Electrocomp EML-101

“Estate sale find–EML 101 in good condition, but needs rehab–produces tones and octaves in tune–not sure what else…Polyphonic works, ie; 2nd key produces 2nd tone #1197 per keyboard Obviously, someone had his/her hands in this…but internals are complete
Schematics available but if you’re bidding on this you probably already have ’em!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EML Electrocomp 101

“Hello! This has been fully restored by This Old Synth in the Bay Area. He is a genius and did a terrific job. These are very very rare and sought after. I am broke or I would NEVER sell this. This is a duophonic dream. The filters sounds insane.

Comes with patch cables.

Due to its vintage nature this item is sold as-is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EML Electrocomp 101

“This particular synth is in great shape and sounds wonderful. It has a unique character to it and the possibilities are truly endless for making melodic sounds or effects. If you’d like to hear some examples of the synth in action, feel free to shoot me a message. The synth has a few minor blemishes, the handle is starting to wear, and a few knobs may need a bit more of a twist, but it is still in otherwise fantastic shape. It’s my favorite piece of gear, and I am very sad to see it go, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EML Electrocomp 101

“Electronic Music Lab EML 101
Up for auction from my private collection is an Electro Comp
Synthesizer Model 101 by Electronic Music Labs,
or simply the EML 101. serial #441
This beautiful analog synthesizer is in great condition for its age.
– All pots and switches work cleanly, proof in videos at link below
-All 4 oscillators play in tune over keyboard, as shown in 3rd video
-Keyboard had bushings replaced and cleaned in 2016
-Calibrated and tuned by Synth Smith in 2016
-Graphics on front in almost perfect condition, see close up photos at link
– Kept in Mad Science Lab studios in a smoke free climate controlled room
for last 21 years” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EML Electrocomp 101

“Vintage EML ElectroComp 101 analog Synthesizer. Serial #138. Made in Vernon, Conn, USA, circa mid-1970’s

Rare to find an EML 101 in such good condition, they were often owned by educational institutions and were commonly played hard by students. This ElectroComp 101 was used for 18 years in a sound design studio in Hollywood and has been sampled/played extensively on many film soundtracks and TV commercials. A real workhorse that is often described as a poor-man’s Arp 2600 but that’s not really fair; it has a very unique sound that some describe as harsh, metallic, alien, machine-like, I think this comes from the fact that it has no onboard dynamics and really responds well to reverb, delay and other sweeteners. I seriously love this instrument and find it one of the most intriguing of the classic analogs (I’ve owned them all) and am selling reluctantly. I have found it a constant source of inspiration over the years and have turned to it often when no other synth was able to surprise me with something distinctive and unexpected.

The last work done was three years ago by the well-known tech Greg Montalbano in Oakland (and before that by the late Kevin Lightner). Greg replaced some caps in the power supply and installed a non-original on/off light that was intended to be a place holder until I found the correct light, but of course I never got around to it. I’m a purist about these things and always try to use original parts. The leather handle is also not original. Other than that #138 is in fantastic condition operationally and cosmetically. All the controls are working well and it has new keyboard bushings, and J-wires that were installed two years ago. EML’s four op-amp oscillators are remarkably stable. The scalable keyboard is a great feature as well as duophony and patchable modularity. You will not be disappointed, a real classic that is quite hard to find in any condition but rarely this well-preserved.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EML Electrocomp 101

eml 101 ” VINTAGE EML Electrocomp Synthesizer Model 101. Out of Electronic Music Labs in Vernon Connecticut. This is number 431 out of 1000 made. I’ve ran it through my amp and tested the keys. They are all working and do not stick. I’ve also tested every knob, oscillator, envelope and filters and modulators, ALL of the knobs and switches work, and I’ve fooled around with it enough to make every switch and knob change the sound and frequencies. It’s all very well and in good working condition. There are some slight scratches on the wooden case (as seen in pictures). The leather strap handle has been replaced with rope and electrical tape (which works fine as a handle). There are two definitive defects. One being the side latch top being broken and a chunk of the wood was taken with it *pictures*. This does not really effect the case being closed fully. Its still fine to carry around and about without opening up, and also when you set the synthesizer up, the latch can still be clamped on both sides. The other defect is the input from the keyboard part to the main board. It’s plugged into it. But indefinitely. Someone has taken the liberty of drilling a hole next to the actual input and has it plugged in somehow behind the main display board. I have not taken it apart to look. It works fine the way it is. You just can’t take the two separate pieces too far from each other because they are attached by the input cord. *see pictures*. It should make for a pretty simple fix but there will be that new hole in the display/control board.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EML Electrocomp 101

eml101“JIMJAMSVINTAGEMUSIC brings you this Electrocomp EML analog synthesizer model 101 serial number 273, A very early one. Very nice cosmetic condition, a few light scratches on the cabinet and alittle seperation on the edge joints but very solid. The face plate is excellent with no missing print and no discoloring from use. The knobs are all original as is the electronics. Item powers up and creates some interesting sounds. There is some pots that are scratchy and will need cleaned. I have had two arp 2600 repaired and sold in the last 6 months, I am going to leave the reapairs done by the buyer this time. The synth should be gone over by a tech because of age and is a wonderful candidate for restoration.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EML Electrocomp 101

“verall, the synth is in superb cosmetic condition, as close to a mint example of this synth as you are likely to find.

The synth has been recently serviced, which included a keyboard clean and rebushing, a number of pots were disassembled and cleaned, the synth was tuned and calibrated to specs.

The front panel is in exceptional condition, with all printing clean and complete, chromework nice and bright and no wear to the panel around the pots. All pots move smoothly and are crackle free.

The wood veneered cabinet is in fabulous condition with minor marking only.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

The length of the connector cable between the base and top units can be shortened by feeding this back into the base unit. The synth will be dispatched with the visible cable shorter than pictured.

This is a 110v model so is sold with a small wall plug style step down transformer.” Click here to visit listing on eBay