Future Retro Mobius

“To be honest I never got to use this sequencer. I had some other projects come up with diverted my attention. However after talking to people who have owned one or currently own one they all were very loyal and had nothing but great things to say about the instrument. One thing I heard over and over again and part of the reason why it appealed so much to me is that its a straight forward sequencer. NO menu diving or confusing shortcuts to remember, just a fast unobstructed work flow without anything to stand in the way between you and your ideas. The unit is a rack mount and comes with the power cable!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Future Retro Mobius

“FR Mobius is in almost new condition. Only a small mark on the button below Bank (see pic). Other than that in beautiful shape. Was mostly rack mounted in my smoke free studio. Does come included with the wooden ends so you can have it on a table too at the perfect angle. Includes original power supply, original manual and calibration sheet.

This is a monophonic sequencer, but is really a Swiss Army Knife in the studio. I was using it to sequence analog synths, mono midi synths, midi synced to other sequencers while sending thru sync and also sending Din Sync to an older drum machine, simultaneously. That’s a lot of utility work!! ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Future Retro Revolution 2

“Synth is Mint, a great analog bass sequencer with MIDI in and out, You can even connect it to a modular synth rig. Tested perfectly, sounds awesome. It has new backup battery good for over 10 years and a brand new AC adapter. This was part of my collection of many synths and selling this one as I will probably never have enough time to use her.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Future Retro 777

“This is a Future Retro 777 monophonic analog synthesizer and
sequencer. It is an unmodified unit for sale by the original owner.
The original owner’s manual is included, and a replacement power
supply with the original specifications.

This unit still functions great after twenty years of regular use. All
four oscillators work, all buttons, knobs and switches work, nothing
is missing from the display. The wood paneling is free of any
significant scuffing. For tinkerers, an operating system upgrade and a
variety of modifications are available. Future Retro is still in
business and providing support.

Designed and hand made in 1997 by engineer Jered Fleckinger, this is a
classic tb-303 emulator with a deep, earthshaking bass. Would make
an excellent addition to the studio or collection of anyone who loves
the flavor of old school analog synths.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Future Retro XS

“I have a Future Retro XS for sale.

All knobs and ins/outs are tested and working.

Includes the original power supply.

This one has the desktop end caps installed. I do not have the rack mount sides.

The main output is missing its metal ring. There is still a plastic ring underneath that holds a cable in just fine. I think the metal ring is just cosmetic.”
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Future Retro Mobius

“Up for auction here is my Future Retro Mobius analog sequencer. I am the original owner and you’ll have a hard time finding one in as good condition as this one. It lived its life in a popup rackmount mixer case in a perfectly clean studio. All features work flawlessly, the buttons are all solid and the potentiometer is smooth. I’ve used this to sequence many pieces of gear and also DIN sync a Jomox XBase09 with all my other MIDI gear. It’s worked with an SH-101, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Boomstar, moogs, korgs – you name it. This sequencer is rock solid and can handle any task.”
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Metasonix S-2000 with Future Retro Mobius Sequencer

“Sad to see these go… By far the juiciest synth tones out there.

The Metasonix S-2000 is an early one, #22, and in perfect working condition. The brushed black aluminum gathers dust and fingerprints very easily, but the only wear is on the rack ears.

The Mobius has CV outputs for V/Oct and Hz/V and midi outputs and pairs perfectly with the S-2000. No visible cosmetic flaws.

The Mobius is discontinued but Future Retro are still operational.

Will not sell separately. Working adapters for both included. Thank you for looking, bid with confidence.”
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Future Retro Revolution

“The Future Retro Revolution is an analog monophonic synth with an analog sequencer in the style of the TB-303. Much of the circuitry is a replication though Future Retro stress that it is much more stable. The instrument’s interface is undeniably unique and, as you may imagine, some interesting ideas can be born of it. The knobs are nice and solid and well spaced on the unit’s front face. This is definitely an instrument built to be played live.

It is in excellent operational condition and operates exactly as intended. I am the original owner and it has always lived in my own personal smoke-free studio. There are two blemishes in the paint on the front face. It looks like it may have happened during the finishing process – I don’t remember them not being there. This runs on a 12 V AC power supply. Power supply for 120V (North America) is included. ”
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Future Retro Revolution

“Get that squeely acid squelch with this analog monster. It sounds great even though it’s not an exact copy of the famed TB-303 sound. Not much else to say really, it makes acid bass lines… Oh, and it has built in effects section too.

Original owners manual, Original power supply & Original box are all included.

Excellent condition, I see 2 very very small scratches in the white pain, but they are sooo small they are almost un-noticable. Functions 100% flawlessly. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Future Retro Revolution

“If you know then you know . Amazing 303 filter , crazy sequencer, full analog fat sound . Look up online for this secret gem. There is a white face (v1) and a black face (v2) the major upgrade is a battery that dies on the white face version that requires fixing. This version fixed that issue and doesn’t need anything. No box but comes with original manual and power supply . Super well kept and no major scratches or marks on it . Output is clear, everything works . Custom future retro wood side panel not sold anywhere and spare metal replacement side ends . Super rare and super acid !” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland CR-78 with Future Retro Swynx

“Recently serviced with a new old stock faceplate installed, cleaned and new battery lithium installed for saving tracks on the programmer.

This auction also includes the awesome Future Retro SWYNX box that also you to swing the preset loops and also acts as a pattern programmer.

Last but not least this CR-78 has been modded with a knob on the back to adjust the bass drum decay, giving you a variable sound from a stubby kick shorter than the regular cr-78 bass drum all the way to a booming 808 like kick.

The wooden box itself has some dings and corner wear which is to be expected of a 40 year old machine. This could easily be replaced with any wood of your choosing in the future.” Click here to search for synths on eBay