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“Vintage JEN SX-1000 Synthetone Analog Synthesizer up for grabs
Nice late 1970’s Italian Synthesizer
In great cosmetic and working condition!” Link

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“Vintage JEN SX-1000 Synthetone Analog Synthesizer up for grabs
Nice late 1970’s Italian Synthesizer
In great cosmetic and working condition!” Link

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“Here’s a great little keyboard in fantastic condition, especially considering it’s been around for about 40 years! As well as retaining all the shiny coloured caps that usually seem to go missing from the knobs and switches, it even still has the cardboard templates that feature suggested settings.
There are a few crackly pots that could probably do with a blast of switch cleaner, but every key works just fine and it makes some great noises. I’m no synth expert, so feel free to come and have a look/play and maybe someone can tell me what all these controls do!
You will not find a more complete (and shiny) example of this, which I’m told is becoming a very rare and sought after instrument.” Link

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“Lovely little JEN SX1000 that has seen a major refurb to get it into really nice condition.

All the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with new but most importantly all the horrible old crackly potentiometers have gone to be replaced by very high quality new items. None of the pots make any crackles anymore and the JEN works just how it should. New knobs have been fitted to match the new potentiometer spindles and a headphone amplifier has been added to allow practice without an amp.

The SX1000 was many peoples first synthesiser back in the early 80’s and its sounds still hold a fond place in the hearts of many. They used to be everywhere but are getting increasingly hard to find these days.

Cosmetically this is clean and tidy but its does have age related knocks on the case and the lettering on frequency control have been rubbed away and the paint has needed touching up in that area.” Link

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“Single DCO monosynth as used by LFO, Prodigy and various others.

Working ok but has oxidation on the top panel and a few dial caps missing, check pics for condition.” Link

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“Mint condition – everything 100% working.

Italian made very very rare synth. Super phat bass and very ear piercing highs / filters.

120 volt euro power (USA buy a cheap adapter” Link

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“Jen SX1000. Fully functioning. The keys have been serviced but some of the pots are a bit scratchy but that adds to the authenticity of the keyboard being over thirty years old! ” Link

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“Model: SX1000
MPN: Does Not Apply
Serial: 05767

Cosmetic Condition: Item is in used condition with marks and scratches on the housing. Unit has some missing screws on the back.

Functional Notes: Unit tested to power, audio output and all keys are responsive.

Includes: Comes as pictured, no additional accessories included.”

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“I dont mind admitting I have not got a clue how to use this, all I can tell you is all the keys work and when turning the knobs they all do something to the sound.

It is in a very good used condition considering its age, it does have some small age related marks and signs of use but nothing that I think needs pointing out. It comes with its original manual but nothing else is included in the sale.” Link

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“Hi, here I have for sale a used Jen SX1000 Vintage Analogue Synthesizer.

This mono-synth was made in Italy by Jen and in production between 1978-1982. It has a lovely sound and I personally love the pulse width modulation. Unfortunately I am having to sell due to the amount of room I have and for financial reasons, otherwise it would be a keeper!

It has recently had all of the pots cleaned and they function perfectly, no scratchy pots on this one, the keys all function as they should too and it plays really well for a synth around 35+ years old.

Cosmetically it has 8 of the coloured knob caps missing, this is very common with the SX1000. The keys are not as white as they once would have been due to age. It does have some marks and scratches on the unit but nothing to major, I have pictured a slight dent above the ‘n’ on the rear. Also some very superficial (and common) surface rust marks to the chassis. The mains lead is in great condition.” Link

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“Great mono analogue synth for newbies or pros who want something different and don’t want pay silly prices that other brands go for. Nice build quality. Two of the pots are a bit noisy when being turned, but all overall in excellent working order.” Link

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x “Selling sx1000 synth. Powers up but no sound coming out. Selling as is for parts and spares.” Link

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x1000 “you are bidding on a Jen synthetone sx1000. Firstly: this doesn’t power on. A few years ago it did the same thing and came back to life after a month or so but no joy this time. Have tried changing the fuse but didn’t work and that’s about the extent of my expertise. It may be something you can fix easily and in which case this is a bargain for a fantastic sounding analogue monosynth. The pots were a bit crackly but functioned when it was working so a good clean might help. ” Link

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jensx1000 “Had this for a few years now and it is a great synth to learn on, however I haven’t used it for a few years so it’s up for sell.

Overall, it’s in really good condition with only light cosmetic wear and a few knob caps missing.

I’ve fitted an IEC connector on the rear so it can be used with a mains lead, plus I’ve replaced some of the capacitors in order to improve it’s tone. I’ve also given the noisy pots a clean with some play and they’re now sounding really good.” Link

Jen, SX1000 @ 11 October 2016, Comments Off on Jen SX1000

sx1000 “This keyboard is in full working order and was serviced by Synth Professor ( in August 2012. It has also had the original short power cable replaced with a longer one.

Generally in good condition with only the odd scratch and mark on the wooden exterior. As you can see from the photos, 12 of the 24 coloured labels on the controls are missing but this is only a cosmetic issue. ” Link

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sx1000 “Jen SX1000
– sold as is, broken
– for spare parts only
– enclosure in very good condition” Link

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sx1000 “It obviously shows signs of wear, and this is understandable, as it has been on earth longer than myself! Made in 1978. (The synth not me)

The pink noise generator can sometimes take a bit of persuasion to get into place, but i am told this is just a £1 chip replacement from maplin. Not brave enough to open her myself! ” Link

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sx000 “All knob caps are present and correct. Everything is working, nice little synth.
Some of the pots are a bit scratchy when moved but sounds great if you dial in a sound – so could do with a clean.. ” Link

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sx1k “Offering in VERY GOOD CONDITION…

a Vintage JEN Synthetone SX1000 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer
with power cord and a one-page Service Manual Schematic (pdf file)
and a 13-page Midi Upgrade Installation and User Manual (pdf file).

Made in Italy. Produced from 1978 to 1982.
A low cost alternative to an ARP or Moog synthesizer with a similar big fat analog sound.
It has a 3 octave 37-key keyboard and has been tested thoroughly and everything seems
to function as it should. Eight of the twenty-four Metallic Colored Knob Caps are missing.
The two veneered wood end caps have some bumps, minor wear and chipping.
One key is chipped underneath (hard to see and does not affect play).
There is quite a bit of superficial rust spots on the back black panel. See pictures.” Link

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jen sx1000 “Vintage JEN SX1000 Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer (1978)

Great Analog Synth, originally Italian built, internal transformer modified to work both 120V & 240V without need for switch or external step down transformer.

Fully functional, all keys, knobs, jacks, in full 100% order. A very capable synth on its own with a myriad of filter & midi mods available online (not included.) Very slight surface rust on rear panel which has not changed or degraded in the 22 years I’ve owned this synth. Power throw switch illuminates bright red when synth is on.

Wood cheeks show minimal wear, really not bad for a 35 year old instrument. A number of colored knob decals have fallen off over the years, very easy and inexpensive to replace with DIY adhesive foil or decals (instructions online, not included) none of which effects functionality.

Auction includes:

– JEN SX1000 Analog Mono Synth
– Power cable
– 2 prong to 2 pole power adapter ” Link

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sx1k “Jen Synthetone SX1000

I have tried this through an amp and it sounded really good although I dont mind admitting that I’m not really sure how to use this but all the keys work, the knobs all turn, I have messed around with the functions and all of them seem to do something.

It is in a very good used condition with just a couple of scratches to one or two of the knobs and just a little tarnishing to the metal at the back of the unit.

I try to describe my items to the best of my ability and add the appropriate pictures but there If there is any other information you require then please feel free to ask.” Link

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sx1000“Jen Synthtone SX1000 Rare Analog Synthesizer good condition needs repair

Unit is in good condition

All functions have been tested and work properly

The one problem is no matter what key you press on the keyboard you get the same note

Filter sounds great, self oscillates

I believe the color inserts on the knobs are incorrect” Link

Jen, SX1000 @ 04 August 2015, Comments Off on Jen SX1000 Project Machine

sx1000 “Whilst it has obviously seen better days and is in need of TLC from someone who knows what they’re doing, this one is definitely rescuable. The issues as stands, as far as I can tell are:

• one knob is broken off through the shaft, so will need a new pot. Still have the knob though.

• Somewhere between a quarter and a third of the keys are dead. A pretty easy fix, this.

• One key is broken as pictured.

• Keyboard slanted; generally needs attention as per the above.

• It has clearly had some kind of retrofit in its life, but I have no clue as to what, or whether that element works at all.

• Cosmetically a bit of the usual Jen mottling, and scuffs and nicks to the wood. Keys are grubby too; suspect a good clean when the keyboard issues are address wouldn’t go a miss!

The good point however are that is still sounds pretty lovely – filter and envelope seem to work fine. Noise generator a bit hit and miss, but glide, vibrato etc all working.

