Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 Rev 3 with Midi — In great condition! 100% functional! Looks great! Nicks here and there as seen in the photos. The left rear panel is slightly bent(previous owner) but does not effect functionality at all. Recently gone over by a qualified professional tech. Comes with 2 manuals and the US power cord. Sounds like 2 x Prophet 5s, so amazing!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

sci_p10 “It would be difficult to find a better sounding or functioning Prophet 10 than this one. I have gone to great lengths over the years to make sure this machine was functioning optimally. It has NEVER been shipped the entire time I have owned it. I have always driven it to the synth doctor even if that means being in the car for 12+ hours. Whoever the new owner of this analog monster synth is, will receive it via freight. Professionally over-packed and strapped to a pallet with NO overhang of the box. This way no human can pick it up and drop it or stack anything on top of it.

I really like the sound of the Prophet 10, and much like the Yamaha DX1 is much more than two DX7s, the Prophet 10 is much more than two Prophet 5s. The way the two Prophet 5s are combined into ONE ergonomic and intuitive interface and controlled by the same micro processor is really inspiring (to me anyway). The Prophet 10 is also visually stunning in my opinion. It was always an instrument I aspired to own when I first saw it 30 years ago.

This P10 has recently been serviced by an expert on sequential products with 30+ years of doing so. At it’s last servicing I had the following done:

Cleaned all jacks and contacts

Replaced memory backup battery

Cleaned all internal connectors and treated all gold contacts

Re-lubricated all upper and lower keyboard bushings

Aligned all upper and lower J wires

Cleaned and burnished all upper and lower J wires

Cleaned and burnished all upper and lower Buss bars

Treated all gold J wires and Buss bars

Calibrated all 20 oscillators tuning and scale

Tested all auto tune and circuits functionality

Ran factory diagnostic rom all test = ok

Installed factory patches

Tested all controls, all keys, all functions, auto-tune, and playability

Cosmetically it looks great but has some flaws. The paint bubbles up in some spots on the back but is not flaking off. This is not very noticeable. This is also happening on my other Prophet 10. The face has some slight shadowing on the paint where studio/performance notes were taped to the front of it for years. At some angles you can see the wear from the adhesive, at other angels you can’t see anything and the P10 looks like it’s sitting in the showroom in 1981. Even though this machine is not mint, it is in way better shape than most of the P10s I see. (I don’t see very many because they only made 400 or so)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

sci-prohpet-10 “Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Synthesizer
This is one of the last prophet 10’s made,
final revision with Sequencer and Braemer Tape Drive
#378 out of around 400 ever built.
June 1982

Original Road Case,
Full Set of Operator’s and Technical Manuals,
A full set of brouchures includeing a demo record, and original sale documentation from 1982.
A full Set of Foot Pedals.
A Box of Master Data Tapes
A Box of User Patch Data Tapes
A set of User created patch charts detailing the Data Tapes,
and The manual has blank patch charts you can copy to make more.

This Prophet 10 is All Original And Unmodified,
*except for there were some missing screws that I have replaced with ones the correct size since taking these photos.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

prophet10 “For sale is one vintage Sequential Prophet 10 analog synthesizer. There were only very few of these made. It’s one of the most powerful analog poly synths ever made! It was made famous by its use with the band Genesis in the early 80s. It’s more than just two Prophet 5 Rev 3s in one, it also includes a Sequencer and other features. I don’t think this unit has midi. I’ve listed this unit as “non-working” because it needs attention by the appropriate repairman who works on analog synths like these. Analog synths, particularly the old Prophets, require regular maintenance like key contacts being cleaned and other similar things that you’d have to take in anyway. So it most likely won’t cost much more to have it gone through and refurbished with a new preset battery (it’s lost its memory of the presets). I don’t know if the little mini casette for presets works or not. I think it does but cannot guarantee that anything works on the unit as I am selling this AS IS for a great price (notice a refurbished Prophet 10 is currently listed on ebay for over $12,000). However, I have to say that I am optimistic that this unit has very little to actually have to fix. I just had Tony Banks’ tech over at my studio and I’m tempted to have him help me fix it for myself to just keep instead of selling it. This is what I’ll do if it doesn’t sell. But, I also have limited time for repairs right now (working on funding touring and making music) and less and less space for my wonderful “Tony Banks rig” (you can see it on top of a nice CP70 for those who know the rig! I am also going to sell my Mellotron and RMI electric piano). So I am considering selling a lot of items I thought I wouldn’t sell because I love them. For this month I’m letting go of a certain number of them and they can go to new homes for people who similarly collect and enjoy rare vintage synths. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

prophet 10 “Up for sale is my unique sequential circuits prophet 10 synthesizer. First the bad – the previous owner professionally chopped off the second keyboard from the unit along with the old sequencer. Consider this unit two prophet 5s with the ability to stack voices and create some of the best sounding synth tracks you’ve ever heard.

The good – this unit was fully serviced a year ago by Three Wave Music in NJ and everything is fully working and it tunes up great. The only thing off is that the contact of the second highest B flat is not working after having not used it much over the past 6 months but this should be an extremely easy fix. I haven’t been able to figure out the midi on this unit but that might just be not knowing how to get the channels set up right. Besides that she is beautiful.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

prophet10 “Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 Rev 3 (CEM) analog synth VCO/VCF from about 1982-83, serial # is 324. Sequential Circuits did not make a huge # of these Prophet 10 synths, maybe a few hundred at most. This P 10 was just serviced by The Analog Lab in NYC and it had all issues that needed service and repair done. I have the repair work log showing what service was done to this P 10 analog synth. This P 10 has all 10 voices working and the auto tune function keeps the synth stable and in tune. There are 2 VCOs per voice total of 20 oscillators and a simple basic sequencer which works great, I believe it just uses some of the lower voices not all 10. The Prophet 10 is much more than just two Prophet 5 synths put together, these P 10s are rare and unique to an era when analog synthesizers ruled. You just do not see any modern synths like this P 10 anymore, and it is doubtful if any company will ever make something like this analog beast again. The micro cassette tape drive on the side of this P 10 does not work, as it was intended originally for the dumping of saved sequence patches. All the original SC factory patches were reloaded into this P 10, and this P 10 has early basic MIDI, in out and 32 patch memory. There are no dead keys in either keybed no missing voices, and no chipped or damaged keys either. No broken or missing buttons or knobs and pitch/mod wheels function perfect. The key contacts and bushings are in very nice working condition. This vintage early 1980’s analog poly synth is in good to more accurate very good cosmetic condition, and very good to more accurate excellent condition with the electronic components on the inside.” Click here to visit listing on eBay