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8-Track 8-Song Sequencer with Backing Tracks

The QY10 can record and store as many as 8 different “songs” containing up to 299 measures each. It has a total of 8 tracks: 4 Sequencer tracks and 4 Backing tracks, specifically set aside for chords, bass line, and rhythm accompaniment. The Backing tracks are useful, in that once a preset backing pattern has been chosen, chord changes can be made and the backing chords and bass line will be automatically harmonized to fit.

Programmable Panel

A micro-keyboard with transpose keys on the front panel allows notes and chords to be entered without any additional equipment (such as a full-sized keyboard).

Real-Time of Step Recording

The QY10’s Real-Time recording feature allows direct recording, when a live performance feel is desired. A metronome function is provided to keep time. The Step Recording mode, allows music to be entered note by note, for precision, plus the capacity to program phrases that would be too fast or complex to actually play in Real-Time. Step Record mode also allows the programming of triplets, ties, slurs and other musical subtleties.

Amazing sequencer at an amazing low price! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Hallo, ich verkaufe hier einen Yamaha 8 Spur Hardware Sequencer, welcher mir bisher als Bandersatz beim Üben treue Dienste geleistet hat. Das Gerät ist in einem neuwertigem Zustand und natürlich voll funktionsfähig.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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The unit is in excellent condition.
It has the correct power supply and manual. The internal memory is still functioning strong, and the buttons are working well” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Here we have a gently used Yamaha QY-10 Sequencer. No functional or cosmetic issues whatsoever, just slight wear for its age, visible only in the right light. Also included is the original case, which is also in excellent condition (it has some tape around the edges, which can probably be cleaned off with some Goo Gone and a little elbow grease). I do not have the 9V-12V AC adapter (one of its best features is its portability, running on 6 x AA batteries!) but those things are pretty easy to find, right?

These are becoming pretty hard to find, especially with the case (at the time of listing, this is the only one on eBay). It is particularly useful for those in pursuit of retro 80’s or bedroom electronica tones. It can be used as a sequencer or as a real-time drum pad/synth (yes, that is a mini, one-octave keyboard in the bottom right corner). I also frequently ran it out into various fuzz/distortion pedals for 8-bit/noise stuff. The QY-10 is also popular among circuit benders.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.