Conn @ 14 June 2011, Comments Off on Conn Electric Band

“This rare Conn Electric Band is a combination of preset & variable analog synth, polyphonic organ section, bass synth, drum machine, with an auto-accompaniment features, and an incredible spring reverb function. The “band” descriptor is apt, as it can do all of that stuff simultaneously. I’d suggest doing a search to see what all the buttons and slides are; I can also send a bunch more pictures. Anyways, all that being said, not everything on it is functional. But, if you’re willing to deal with its janky indiosyncracies, it’s pretty cool. As for how it works? Well, kind of depends on the day, the weather, the alignment of planets, etc. Gonna do my best to thoroughly explain: The analog drum machine, accompaniment section, and spring reverb all work perfectly. The organ section seems to need time to warm up, and when it does, the keys sometimes all play perfectly, and other times one or two won’t play. The main synth section works, but sometimes the sound cuts out. Sort of pushing on the top, or hitting it, or looking at it sideways makes the sound come back. Also, the presets often get their sounds combined with the manual synth section (the variable part of the synth where you adjust portamento, wah, modulation, decay, and the two “tone” oscillators), but this is kind of a non-issue, as all of the presets are made from the manual settings, and thus easily recreated. Also, sometimes, the upper white keys act like they have portamento stuck on. The only thing that doesn’t work at all is the bass section. So yeah, really temperamental, but even as is, there are tons of possibilities. Of course, if you’re willing to work on it, I think it could be brought back to perfect condition. In fact, here is a YouTube video of a guy working on one. Should give you a good idea of what to expect:

As for the cosmetics: they are excellent, with only one missing slider cap. Music stand thing on top intact. Also, though the pic shows it on a speaker stand thing, the synth operates fully independently of it. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.