EX 800, Korg @ 10 February 2018, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“Due to having no knowledge of how to use this im selling it for spares or repair.
I have powered it up and Button No2 does not seem to work, however all other numbers show up on relevent display, also “Value” display does not seem to work. I have taken the top off and everything inside looks in excellent condition. If you know what you are doing this could be a piece of cake to fix up . On the outside it has obviously been well used as can be seen in the picture and it has some small scratches and a bit of motteling around the edges here and there.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 09 December 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“It has never been tested due to missing adapter . This is the reason we listed it as is condition for parts only with no returns accepted.”

EX 800, Korg @ 25 November 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“Korg EX-800 with Moog slayer mod.

This synth needs a new RAM battery installed and has a button cover missing (the button still works without the cover).” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 18 November 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“Step back into 1984 with this well designed metal box. All knobs and buttons present and working. Fully loaded with the factory presets. Sequencer works great! Only issue is the mono out is too quiet and may cut in and out. The stereo output works just fine and sounds no different. Thanks for looking!” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 04 November 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 Project Machine

“For parts or Repair 1984 Korg Ex 800, the desktop version of the Korg Poly 800. This synth is being sold as is, the unit turns on but only produces fuzzy tones and behaves strangely. Possible battery replacement issue, not sure it is almost 35 years old.

Issues: certain buttons do not respond normally to regular pressure and one button is missing.

Voices sound distorted and not as intended.

Body has wear and some dings in it.

Comes with the original adapter, patch sheet, and original backup cassette tape.”

EX 800, Korg @ 28 October 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“KORG EX-800 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Module POLY800 EX800

Used condition. Everything works as it should work. Some minor scratches due to its age also value control button needs to replaced(cracked,broken). It is still functioning .

Photos are from the actual KORG EX-800 . Please check with detailed listing photos and feel free to ask me any questions you might have related to this item.

This unit does not come with an adapter.

You need a center minus 9V DC adapter.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 14 October 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“Used vintage Korg EX-800 Programable Polyphonic Synthe Module from the 80s. Great condition. Comes with power supply shown in picture. Tested and working.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 14 October 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“KORG EX-800 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Module POLY800 EX800

Unit does not come with adapter.

Please note the unit powers on and this is as far as I could test it. I was told by person I got it from it was in full working condition but as I cannot test I cannot guarantee it is in full working condition.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 30 September 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 with Hawk 800 Uprgrade

“The Korg EX-800 is an 8 voice polyphonic synth and this one is in really good shape (which I paid £300 for). This synth has been modified and includes additional knobs for – Filter cutoff, Resonance, pseudo FM amount , Noise + a switch to choose a 12dB or 24 dB filter. The desktop version is very hard-wearing with its metal case, also giving it a good weight.

I have also modified it further by installing the HAWK-800 upgrade (the kit costs about £100 to buy + my time to install) which adds an unbelievable amount of features to the original synth. If you go to https://www.hawk800.com/ this explains in detail all the extras you get from it.

I have included a picture of some software Joe Mattiello developed to control this synth using Abelton/MaxForLive which shows quite how many features are now available. You can also set up a midi controller to change parameters as well. It allows you hook it up to your computer and change the parameters from there instead of having to use the buttons on the front. Abelton seems to be the favourite but other DAWs can send midi to it as well.

I have plenty of experience with soldering and fixing up synths having built most of my modular synth. The Hawk-800 has worked without a any problems for 8 months now so I am confident about the robustness of what was a pretty advanced installation. I will also be including the AtomaHawk upgrade that I have not installed (see bag of components in image). This allows you to control the filter and resonance knobs on the front via the computer (using LFOs as well).”

EX 800, Korg @ 23 September 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“Hallo liebe Musiker Kollegen und Klang-Entosiasten. Hier könnt Ihr einen echten Vintage Klassiker erwerben, der in Sachen Sound, Sättigung, Wärme und Charakter seines Gleichen sucht. Der Korg EX 800 ist voll funktionsfähig, in gutem Zustand stand und wird mit Netzteil geliefert. ” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 12 August 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 Project Machine

“Unit does not power on and no other testing was done. It does not come with a power supply or rack ears. Unit is being sold “AS IS”.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 05 August 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“This unit is in Excellent working and cosmetic shape!! Comes Power Adapter and Rack Ears! I only ship to the lower 48 states. Thanks for looking!! ” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 20 May 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“You are bidding on a KORG EX-800 Programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module. It turns on but we could not test it any further as we do not have the equipment. There appears to be some screws missing on sides. The two rubber cushions are missing on the bottom. The power adapter does not appear to be original. Please view the photos for better understanding.​” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 13 May 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

” I bought this module back in the late 80’s and stopped using it shortly after college. It’s been sitting underneath a sheet at my parent’s house for the past 25 years – they’re cleaning house so it’s time to get rid of my old gear…

The EX-800 is essentially a Korg Poly-800 without the keyboard. It’s a great little MIDI module that’s capable of some punchy analog sounds. This unit is in very good condition and everything works as it should.

