Make Noise Maths

“Make Noise MATHS Control Voltage Generator EURORACK.

Selling most of my euro rack kit both because I need the money and am just no longer feeling that spark when making noises that are allegedly music, hopefully downsizing will rekindle it but even if it doesn’t I’m hopping all my kit will find homes with those who need and appreciate them. Hope you have fun making the noises that are allegedly music we all know and love!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise Rene

” Selling My RENE2. Its incredible but I have a bunch of sequencers and I never seemed to really use this or only used 1 of the 3 separate sequencers it has.
So mostly its been bling in my rack.. passing it on to someone who will actually get some use out if it.

Include power cable and original box. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise Rene

“The René music synthesizer module is the world’sonly Cartesian Sequencer for music synthesizers. Named for the Frenchphilosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses his Cartesiancoordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles oflinearity.

Because it can be unbound from linear sequences theyways in which its 16 positions can be combined create for unique and unimaginablesequences and happy accidents, I fell in love instantly with this module trulya groundbreaking and creative idea from Make noise.

The module is in excellent condition and functionsperfectly (it hasn’t left my clean and smoke free studio since it waspurchased) and only has a few minor marks on the rack mount screw holes.”
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Make Noise QPAS

“Make Noise QPAS 3871 Filter Euro Rack Module W/ Extra Patch 100%. I’m throwing patch patch cables 1 intellijel 5 way multi comes with original box..hate to see this go! used in my smoke free pet free studio environment purchased at Christmas Condition is “Used”. And works 110% zero issues…”
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Make Noise Maths

“Unless otherwise noted, the condition of this item is considered ‘acceptable’, since grading is subjective. Item may have minor surface flaws and or scuffs/scratches. Because grading is subjective, this item is being sold AS-IS. Its working status will be listed in the description.”
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Make Noise Echophon

” Make Noise SoundHack Echophon Eurorack Delay

Incredibly flexible delay module, suitable for Karplus Strong synthesis, looping, “Eventide”-type harmoniser effects, pitch shifting, tempo sync’d delays and much, much more.

Only very light use on this module. very slight rash around the upper right screw hole, otherwise in excellent condition and complete with original box, screws and power cable – please see photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise Pressure Points & Make Noise Brains

“Make Noise Pressure Points X2 + Brains Modules Eurorack controller CV sequencer.

Both pressure points and the Brains are in great shape and work perfect.

The modules will be shipped with all the cables you need to have them hooked up together. I will also include the jumpers in case you want to disconnect one pressure points as a self contained controller. “ Click here to search for synths on eBay

Make Noise Wogglebug 2014 Edition

“Make Noise Wogglebug 2014 : Eurorack Module : Excellent Condition

This unit is in great condition, only selling because I have 2 and only need one. Like new except missing one nut on the ‘stepped’ output jack, but this is a standard part you can find at any modular shop, and doesn’t affect the functionality or stability of the jack.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Make Noise Maths

“Having already owned one of these fantastic modules for some years, it was a ‘no brainer’ to buy another when the need arose. However the project it was intended to help with, didn’t take off…so despite being unboxed, it remained unused! That being the case, it’s up for sale, in perfect condition with all of the original packaging.”
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