Ensoniq, SQ1 @ 13 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Though this SQ1 has some duct tape residue from the stationary setup it was used in it works flawlessly. All of the keys, sliders, pitch/mod wheels, buttons, connections, and LCD screen function perfectly. All of the outputs sound great. It comes with the power cord and full manual, also in great shape. You will not be disappointed with this keyboard. There is normal wear for a keyboard of its age but again everything on it is working properly.” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 27 February 2018, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

” Bought in 2006. Excellent condition and great sounds. Played it for 2 years before I became aware of the regulator problem. Mine has the original LM2940, which owners are advised to replace. The parts are extremely cheap, its the soldering that I cant do (have palsy in my hands), and was unable to find a tech that looked reliable, so I put the Fizz to rest. Haven’t played her in 10 years, but she’s in a temp and humidity controlled studio. After my initial search for a qualified tech, I haven’t tried again. I have a Waldorf XTk which I love, so I thought I would put the Fizz up for sale, and pare down a little on my synth collection. I’m hoping that there’s someone that knows about this wonderful synth that is also handy with a soldering iron, that will be interested. Comes with manual, but not the wall wort power supply. That was underpowered, and got lost somewhere in the shuffle. They are easy to find and inexpensive. You need a 9V with 1300-1500 mA. ” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 27 February 2018, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

“Ensoniq SQ-80 with original manual, six voice cartridges and three blank disks.

Free Local Pick Up

I value the keyboard at $650 and the six cartridges at $350 hence my starting price. ( I do not want to sell anything separately at this time).

* Please read the full details of condition it all works but it has “personality”.
* Please ask questions if you have them.

It is fully operational including polyphonic after touch, has a new battery, all six cartridges work, floppy disk drive works , bender, mod wheel, SEQ, memory, all keys, etc.

It sounds wonderful.

Passed filter calibration tests (see photo)

Data slider was replaced and the new slider is 100% functional, but does not fit the old slider cap. (The broken slider and its cap will be included if you want to retrofit the old cap)

After its warmed up and running it turns on and off with no issues.

However, sometimes when its starting from cold, it has a boot “glitch”. Sometimes you power on and the screen does not come on, (turn off then turn on and your fine) sometimes you power on and it wants a soft reset (you do a soft reset, with power on hold down record and soft button and its back. The best voice to test its full functionality is internal 4, soft button 2 synbad. Play it and hold. press down, and you will hear the full poly after-touch.” Link

Ensoniq, Mirage @ 27 February 2018, Comments Off on Ensonig Mirage

“Excellent condition!! All functions and keys work including wheels, ports, touch sense. Includes HUGE diverse collection of factory and aftermarket disks, including OS/formatting disk.” Link

Ensoniq, SD-1 @ 06 February 2018, Comments Off on Ensoniq SD1

Great vintage synthesizer
Superb condition
Comes with 3 disks for floppy drive

Ensoniq, SQ-R @ 06 February 2018, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ-R

“Up for sale is an Ensoniq SQ-R rack mount synthesizer. Excellent functional condition. Fair cosmetic condition (see pics). It has been recently serviced and all functions work as they should, and it has a new battery installed. Includes synth, power cord, MIDI cable, and owners manual.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 16 January 2018, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ1

“🎵 Fully Functional Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer with program cartridge.

Additional Details
Comes with power cord and program cartridge. Synthesizer has 120 sounds including program cartridge.

👍Excellent condition!: [Tested] Fully functional. Minor cosmetic wear to synthesizer (one key has minor chip (see pictures), Working order. Low battery sign. Taken extremely good care of. ”

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 26 December 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

“USED Ensoniq FIZMO realtime transwave synthesizer.

I previously had this listed as not working. I thought this was in need of repair, but all along it was a bad power adaptor. I found a spare adaptor and the synth is indeed working great.

Will ship with original Ensoniq broken power adaptor and replacement Rocktron 9VAC 2A adaptor. Also includes original manual.

Overall good cosmetic condition with some wear from normal use – has some scuffs, marks, and scratches. The little red plastic LED screen cover is missing but the readout can be viewed as it is. I’m sure some red lighting film could be cut to place over the hole.

