DT-100, Roland @ 11 February 2018, Comments Off on Roland DT-100

“This is a left over item from my music store days.

It is an old item but still new in the box and never used.”

DT-100, Roland @ 17 January 2016, Comments Off on Roland DT-100

dt-100 “Roland DT-100 Digitizer Tablet in mint condition and in original box.

Please see pictures for details of condition.” Link

DT-100, Roland @ 15 December 2013, Comments Off on Roland DT-100

“Roland DT-100 Digitizer Tablet in very good condition. These are very hard to come by, especialy in this condition. This is a really cool tool used for controlling waveforms and sounds on older Roland Keyboards.” Link

DT-100, Roland @ 01 September 2013, Comments Off on Roland DT-100

“Roland DT-100 Digitizer tablet – edit waveforms and other parameters for compatible Roland keyboards using this pad and stylus. Pretty rare, this one is in good shape and fully working. ” Link

DT-100, Roland @ 04 November 2012, Comments Off on Roland DT-100

“Roland DT 100 Digitizer Tablet, new old stock, including original box .” Link

DT-100, Roland @ 29 April 2012, Comments Off on Roland DT-100

“Verkaufe hier ein DT-100 Grafik Tablet / Digitizer Tablett für die Roland Sampler Serie

S-50 / S 330 / S 550

Man kann mit diesem Tablet Wellenformen zeichnen, welche der Sampler dann abspielt.

Nicht umsonst hatte die “alte” Roland S-Serie den Ruf der “Fairlight für Arme” zu sein, da zu einem Bruchteil des Preises

viele Features der damals “großen” Systeme geboten wurden.

Ich habe das DT-100 u.a. auch zum “rauszeichnen/radieren” von Übersteuerungspeaks und Knacksern in einigen Samples verwendet.

Das Tablet hat optische Gebrauchspuren und funktioniert einwandfrei (aktuell getestet).

Für den Betrieb mit einem Racksampler wird ein RC-100 benötigt, mit dem S-50 ist kein RC-100 notwendig.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

DT-100, MU-1, RC-100, S-550 @ 08 January 2012, Comments Off on Roland S-550 with MU-1 Mouse, RC-100 Remote and DT-100 Digitizer Tablet

“Listing Description: For sale is a Roland S-550 in great condition. The unit works and has been in a studio, smoke free, environment. It is extremely rare to find an S-550 with all these accessories.
Unique sounds, fine filters, easy interface. For the pro or anyone else who recognizes that these units truly enhance the recording experience.

It comes with all of the following:
Manual on disc.
The original system floppies plus 100 3 and 1/2 floppies full of samples ranging from pianos to ethnic percussion.
MU-1 Mouse
The DT-100 Digitizer Tablet (lets you draw waveforms with a stylus touch pen)
RE-100 Remote Controller. (To use the DT-100 you must have the RE-100.)
Midi cable

Here is a link that has information on the S-550 http://home.pages.at/pullrich/s330550.htm

Again, it is rare to find all of these accessories offered in the same package.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.