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01w “Classic Korg 01/W 5 octave Midi synth with superb sounds in very good condition, bar a few marks due to moving it, has been in a bedroom studio for most of its life, having to sell due to not using it as much. 254 sampled instruments in 6 megabytes of ROM (the M1 had 100 sampled instruments) 32 note Polyphony 61 key velocity and aftertouch with joystick. Never let me down working perfectly still a brilliant sounding synth. Can’t post due to weight but may be able to deliver locally.
Just a note the pictures doesn’t do it justice as when I took the pictures there was a little dust near the joystick. There is no damage whatsoever on that part” Link

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01wpro “Condition virtually as new except for the slightly dimmer screen (but still useable) Never gigged and has been in a case under a bed in the spare room for quite a few years. Sounds still hold their own against more modern keyboards and the 76 note keyboard is nice.” Link

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01w“This is a used Korg 01/W synthesizer with a foam lined hard case. The battery was just replaced. There are normal scratches from normal use as a professional musicians instrument. Everything works! You get the keyboard, AC plug, and hard case. No pedals are included with this sale. The internal battery was just changed for many more years of trouble free use. ” Link

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0-1wfd “I have a Korg O1/W PRO synthesizer for sale.
the synth is in very nice condition all around (see pictures)
All keys work, no dead spots, all patches sound good, display back light works fine , all buttons are functional. Pitch bender and modulator works fine.
The disk drive is intact but I do not know its condition because I have never used it ( I haven’t had a floppy disk in 10 years).
I’ve had the synth for about 18 months and have never had an issue with it.” Link

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01w“Korg 01/W original 61-key model

In good working condition everything works good it has been tested

It has some scratches nothing big regular wear ” Link

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korg01wfd “Chassis is rough with lots of scratches and a splatter of some sort across the inside of the LCD. Screen is still readable and should be able to be fixed by taking out the LCD and wiping it. One key has come unstuck but still produces sound. Factory presets not loaded” Link

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01w” have owned this from brand new :O) (from 1994) – not used it for the last 15 years ! It’s been in the loft – minor marks, a couple of easily removable stickers.

Have noticed that the back-light not working – you can see the display though – pls see photos. 1st three photos are without power switched on. Reserve is £70

Backlight can be replaced as a DIY job” Link

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korg01w “1 Synthesizer Korg 01/W

Sie bieten hier auf ein einen hochwertigen Synthesizer aus den 90er-Jahren.

Inklusive Bedienungsanleitung, ohne Case!!

Die Batterie muss ausgetauscht werden, deshalb hier als DEFEKT eingestellt. Ansonsten müsste der 01/W problemlos funktionieren.

Optisch sehr Zustand, mit Gebrauchsspuren.” Link

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“Kult Syntie, gebraucht, mit stabilem flightcase, bedienungsanleitung, Kabel” Link

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“Up for auction is a world famous KORG 01/W PRO, Synth/Keyboard/workstation with a heavy duty hard travel case, power cord and, sustain pedal. If you know your stuff you will know that this awesome board is the 76 key model. It is a true classic! The successor to the world famous M1. It is in excellent working condition, a few minor cosmetic scratches here and there from normal wear and tear but nothing mayor to worry about. It does NOT have any dents or malfunctioning parts. Every inch of this great machine is in excellent working condition! Screen is well lit, and recently had it professionally tuned up, keys lubed, and cleaned by a long time trusted KORG authorized service shop. It was well taken care of in a church. No outdoor environments or smoke type setting only church stage play. I’m sad to see it go but the truth is that I am not using it as much as I used to and would NOT like to put it in a storage. I have enjoyed it for many years and know that you will enjoy it too! ” Link

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“This is a Korg 01/WFD, vintage 61-key music workstation in nearly perfect working condition. Since you are looking at this you are probably already aware of the amazing and unique sound of this synthesizer, but it’s the extensive list of features that has kept this synth as a mainstay for even modern musicians. All buttons, sliders and keys work perfectly while the LCD screen has gone dim (see picture). I have seen other eBay listings for backlights for less than $30. Cosmetically you won’t believe that a keyboard of this age is in such wonderful condition. I am the original owner and while used extensively has been well protected in a smoke-free studio. ” Link

