Emu SP 1200

“Emu SP1200 Sampling Drum Machine Grey Vintage 7030
Excellent working condition. Every single button, jack, knob & slider tested and working.
All 30 front panel function buttons disassembled and cleaned!
Black Play, Run & Tap buttons not cleaned but all working like new.
Everything tested except MIDI thru jack.
Pots, sliders, sampling, sound load, etc. all working great.
This unit has had very little use considering it’s age and is in top cosmetic shape.
There are some scuff marks on the grey housing, but only a few and not too bad. See pictures.
The front panel photo shows some “discoloration spots” that stand out much more in the photo than they actually do.
No returns unless unit does not function. Guaranteed to work as designed.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-mu SP 1200

“E-MU SP1200 w/HXC Micro SD/New Variable Display/Input Monitoring. Condition is “Used”.

Here it goes…My loss your gain again. On the block is a GREY Sp1200 that was painted black. The paint job was done by an automotive body shop. I’ve attached a few pics showing the places where a slight bit of over-spray occurred. Very slight and it’s hard to tell. Front Panel was modded and the display contrast knob was inserted. The sample input monitoring mod was done so you can hear what you’re sampling also. I’m including a Pelican Flight case also. Everything is working as it should.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-mu SP1200

“Emu SP1200 sampler percussion. Condition is “Used”. Ive kept it packaged and stored for over 20 years. this used to be Craig G’s SP1200 – a juice crew member. i never had the time to use, never wanted to part with it either until now. i would rate the performance a 10 and cosmetics 9 of 10. the control panel as u see has a blemish. all other buttons and sliders are in perfect condition as brand new. i do not have the original disks or manuals. i am including disks that do boot the instrument and contains a floppy with a copy of the manual. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-mu SP 1200

“There are some scratches (see photos) on housing, but 100% functional.

– All brand new buttons (30pcs)
– All pad buttons (10pcs) are overhauled (break up & clean up contacts)
– All sliders are overhauled (break up & grease up, clean up contacts)
– Replaced all electric capacitor (over 70pcs)
– Replaced almost CMOS chips (over 50pcs) *weak point of SP1200
– Replaced top overlay sheet (by pre-owner)
– Replaced all washers & nuts on back side
– Brand new internal line cable
– HxC floppy emulator installed (2GB SD includes)
– VFD display installed
– Package includes original floppy drive

2GB SD card includes following library:” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-mu SP1200

“EMU SP1200 Reissue Drum Machine Sampler. Condition is Used.

Nice working condition, Pads work fine, and some minor scratches. Used by the legendary Miami Bass Producer Calvin Mills!!! This machine was used to make hits for The Puppies, Funky Y-2-C and several other Miami Bass HITS!!!!

*Includes* 2 disk with sounds and Power cord.

See pictures of the EMU SP 1200 GREY SAMPLING

DRUM MACHINE. As is due to the age of the item.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-Mu SP1200

“This is a EMU SP-1200 drum machine and sampler in excellent and fully functioning condition. I am the original owner and it has always been kept in my studio.

The only issue is that one individual output has damage on the physical socket barrel. It has lost it’s nut ring and a small section is missing. It does function despite this issue.

Included is a large assortment of floppy disks. I’ve included a picture of almost if them.

Also included is the original paper manual. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-mu SP1200

“EMU SP1200 Reissue. Excellent condition. Very clean with minor signs of use. This unit has been used and well maintained in my smoke free home studio. All buttons, pads, contacts, sliders, inputs and outputs were professionally cleaned 4 years ago. The unit is in full working order. This auction includes everything seen in the photos: the Drum machine, 30 sealed (new) 2DD disks, two copies of the operation system boot disc V1.2. A spare disc drive for the unit (tested and working) and a copy of the users manual and service manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP 1200

“Emu SP1200 Drum sampler Machine SP-1200 Black reissue e mu vintage /7030. Condition is Used.

plus blank formatted floppy disks The SP 1200 is in Excellent condition , comes with original manual and disks. Recently Fully serviced and New Screen installed ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-mu SP 1200

“EMU Systems SP1200 1988 original, non modified, preserved and used with care to make Hip Hop and Breakbeat in Miami.

The Sampler is in excellent conditions and shows very little signs of use. See Pictures in detail. It’s almost impossible to find flaws.
This Machine has been used to produce some excellent Hip Hop and Breakbeat records and kept safely in a smoke free dry studio.

Tested and fully working.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200

“Emu SP1200 Final Issue 68 Of 125 Last Ones Made Very Rare. Condition is Used.

This is like finding a needle in a haystack if your looking to own this classic machine and want to own it as a investment also this is the one to get.

You can’t find a final issue one made anywhere on the market.

Only 125 of them were ever made.

This EMU SP 1200 is in phenomenal condition.

Once in lifetime chance to own this rare sampler. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP 1200

“Up for sale is a refurbished SP1200. The unit is functional, the display has been upgraded to a VFD display (looks amazing from all angles), the floppy drive has been modernized to a floppy emulator (easily back up your projects via USB thumb drive) that holds up to 1000 virtual disks. I will include the original floppy drive in the sale as many users have older sessions saved to floppy discs. Knobs and Potentiometers have been replaced with new parts, no crackles or pops when turning knobs. Please refer to photos for physical condition. Please only serious buyers, this is a special unit ready for someone who is looking for an optimal SP1200 experience.

Items included in sale:
• SP 1200 Sampler
• Power cord
• Carrying case
• Original floppy drive with start up disc” Click here to visit listing on eBay

E-mu SP 1200

“This auction is for a Black Emu SP1200 Sampler Drum Machine and Power Cord. The SP1200 is in good condition and everything is in proper working order. Please see photos. If you need any information on the feature’s and spec’s visit the company website. This sale is final “As Is” with no returns and payment is due at the end of auction. Thank you and good luck bidding!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200

“Emu SP 1200 for sale in excellent condition.

