Waldorf Blofeld Project Machine

“Waldorf Blofeld digital synth keyboard – Faulty.

Let’s get this out of the way first; this keyboard is not perfect and currently faulty, which is why it’s up for spares/repair. Please don’t buy this expecting a pristine fully working example.

I bought this about six months ago to join the army of keyboards I take to gigs (I play keys in an 80s band). During that time I’ve fixed the well-known rotary encoder problem with a software update and taking the things apart and giving them a good clean. Also replaced the power supply and power switch, which both failed not long afterwards. It’s was fine since then, have played a number of gigs with it and taken it to numerous band practices, where it’s been useful and impressive with what it can do.

The current problem is that at the last practice, I plugged it in to find that it no longer wanted to produce sound from the left channel output. Since then I’ve tested it back home and found that it produces sound sometimes, but in a distorted fashion, or nothing. It seems to decide each time the cable is inserted.

Unfortunately (for me), my band has quite a few gigs lined up over the next few months that I find a need to replace this thing with something else, simply for the sake of reliability. The irony being that it’s fantastic to use and the scope of sounds it can produce, it’s just that I need something I can rely on. Hence why you’re reading this.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Blofeld Project Machine

“Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Synthesizer Keyboard Black for parts not working. This synthesizer was purchased brand new a month old. I sold it here on ebay after determining that it wasn’t to my taste. The previous buyer informed me upon receipt that the synth was not turning on. I’ve since received his return and refund him. I don’t have the electronic expertise to repair what ever needs to be fixed. I presume a component came loose during shipping and needs to be repaired in some way. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Blofeld

“Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer – White (Used, under 4hrs use!) w/ dust cover. Condition is “Used”.

Bought this 2/1/2021. First unit had an issue, got it replaced by the original distributor. Used this unit (the new replacement) for about four hours. Works flawlessly. Alas, my sound design style and technical requirements and this unit’s specs are not really compatible with each other, and I’m just not gelling with the unit. I could tell this after 3.5-4hrs of use, and haven’t used it since. I’d rather it find a good home where it will be used regularly and enjoyed. It has been babied, and is in mint condition, with under 4hrs of use on it.

It’s been flashed to the latest 1.25 firmware. Does -not- have the extra SL license that Waldorf sells separately, as I didn’t use it enough to warrant purchasing that extra add-on. (The desktop model doesn’t come with that license.)

Includes the original power adapter from Waldorf. I do not have the foreign power adapters any longer, as I didn’t need them, nor did I keep the original box. Will package well for shpment via USPS Priority Mail.”
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Waldorf Blofeld

” Blofeld Synthesizer Module by Waldorf. Condition is “Used”.

This piece was used sparingly by myself for a music project that disbanded 3 years ago and has been in the box since. It saw very little use … All Synthesizer functions are in working order as are the knobs which are all tracking perfectly and the LCD screen which functions as in new condition. It comes with Waldorf Blofeld original Op. Manual, Orig. Power Supply w/ overseas AC/ attachments, Patch Lists (very handy), Re-Load Documentation, Waldorf CD, Original Packing. Buyer Pays Shipping” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Blofeld

“This Blofeld Keyboard is in excellent condition and working perfectly. All controls have great feel and respond accurately. All keys are straight and play nicely. All lights fully functional, screen in perfect condition. All ports and jacks are in great shape and connect without issue. Sound is strong and clear. Some light signs of use, but free of any scratches or dings, in excellent physical condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay