEIZER. The gristleizer was an effect made famous by throbbing gristle which was played by everyone in TG and can be heard on many throbbing gristle recordings, live performances and is still on their solo recordings. The circuit itself is a fairly loud tremelo(VCA)/squelchy filter(VCF) under control of an lfo. The VCA gives you that dark brooding pulsing sound from a slow steady blast to helicopter fast chopping action. with guitar it can sound bassy or razor sharp and rather piercing, with synths it gives movement and can alter harmonic content. the VCF can scream when in self oscillation mode and turns any boring synth or feedback loop tone into a nice sounding near modular beast! The LFO on the original gristleizer was slightly different, using a switch to change waveshape, the LFO on this circuit uses a pot to alter wave shape from ultra chopy to sloped triangle.saw shapes. This is the signature sound of industrial music! HEAVY pulsing and throbbing beats or lighting fast chop chop! In addition to the gristle circuit, the effect also has a HI VOLTAGE (200v+) tube preamp/distortion for completely destroying the sound. the circuit was lo fi at first but now its plain garbage! By turning up the gain for the preamp the sound ranges from light harmonic clipping to a blown speaker blasting away. I take no responsibility for damage to amplifiers or recording equipment. SPECS: * tremelo/filter switch * self oscillation switch * tube power switch * LFO shape Control * LFO speed Control * LFO Depth * Oscillation Frequency Knob * Tube Gain * Tube Input Level * 1/4″ Mono Input and output * powered by dual 9v and 120vac ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.