Oberheim DX

“Vintage ’80’s Oberheim DX Programable Digital Drum Machine. This drum machine is an early version and does not have MIDI. The overall condition is very good while showing some wear from age and use. All buttons and sliders are in good working order. The original samples sound great and each one can be tuned using the back controls. We were able to record some drum patterns and play them back. We did not try interfacing a cassette, so those functions were not tested. Includes an AC cable. Sold as-is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

“Vintage Oberheim DX in good working order. I purchased this back in the 90s and it’s been working ever since. Please see the pics for condition. It has a few scrapes on it here and there but it works fine. I was able to erase the memory and then program a new sample into it without issue. It looks like it may be the original battery in there but it hasn’t leaked or anything.

I’ve also included a set of chips with it that I did not test. The system has the ride cymbals setup in it right now and some crash cymbal chips and a different snare chip are included with the auction. I received these when I purchased it years ago. They should be working. If not, I think you can get new chips for these on the web pretty easily.

The only key that seems to be not working 100% is the Shaker2 key. It works if you press it a few times and then sometimes it works fine.

It has an old sticker from a music/guitar shop on the bottom of it which could be easily removed but I left it there since it gives a bit of the history of it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

“In great working condition vintage Oberheim DX drum machine, everything on it works all buttons,outputs and faders no doble triggering issues. The pitch knobs are located in the back unlike the DMX which has to be open every time you want to change pitch on the voices. There are some scratches on the side panels and a cpl of scuff marks on the front but overall in great working condition for it’s age. This is the early edition dx so it doesn’t have the midi option, includes original power supply and hard to find original manual..” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

“I can play it manually. I’m am not sure beyond that. Classic drum drum sound. 1 button missing and 1 slider plastic knob. Has midi in n back. This is a vintage machine so it’s all you after you make a hit beat or record.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX Project Machine

“This auction is for an Oberheim DX drum machine. This unit has sat in my closet for 15-20 years. It does power up. However it come up with a CASS error on the display. Talking with someone who works on these it may just be a battery. I cannot confirm this. The symbol prom needs replacing, it makes a car crash sound and has done so since I bought it. It is around 40 years old, needs cleaning and has stickers on it along with missing a slider knob. Comes with power cord. Unit is sold AS-IS.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

“Vintage Oberhiem DX Drum Machine all functions, buttons, and sliders tested great. With power cord, full manual is downloadable for free online. I’m not sure about any expansion roms, but it seems that there are some extra chips and possible board enhancements through comparison with pictures of other units. The “DX sync-to-tape” board for instance is not inside any other unit I could find pictures of online. That’s not to say it wasn’t factory standard, i just don’t know if it was or not.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

“Up for sale the great Oberheim DX Vintage Drum machine + electrongate sync box midi to clock and linndrum eproms! Fully Functional. In good cosmetic condition with few scratches. This drum machine was serviced in 2016 by electrongate. It also includes linndrum sound eproms that you can exchange so that you can have a linndrum inside the dx. The dx was used by Daft Punk, New Order and many more. I have to sell it to cover unexpected personal expenses. Take advantage to own this awesome drum machine to make some cool retro 80s disco or hip hop tracks!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

“Serial Number: D33597
This drum machine is pretty old, but it’s been well cared for and it is a joy to play.

It works great!

Full disclosure:
It does occasionally miss key strokes on a few of the keys. You can see this in the video. I hit the clap key and I didn’t hear a hit.
Hitting them a second time always seems to work, so it’s probably just some dust under the key cap.
I imagine that the issue could be remedied with some contact cleaner.

Otherwise all the triggers work, it has very clean outputs (mono, stereo, and individual outs all work).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX with MIDI

“Up for auction is an

Oberheim DX Drum Machine w/ MIDI v2.02

(serial # Q63001)

in excellent cosmetic and 100% functional condition.