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“Hier habe ich den legenderen Korg 01/W in einem für sein Alter fast neuwertigen Zustand anzubieten. Der Synthesizer ist nahezu staubfrei, da das Gerät immer penibel sauber gehalten wurde. In einem solchen Zustand, garantiert eher sehr selten zu bekommen. Die 2. Taste von links hat einen Kratzer und das Display leuchtet nicht mehr so hell wie damals, es ist aber noch alles gut erkennbar, also im grünem Bereich. Neue Display´s gibt es sogar tatsächlich zu kaufen, wer es gerne sehr sehr hell haben möchte, mich hatte es nie gestört. Das Keyboard bzw. die 61 Tasten sind qualitativ extrem hochwertig, was man heute leider nur bei sehr teuren Synthesizer findet und funktioniert wunderbar. Die Keyboardtasten wurden immer gesäubert. Die eine oder andere “Programmtaste” muss man etwas fester drücken, was in der Regel bei älteren Geräten meistens der Fall ist wenn die länger nicht benutzt wurden. Eine Bedienungsanleitung ist vorhanden und wird mitgeliefert. Ich denke alles wichtige erwähnt zu haben, falls fragen auftauchen, werden sie natürlich gerne so schnell wie möglich beantwortet. Im Internet gibt es aber zahlreiche Infos über dieses damalige Flaggschiff.” Link

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“Up for auction is a Korg O1/W in very good condition. For a keyboard that I have had since new, 21 years ago, this unit and it’s manuals are in amazing shape. Included with the O1/W are all manuals, the SRC-512 memory card with all factory programs/combis/settings loaded onto it just in case, a rare Korg Synth Design card set (a 90.00 value), and sustain and expression pedals w/needed cables.” Link

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“Time has come for me to part with my vintage Korg 01/w Pro, 76 key keyboard with FD in great condition. It’s only been used in my home, never on the road. All of the keys have great action to them. Cosmetically it’s in excellent shape with just a few scratches around the back of it. See pictures. There are no dead pixels on the LCD, just a few minor scratches to the plastic cover.” Link

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“Super Nice! Works perfectly. Nothing wrong. Comes with really nice case, pedal, power cord, etc. No Reserve! May it go to a real piano lover. Happy Bidding 😉 ” Link

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“Backlight not working, though I will include a replacement (if I can find it).” Link

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“I purchased this about 6 years ago not knowing it was the model that did’nt have the floppy drive in it. So It was no use to me and put it in the closet after a long dispute with the seller.It was listed as an 01/Wfd and came with an 01/Wpro manual!!. and wasn’t packed well.

The keyboard has damage on some of the keys from when it was shipped to me. (See Pics)

All keys function except for the damaged ones and the second set of 3 black keys from the right.

All Programs/Combi’s come up fine,Everything else seems to work. I plugged in headphones to it and listened to the Prog’s/Combi’s. The display screen is in good shape.

Unit has Headphone jack,4 output jacks,MIDI-IN-THRU-OUT,2 Card Slots, Joy Stick.

Included in this auction is the KORG 01/W and the power cord to it.

This Key board would be good for someone to repair or use it for parts.

Sold as is.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This one has a new battery, factory sounds, and a new LCD screen backlight. The last highest octave of keys are not responding. I do not know if it is a connection issue or maybe a diode on that part of the key contact board. I can tell you that if you plug another 88 note keyboard into the Pro X midi in, that all keys on the controller keyboard work, so this tells me it is most likely a connection problem with the keybed or a bad diode. The keys not responding are the last highest D# to the end of the keyboard. I never play those keys in that range myself but you may. Below I am listing some videos I made of me playing it. This auction is for the Korg 01/W ProX and the power cord. The outside looks good but not perfect. This is a very high quality, professional keyboard/synth.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Yes ….. I admit, a bit long in the tooth but it still works just fine and still has some very useful and useable sounds onboard.

It is a workstation and therefore can be used for sequencing if required.

The condition is very good, mainly because it has spent it’s life inside my private studio. The only one exception has to do with the display backlight, which has finally given up the ghost. I have bought a new one for it and this will be included in the sale but i’m afraid I have no idea how to fit it, so my apologies.

During the daytime it isn’t a problem as the display is still visable (Dark grey text on light grey background) but in the dark you will need the new back-light!

Comes in the original box and with the manual. I would prefer local pick-up due to the size and weight of the above. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.