No issues with the machine, everything works as intended.

The screen works perfectly and can be read without any issues, but does not have the green LCD backlight. I will include a spare green LCD screen for whoever purchases the SP and wants to switch it out.

It is the original grey model. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200

“Hello I am selling my Beloved Sp-1200 been stored and barley used. When not in use was store in a covered container. all buttons work and are not sticky. I will include the Manual( the cover has been separated from the rest of the book) and power cord.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200 Project Machine

“For sale is an Emu SP1200 drum machine. It’s in excellent cosmetic condition, with only some minor scratches on side and bottom. This is a reissue version so the power supply doesn’t get hot like the grey original versions. Has the classic model 7030 filter chips. The screen is bright and easy to read.

It’s fully functional except the sampler section is not working. When I try to sample, the input shows up as overload and the pad I sample to only plays back as a click. I can hear the what I want to sample through the sample-input but it doesn’t end up on the sampled pad. I’ve priced it lower accordingly. This might be a simple easy fix, reissues in as clean cosmetic shape as this typically sell for $3500 – $4000, so you could get yourself a nice deal here.

All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, they were cleaned before listing.
Internal electronics look very clean, no rust or grime or funky smells.

Includes 10 sample disks with sounds & OS 1.2.
Even without the sample section you can still make some beats using the included sound disks.”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP 1200

“Original grey model classic vintage drum machine in very good condition and large sound library. Everyone already knows all about why this beast is still at the top of its class and nothing can duplicate it’s unique sound no matter how hard the software plugins engineers have failed time after time again. Included are 85 disks custom sound library with soul samples from vinyl and drum chops and breaks and individual kicks and snares and hi hats samples from vinyl records all ready and setup . Also 16 Kid Nepro drum sounds disks. Lots of loops and unique samples with that classic boom bap tempo ….Also the sp1200 instructional CD and a printed copy of the owners manual and the service manual. Also included is a 12ft monster 8 output cable and the power cord. All buttons and sliders and knobs and display check good and the floppy drive is very smooth and quiet and loads fine…It also comes with the stand shown in the photos. Don’t miss out !!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EMU SP 1200

1200 “All buttons work. Pads are responsive and springy, no double triggers. New tact switches (small black buttons) replaced using Cardas silver quad eutectic solder (the good stuff). The floppy drive works great and the screen is bright. All outputs work properly as well as the sample input. Faders are straight and smooth. Bottom right corner by the disk drive is partially slightly melted, see pics. All disks tested and working.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200

sp_1200 “Emu SP1200 Drum Machine OG Grey Shell. In GOOD working condition in non smoking studio. I’m the original owner of this E-MU Sp1200. Everything is original I have original owners Manuel. Sp1200 has been inspected and Serviced at forat electronics is Studio city. If you know about that place. No upgrade has been done. I’m not in any rush to sell. So NO LOW BALLERS thanks”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP 1200

1200 “The classic tool of hip hop and house music. Used on so many classic tracks. This unit is in well cared for condition and I am a seller with a great 10 plus year history of selling high end music gear on eBay. you will be happy with it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom Emu SP-1200

emusp2 “For sale here is an Emu Sp1200 with an amazing custom paint job by Bruce Forat. Includes over $2000 in upgrades & bonus items. It’s been recently serviced & has ALL the possible upgrades worth having, making this machine a breeze to use. It’s fully functional and in amazing shape. All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, pots are scratch free and the outputs are clean without hiss. Cosmetically its excellent shape, with a little wear on the sides but the front looks perfect. The screen is so incredibly bright that it’s hard to even show it properly in the pictures, but it looks awesome in person. Check out the pictures below for more details to make sure you like it.

It has $1600 in service/upgrades done by Bruce Forat:
– sampling input mod (crucial for hearing your sample quality while sampling) ($200 upgrade)
– output boost mod ($300 upgrade)
– disk drive upgrade (works super smooth with both HD & DD disks) ($200 upgrade)
– awesome custom Red paint job ($700)
– upgraded ultra bright custom blue backlight (super easy to read from multiple angles sitting in front or above, unlike the original screens) ($200 upgrade)
– power cable ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200

sp1200 “Mint condition. I am the original owner. I babied this machine and never let anybody else touch it. It’s the Re-issue SP1200. It was always kept in my private recording studio. Everything works perfectly. It comes with a power cord, a disc that includes the OS and samples. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP-1200

sp-1200 “E-Mu SP 1200 Sampler/Drum Machine:

This vintage machine is in good working condition. All sliders and knobs working with a clear screen. Includes power cord, OS floppy disk and some additional sample disks with classic kits to get you started. ”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP-1200

emu-sp-1200 “This is my E-MU SP1200 that I purchased from DJ homicide in 2003. I have had it in my smoke free mixing and mastering studio since then. Unfortunately, I have to part ways with it to buy a mastering EQ. The unit is in 100% perfect working condition and sounds amazing. All of the filters, knobs and buttons are in working order and the unit works wonderfully. The only issue is that Homicide is written on the back. There are a few scratches / blemishes on the sides, but nothing drastic.

I am selling the Unit with (132) SP1200 OS discs with drums and samples from classic rap sounds to vocal chops, 808s, everything. Some of it is my stuff, some is from Homicide’s and the rest is from others DJs/producers I purchased them from. There are a LOT of gems in there. Over 1000 resampled sounds. The unit also comes with the original manual as well. The manual is a little beaten up, but it is really nice to read.” Click here to visit listing on eBay