(see pics)

All function switches work accordingly with no stickiness along with the drum pad switches. No scratchy sliders. All leds light when activated. Display is nice and bright with no missing pixels. Silkcreen clean and fully legible.

Drum machine is stocked with original factory sound eproms and reloaded back with original factory songs and patterns.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB8, Oberhiem DX, Oberheim DSX

“This auction is for an Oberheim system that includes an OB-8 analog synthesizer, an Oberheim DSX sequencer, and an Oberheim DX drum machine. All are in fine cosmetic and working condition. This version of the OB-8 has the page 2 features (if you ever wondered, those include things like legato portamento, equal linear time portamento, exponential portamento, invert LFO freq mod on VCO1, invert LFO pulse width modulation on VCO1, VCF tracked by pitch bend lever, and several other features). There is really nothing that sounds like an OB-8. Some of the patches on this synth are massively fat and the string sounds are to die for. This auction includes the OB-8, DSX, DX, three power cords, the 37 pin connecting cord for the DSX to OB-8, three operators manuals (one for each unit), a flight case for the OB-8, an heavy duty dust cover for the OB-8, and an “OB-8 factory stock patches” cassette dated “Jan 19, 1983.” I’ve never used or verified the contents of this cassette, but that’s what is printed on it. This is a rare opportunity to own a collection unmolested Oberheim gear from the classic era of polyphonic analog synths. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX with Mods

dx ” Oberheim DX 1982 Drum Machine. Functional and sounds terrific. Includes all sound chips. Powers on and was cleaned out a few years ago when I rescued it from my friend’s shed. There may be some dust but no where near the decade of dirt that was there when I found it. After cleaning it powered up and I’ve been jaming with the live functions from time to time.

Haven’t ever programed any sequences (mainly because I don’t know how to) but it plays sequences programed by the past owner. Most of the switches work but not all. However you can trigger the sounds by making a connection on the underside of the circuit board so they most likely need re-soldering on the reverse side I assume. The volume sliders don’t seem to work too well but since each channel has it’s own output for studio recording, individual volume control would be a sinch when hooked up to an external mixer. Missing two slider knobs as pictured.

Fun vintage drum machine that has a legendary pedigree. New Order – Blue Monday is probably my fav but if you are looking at this I’m sure you’ve done your research.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

dx “For sale is my Oberheim DX which is in great shape.
As on every DX out there, the battery which drives the memory is dead and needs replacing. A new battery can be had for $12.
This never bothered me as I just make new beats each time I use it.
Besides the battery, there are two tiny issues with it, neither of which affect play-ability, and are as as follows:
The Bass and Snare sliders are a bit sticky. They both function fine with no noise, but require a little effort to get them to slide.
The bottom Crash button and the middle Shaker button sometimes double trigger when you hit them.
Again, neither of these issues affect the units functionality, and are extremely minor considering the age of the instrument
Physically, the unit is in great shape. The cheeks are wood and have some wear on them, which I tried to depict in the photos.
These things were built like tanks and have stood the test of time.
The inside is very clean and it doesn’t look like anything has been tampered with.
I have loved this DX dearly, but it is time to let it go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX and Oberheim DX

oberheim lot “Probably one of the cleanest DX and DSX’s you’ll ever get a chance to own!! Both come with a rare midi option and work 100%! Very minor marks! Paint is super shiny and clean as the day they came out the factory! Original DX manual included. Aside from the DX, the DSX is very rare and is also a great addition to all you OB owners out there:). Sounds are one of the fattest and punchiest you’ll ever hear bar none! Custom fit flight case not included but will sell separately. Come get it and enjoy!! Thank you!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa, Oberheim DX Stretch, Oberheim DSX

obie ” Complete Oberheim System including OB-Xa Synthesizer (8 Voice / 120 Programs), DX Stretch Drum Machine (MIDI) & DSX Sequencer w/ Computer Interface Cable

OB-Xa (8 Voice / 120 Programs) – Professionally serviced and overhauled (for well over $1000). Including all new J wires, bushings, NOS curtis chips, caps, gating chips, opamps, battery, pots cleaned, contacts cleaned and fully calibrated (including mod / bend section). Keybed is great and plays like new. Some scratches on top. Please see pics. All knobs and buttons are there. Sounds totally amazing! I programmed in all the factory patches.