I replaced the internal patch battery just a couple of weeks ago and restored the factory patches though the tape interface with a WAV that I found online. A PDF of the owner’s manual is also easy to find online. Rack ears and 9v power supply is included.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 29 April 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

“Korg EX-800 (1984) – Poly800 Analog expander module + 8 voices DCO oscillators with lowpass analogue paraphonic filter and internal sequencer with clock sync.

This Korg EX-800 is rare and in excellent condition for its age, comes with power supply and everything works . No noise, crackles or hum anywhere.

The synth has recently had a circuitbenders Polybeast mod which seriously brings it to life and truly can sound like a beast and battery change.

I got Paul at Circuitbenders to mod it slightly different as to not spoil the original and gorgeous KORG EX-800 logo graphics.

This synth is Widely considered to be Korg’s answer to Roland’s affordable Juno series. Sounds are beautifully warm and typical of polyphonic analogs of the era. It does great sweeps and has the capacity to sound really pure and emotional.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 25 March 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

ex800 “Korg EX 800 works great comes with adapter and manual.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 14 January 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

ex800 “Vintage KORG EX-800 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Module Testing & Works



EX 800, Korg @ 07 January 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

korgex800 “Selling my EX800, which is the desktop version of the Poly 800, a pretty famous Korg keyboard. You will obviously need to feed midi into this thing to play it, but this way you don’t have to clutter your studio with loads of keyboards to get the sounds on them. Pretty snazzy.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 07 January 2017, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 with Mods

ex800 “I’m selling my Korg EX-800 analog synth module. It has been modified to allow realtime control of the filter cutoff and resonance. The knobs for the cutoff and resonance mods match the existing knobs (polysix/monopoly style)

The synth is fully functional and sounds great. The buttons, knobs and sequencer all work as they should. The outputs are clear.

The filter mod (also referred to as the “moog slayer” mod) allows for smooth filter sweeps throughout the value range. Set the filter range for cutoff and resonance as you normally would with the up/down arrows. The newly added cutoff and resonance knobs will adjust the amount within this range. It’s a good idea not to set the resonance higher than 13 because you can reach ear splitting levels at a setting above that if you then turn the resonance knob all the way clockwise.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 31 December 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 with Mods

ex800 “Korg EX-800 vintage 80s synthesizer with analog filters.

The following modifications have been done to improve this synthesizer:

1. The patch memory was upgraded to nonvolatile FRAM memory (does not require a memory backup battery).
2. The chorus effect has an analog sweep rate knob added.
3. The chorus section has an external audio input added with switch to enable running external audio through the analog chorus section.
4. The chorus section features adjustable dry and wet audio level knobs for both left and right channels allowing you to create custom stereo images.
5. The analog low pass filter has added a switch to select from 12db or 24 db filter settings.
6. The analog low pass filter hass added analog cutoff and resonance adjustment, these work in tandem with the internal patch filter CV levels.
7. Added an analog high pass filter section selectable 6db or 12db HPF, the high pass filter has a switch to bypass / engage the effect.
8. The analog high pass filter can track the internal filter LFO, and has a switch to engage LFO tracking or bypass the internal CV tracking.
9. The analog high pass filter has its own dedicated cutoff knob.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 12 November 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

ex800 “Korg ex 800 analog-digital analog polyphonic hybrid great condition – tested and it sounds HUGE
I tried every function and tweaked every parameter and they all worked perfectly.
This item ships without the adaptor.

This is an ‘as is: sale -no returns for any reason -cosmetic or use-ability” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 22 October 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800





EX 800, Korg @ 01 October 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 with Polybeast Mod

ex800 “Classic vintage analog synth which has been fitted with the ‘polybeast’ mod. This synth is very similar in sound to the classic early Juno range from Roland. The modification not only beefs up the already fat analog sound but also makes this synth capable of making some insane sounds.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 19 March 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

800“Well kept and fully functioning Korg EX-800. This is a Module version of the KORG Poly 800. Synth has been serviced professionally and can expect smooth operations. Includes Power Supply. ” Link

EX 800, Korg, Moog Slayer @ 27 February 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 with Moog Slayer Mod

korg ex800 “This has been safely racked up in my studio for the last 5 years but it’s ~30 years old and the cosmetic condition reflects this.