A bit of an ugly duckling as stands, but potentially great again; used by The Prodigy, Ladytron etc. just needs someone to give it the love it needs. ” Link

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jen sx1k“In excellent condition including original pre-set cards and instruction manual.” Link

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sx100000“JEN SX 1000


Had this for years,

In good working order,
Some crackles when you twist several of the control nobs,
coloured stickers missing off of 12 controls,
some scuffs to corners of unit,
Tested at home all seems to work well,” Link

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sx1000” Here we have one of Martin Hannett’s early synths he was experimenting with in the late 70s around the time he went on to become a producer for Joy Division and John Cooper Clarke,and then later U2 ,The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays. Like all synths of this age it could do with noisy pots cleaning up but you can still get some great early Hannett synth sounds out of it.
Comes complete with Hannett’s own circuit / preset manual for the synth” Link

Jen, SX1000 @ 31 March 2015, Comments Off on Jen SX1000

used jen sx“Beautiful vintage 1978 Italian monophonic syntehsizer. Good condition, had it serviced a couple of years ago.

Usual issues with vintage synths pots can get a little scratchy if it isn’t used for a while but that clears up by twisting the knobs a few times.” Link

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sx1000 “Fair condition consider the age ” Link

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sx1000“Used whilst I was at school, but now no longer working. I’m afraid i’m not getting any sounds now, but when working, it produced some fantastic ‘PHAT’ bass sounds.

Therefore it’s being sold for SPARES OR REPAIR ONLY.

As for the condition, there is slight surface rusting on the control displays, but all the knobs are there, with the colour coding also present.

I’m afraid my parents got rid of the sound cards which fit over the knobs (Ggrrr!!), so they are NOT included.” Link

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jen sx1000 “Verkaufe einen älteren, wohl sehr seltenen JEN SX 1000 Synthetone Analog-Synthesizer aus den 1970er Jahren. Habe das Gerät mal zum Spaß gekauft, aber doch nicht genutzt, da ich eigentlich Gitarrist bin. Jetzt nimmt es nur Platz weg, deshalb raus damit 😉

Ich habe den Synthie an Strom und Verstärker angeschlossen und alles durchprobiert. Alle Keys und Regler funktionieren. Bei ein paar Regler ist altersbedingt ein leichtes Kratzen zu vernehmen, das aber größtenteils nach ein paarmal hin- und herregeln wieder weggeht. Wirklich nix erwähnenswertes, aber der Ordnung halber sei es gesagt. Wie auf den Bildern zu sehen ist, sind ein paar Stellen auf der Rückseite etwas angerostet. Oben fehlen ein paar Reglerkappen. Laut Recherche im Netz scheint das eine altbekannte “Krankheit” des Geräts zu sein, insofern sind eh noch viele vorhanden ;-)” Link

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The 1uF electrolytic input capacitor which forms a low pass filter has been replaced with a 3uF polypropylene to subtly improve the bass response (one of the common complaints about the SX1000 is poor bass). The potentiometers in the signal path have been replaced with high quality conductive plastic type, which will permanently cure the crackles and noise. The feel is not affected, you cannot tell the difference. Most Jen’s for sale will have noisy pots or had them sprayed with contact cleaner, which only works for a few months. I still have the original components in case you want to restore the original crackly sound.

All the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with high quality, long life Panasonic electrolytics, so should be good for another 40 years.

This synth looks like it has been been gigged in a previous life and has the stickers (and knocks) to prove it. Most unusually though it is only missing one knob cap, and the rest are the original colours in the correct place. Bear in mind this is at least 35 years old, so is not immaculate but I think it still looks great.” Link

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sx1000“Jen Synthetone SX1000 Vintage Analogue Monophonic Synth circa 1978 serial number 06492

Works perfectly, no crackly pots at all. Wooden end-cheeks in excellent condition and most importantly all, yes, ALL of the coloured knob tops are present unlike all items listed on Ebay in recent memory!

Lovely little analogue synth, great for bass, leads and percussive effects. The PWM is especially good and there’s a separate ADSR for the analogue 12db filter as well as the usual controls for VCA.” Link

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used jensx1000” lovely sounding synth fully working
just has a few control knob tops missing ,, see pics” Link

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sx1k” Jen SX-1000 Analogue synthesiser win good condition missing some knob caps. It works but some pots need a clean and crackle a bit. comes with 6 patch sheets.” Link

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sx1000 “Jen SX 1000
Vintage Jen SX-1000 analogue synthesizer in full working order has some coloured control caps missing and shows general wear.
The Jen SX-1000 is an old Italian mono-synth. It has a single analog DCO with three waveforms: sawtooth, square, and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
There is an analog filter (12dB/octave) with cutoff, resonance, and LFO modulation.
There is also a simple ADSR envelope for shaping your sounds.
In addition there are also white/pink noise generators a glide effect and a vibrato effect. ” Link