These are increasingly rare and sought after – some very cool sounds and unique functions.” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 12 December 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

“Hi there

I have for sale an extremely rare Ensoniq Fizmo looking for a new home. Owned from new by my partner (purchased around 97/98) and the synth has had limited use since that time.

The voltage regulator problem which dogged the Fizmo was fixed a few weeks after I purchased it and it’s worked flawlessly ever since.

Comes with Original Box, Manual and PSU. ” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 28 November 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

“This is the best example of a Fizmo I have ever seen. Tough to find even a slight scratch on it, and the inside components are good so you don’t have to worry about it dying on you.”

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 28 November 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

“Add a piece of history to your recording lineup with this original and fully functional Ensoniq SQ-80! Sequence your tracks and synthesize new sounds with the unit’s cross wave platform. Save your files to a disk and build your library for a truly unique vintage experience that mixes analog and digital technologies. The keyboard comes with a sturdy steel frame case and power cord. A complete user’s manual is included.” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq VFX-SD

“This is classic and great sounding VFX-SD, IMO, the best of 90s synth technology. Great waveforms… reminds me of the Waldorf MicroWave meets the PPG synths. GREAT sequencer as well, Heck the sequencer is worth the money alone.
Everything works as it should and it sounds amazing. The only thing i cant test is the floppy drive simply because i have no floppies.” Link

Ensoniq, Mirage @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8

“Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 for auction.This one has been retrofitted with a Gotek HxC floppy Emulator and comes with a usb flash drive listing a comprehensive library of over 220+ Mirage disks ready to load.
This is an eight-voice 8-bit sampler,with analogue filters.Use sounds from the library,or load and edit your own waveforms if you want to get bit creative.
In very good working condition,all keys functioning properly,led display good,all controls and switches fully functional,and in good cosmetic condition.”

Ensoniq, VFX @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq VFX SD

“Up for sale is an Ensoniq VFX SD Workstation Synth in Excellent Condition for its age. Battery was changed with a brand new one on 9/26/2017 and sequencer OS was reloaded. Synth works perfectly and sounds awesome! Will be shipped with power cable, dust cover seen in pics and the floppy disk containing the sequencer OS and a few additional sound presets. Will be packaged carefully and shipped fast.” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

“For your consideration I have a used Ensoniq FIZMO synthesizer with original manual. It sounds amazing and is 100% functional. This Fizmo comes from a clean smoke free home. Not only does it look cool it has great build quality. The keys have velocity, aftertouch and they still have great action. I will ship the synth in a $400 SKB flight case. The case is really nice, it has wheels, locks and key.” Link

Ensoniq, Mirage @ 26 September 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Mirage DSK

“This Mirage is fully functional and in excellent condition (very few marks on the front panel). The HxC floppy emulator includes an SD card, containing 24 disks, including MASOS. ” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 12 September 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq VFX SD

“Thanks for checking out our lightly used Ensoniq VFX SD Synthesizer keyboard package. Owners manual, floppy discs and expression pedal included.
Healthy and ready to play.

Tested and fully functional
Good condition” Link

Ensoniq, SD-1 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq SD1

“Good used condition, with some scuffs and scratches. No evident structural damage. Unit seems to be in good working condition, but not every function was fully tested. The power cable is not included. Some of the keys are dirty and would benefit from a thorough cleaning upon receipt. ” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 08 August 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ1 Project Machine

“Vintage ESQ-1 digital wave synthesizer, comes with everything shown. Power cord, pedal, original manual, and 3 sound cartridges. I hadn’t played it in a number of years, and unfortunately when I did try it just won’t play. my loss is your gain if you know how to fix. Absolutely loved my ESQ1 when it was working.” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 01 August 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq VFX-SD

“Ensoniq VFX SD Vintage Synthesizer and Keyboard. This Synth and Keyboard combo was released in 1989 and this one was made in 1989. Physically it’s in good condition and functionally it works great. It’s very well built and sturdy. There are no known problems with it’s functionality. Please see all photos. The keys are like new (nice and white with no cracks), the screen and all words are crisp and clear, and all buttons and functions work properly. The power cord is included.” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 25 July 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq VFX-SD

For sale is this vintage Ensoniq VFX SD music production synthesizer (Serial No: VFX-11868-Z / Mfg Date: 11/15/89).