Oberheim DX Stretch (MIDI) – Professionally serviced. Including new battery, all sliders and contacts cleaned. This is a later model with MIDI out (key to connecting this Oberheim system out to other MIDI drum machines, synths and sequencers). Excellent condition. Missing one slider top. Please see pics.

Oberheim DSX (OS 3.04) – Contacts cleaned. No further service needed. Excellent condition. Comes with original Oberheim Computer Interface cable. This sequencer is amazing! Super flexible. Compatible with numerous vintage synth / sequencer voltages via internal switches that can independently change 8 total cv / gate channels to different voltages. With this Oberheim system combination you can do cv / gate, trig, clock or w/ the DX midi out to control and incorporate basically anything. This is the only sequencer I have found that will sequence my vintage Minimoog Model D.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

dx “Oberheim DX programmable vintage drum machine. Classic 80’s sound.

DX has some cosmetic issues. Mainly one knob that looks like it was replaced but does not affect function. I plugged it in an got sounds out of all of the pads except for the Medium Bass button. It may need to be cleaned. I’m not sure how it all works. Old school lo-fi technology. There are individual knobs on the back that allow you to tune the drum sounds individually. In the hands of a real musician this may be the thing you need. I don’t know how to program it but there are manuals available online for free in .pdf form.

It has MIDI in/out – as well as mix outputs

It comes with the power cord” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

oberheim dx “Up for sale is a very clean and fully operational Oberheim DX drum machine. This is the factory midi model, all buttons trigger perfectly and sliders operate precisely as well as the knobs and jacks work as expected. There was one slider replaced as it’s not an original and that is the metronome slider. This drum machine is ready to use and is very reliable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX with MIDI

dx “Up for sale is a very clean and fully operational Oberheim DX drum machine. This is the factory midi model, all buttons trigger perfectly and sliders operate precisely as well as the knobs and jacks work as expected. There was one slider replaced as it’s not an original and that is the metronome slider. This drum machine is ready to use and is very reliable. It will be packed carefully for a safe trip, I’ve been selling/shipping vintage synths for years with 100% positive feedback.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

used dx
This unit is very very clean in very good cosmetic condition.

Everything seems to work to me.

I am not an expert on them


I was not able to test every last thing it does.

Selling as is with a return privilege and customer pays all shipping both ways.

It is a vintage drum machine, lots of individual outs etc.

book included as shown” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

dx “Very nice oberheim dx drum machine with factory midi. Works great. Some of the buttons are a little oxidized and require an extra press. Sounds awesome. The ride cymbal eprom is loaded with a different ride sample, so the attack time is off. These eproms are easy to find and inexpensive should you decide to replace it with the original ride. The side panels have slight stress cracks around the screws in the back (pictured). Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. Includes power cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

dx “DX with the original EPROMS. 12 bit samples.

Barely used has been kept in storage.

This DX has clear sides so all the wiring and the ORIGINAL FACTORY EPROMS are visible. Everything is original inside and out. In great condition with no defaults.

POWER CABLE INCLUDED” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DX

obie dx” This is a fully functional programmable digital drum machine with the unmistakable rich, high-quality Oberheim sounds. I used it for demo work in the 80s and it has been stored in the back of the closet since then so it is in excellent condition. All controls work perfectly and the sliders are noiseless.

Included in this time capsule is the original Owner’s Manual, cassette of DX Factory Sequences, factory Inspection Report, warranty notification letter, and power cable. I removed the warranty sticker from the bottom of the unit as the warranty expired in 1985.” Click here to visit listing on eBay