Good points:
Rack ears included, these seem to be quite rare.
Memory battery replaced – if it dies in 30 years time you won’t have to do any soldering, just snap another battery into the holder!
Moog Slayer filter mod – real time hands-on control of the filter cutoff.
FM-800 filter mod – when turned up gets some FM-like sounds and makes the whole synth a lot dirtier and more exciting.

Bad points:
One button missing (doesn’t affect operation).
‘Resonance’ control of Moog Slayer mod doesn’t appear to do anything (middle extra pot).” Link

EX 800, Korg, MS-20 @ 27 February 2016, Comments Off on Korg MS-20

used korg ms20“There are no words to describe this little beauty- Most likely you know already everything about it, as the piece of instrument is legendary. There are probably books available online that describe how the machine works and how to get the best out of it- Please for any additional or extra information, just Google “Korg MS-20” and there are pages upon pages of information available. Lets talk about important bits: the condition of the instrument. Its in excellent condition- It came out from a home studio and it was used by a lovely lady who took care of over the years. Very little signs of use, as the images illustrate. Some light marks on the base of the synth, but that happened during its travels when it came back from its full service session. Sound wise its in perfect condition- It has been serviced in London, in a specialist shop by professional people and although there was not much wrong with it, it was serviced and thats why I have listed it as “seller refurbished” and not “used” Rest assure, the instrument was in good condition before the service, so now its even better. Comes with wooden box, which is nice and useful when it comes to travel and general protection and there are some synth patch cables included with the sale as well.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 27 February 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

800“Up for grabs is a Korg EX-800 vintage synthesizer module. This unit is in perfect operational and great cosmetic condition.

Included is the original power supply. It has been restored to the original factory presets using the tape in data feature. Manual PDF can be obtained easily online. The serial number for this unit is 003762.

It has resided in a professional smoke-free recording studio or air conditioned storage unit. This is from the private collection of Grammy Nominated producer Chris Cox, who has produced music for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, and numerous other high profile artists.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 20 February 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

ex800 ” For sale is a Korg EX 800 synth module. This is being sold as is. This unit powers up fine and all the features I was able to test worked fine. All the buttons work but they are sketchy they need to be pressed a couple of times to work or harder than they should be that is why it is being sold as is. This would benefit from replacement of all tac switches. The button for the step sequencer is missing but the tac switch underneath is intact and functions. I’m not sure how the sequencer is supposed to operate on this but it does enter into that mode ok. Physically it is in decent shape overall. It seems like all the sounds are still in there, im pretty sure it could use a battery replacement as it looked like the original battery. This is the solder in type and can be replaced easy enough. Basically this could be made usable with some minor updating for the most part. it does not come with a power supply but it uses a standard type 9v dc power supply – tip. Thanks for looking” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 30 January 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

korg ex-800 “Works great…” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 23 January 2016, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

used korg ex800” Works great, sounds awesome.

It needs a new battery for the memory, but this is a simple fix.

No ac adapter included.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 19 December 2015, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

korg ex-80“Used condition, works 100%” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 12 December 2015, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 Project Machine

ex800 “You are viewing a Korg EX-800 Programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module AS IS PARTS. The yellow “Write” square button is missing, but still works fine. Bank Hold and Down Value buttons don’t click when pressed, but work (they react to the touch instead of a click with the up value being a bit hard to press). ” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 07 November 2015, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

ex-800 “Korg EX-800 in excellent, fully working condition. Includes a copy of the instruction manual.

Power supply not included, but they’re easy to get hold of.

Not sure how helpful this video of this EX-800 is, but I liked making it.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 31 October 2015, Comments Off on Korg EX-800 with Moog Slayer Mods Project Machine

ex800 “Good used condition, with some scuffs and scratches from previous use. No evident structural damage, but the synthesizer does not turn on and is being sold for parts/repair. There is no power adapter included.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 17 October 2015, Comments Off on Korg EX-800

korg ex-8000“Up for auction is a Korg EX-800 synth module from the 80’s. This is the module version of the Poly 800 keyboard.

As you can see from the pictures there are a fair amount of scratches and dings along the surface but this unit is tested and in perfect working condition.

This synth is perfect at nailing those classic 80’s analog synth tones.

Included is a 9v power supply.

It will be professionally packed and shipped.” Link