This keyboard has been tested, and is in great working order. It sounds great and has some excellent vintage 80’s synth patches! Due to its age, this unit is being sold in as-is condition. Please see pictures of the actual item.

The keys on this keyboard have become off-white over time. The keybed plays fine – just want the buyer to know that the keys have a yellowed tint to them (see photo with sheet of white paper near the keys). Otherwise, this keyboard is clean, with minimal scratches and scuffs.

The floppy drive was recently replaced with a new unit and reads disks fine. Note: the replacement drive leaves a small gap above the trim plate but does not affect functionality. Am including original drive that would spin but no longer recognize disks – the old drive might be useful to you for the trim plate or repair.

These Ensoniq keyboards were solidly built and are heavy. Will box and package this keyboard securely.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 18 July 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ1

“This keyboard is 100% functional and cosmetically scratch and ding free- Frozen it time condition – this would make a nice addition to someone’s collection – you will not be disappointed. ” Link

ASR-10, Ensoniq @ 18 July 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ASR-10 with SCSI

“This ASR 10 is maxed out with ram and has the SCSI upgrade. It also comes with tons of sample libraries and I will throw in a flash drive with the OS on it. Otherwise you would need to boot up from a floppy.” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 11 July 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

“Really good condition, everything works on it. Comes with gig bag.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 04 July 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ1

“I’ve owned this since Ensoniq ESQ-1 synth since 1987 – used it a few years during my rock-n-roll era and has been sitting in its original carrying case since 1999. The case is a black padded nylon case with carrying handles and strap (inside side pocket).
Tested and found to be in good working order.
This listing is for the ESQ-1, the blue owners manual, one power cord, amp cords and one foot pedal.
Thank you and Happy Bidding” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 20 June 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

“Ensoniq SQ80

Uncanny sweet condition!

Pictured cartridge not included. However, it’s sounds and many others are all included on floppy disks.

Brand new battery installed days ago!

Fully functional. Disk drive works like a charm.

Enormous 3rd party library!

Also comes with a powerful editor & librarian.”

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 30 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ1

” Vintage 1987 Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer. Very cool professional quality item built to last. Powers on, LED display looks good. Will need new battery soon (easy fix). New power cord. Very few cosmetic scratches, etc. for a synth of this age. Keys have some transparent tape on them. Sound not tested, thus the low price. I believe this was made in USA. Sold as-is.” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 23 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

“Rare Ensoniq Fizmo synth!

I am the second owner and it sounds unbelievable.

There are a few marks on the synth (see pictures).

If your looking for weird atmospheric sounds, this is the holy grail. Roughly 500 or so units were made when it came out. No one knew what to think of it as it didn’t sound like anything else at the time (and even now) and from what I remember it did not sell well.” Link

Ensoniq, Mirage @ 23 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Mirage DSK

“You are bidding on this vintage Ensoniq Mirage DSK digital sampling keyboard. The keyboard does not power on so it’s being sold as is. Local pickup only.” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 16 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq VFX

“You are bidding on a used but works perfect ensoniq vfx synth comes with AC adapter normal wear nothing major also some keys have slightly yellowed not a big deal” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 16 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-m

“Up for sale one Ensoniq ESQ-M with manual in excellent condition. The ESQ was just serviced with a new battery and analog patches that I bought that actually sound fantastic.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 09 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ1

“This Ensoniq is the metal bodied version. The added features include the hidden waves program. Which will enable you to generate a multitude of your own sounds beyond that of the original Ensoniq’s. All sliders and buttons work, fully functional, sounds great, and comes with power chord. Kept in a smoke free studio.” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 09 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq VFX-SD

“This keyboard is being sold “as is”. When plugged in and turned on, the screen message shows ” warning: low battery voltage. Save data: see user manual * continue”. Not sure if it works. I purchased a floppy disc for it (see picture).” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 09 May 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-m

“Up for sale one Ensoniq ESQ-M with manual in excellent condition. The ESQ was just serviced with a new battery and analog patches that I bought that actually sound fantastic” Link

Ensoniq, Mirage @ 18 April 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq Mirage

miarge “Vintage Sampler from the mid 80’s.” Link