BugBrand Synthvoice

“Selling a BugBrand Synthvoice complete modular synthesizer. This synthesizer is brand new and was purchased two months ago. I have not turned on, plugged in or used the synthesizer in any way. It is in perfect condition. Details about the synth can be found here: https://www.bugbrand.co.uk/product/synth-voice/.

The Synthvoice features:
1 Dual Envelope
1 Compact VCO
2 Quadrature VCOs
1 Dual Filter
1 Dual VCA Amplifier
1 Dual Mixing

Also included is a power supply and a ton of banana cables.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

BugBrand Weevil 08

“If you’re here you likely know what this is; this is the 2008 build of this crazy and versatile little noise synth. Works perfectly, has some light surface marks in the paint but is overall in very good condition. This was 200 pounds new and has not been made to my knowledge since making it very rare. If you’re familiar with the board Weevil or postcard Weevil, this is much more inviting you use because of the size and feel. The built in mini amp and battery power makes it fun to simply pick up and use, and the 1/4” output is provides excellent audio for recording or plugging in live. Hate to let it go, I’ve used it for many bits in recordings and have performed with it live over the years. It was an extremely limited run at the time and I was very lucky to get it. Happy bidding!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

BugBrand Boardweevil 2009

“for sale, kept in perfect condition, a rare ( ish?) board weevil by Synth Maestro Tom Bugs, 2009 edition of his expanded version of the postcard weevils, one of the first to take up the challenge to expand and improve on the Waivisz Cracklebox from STIEM. 14 touch sensitive ‘circuit bend’ points and two light sensitive diodes make this a crazy fun device to play manually or try sequencing using some toy or bike light that has flashing patterns!! ( Voice Crack made a music career out of that! 🙂
1/4 inch output so you can guitar lead straight into yr effects pedals and amp.”
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