Ensoniq ESQ-m

“This ESQ-M has been serviced with New Battery, New Audio Output Jacks and the famous SQ80-M modification. All SQ-80 Waveforms are now present and selectable. The only function not implemented is the Envelope second release.

The picture of the screen shows the boot up message indicating that it is an SQ80-M. The picture is a little blurry due to the camera struggling with what to focus on. In person, the screen is clear and bright. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq ESQ-M

“If your looking at this you probably know what it is and how amazing it sounds, the unit works 100% the internal batter has been replaced so should last another 30 years also included the memory cartridge with an additional 80 patches which doesn’t sound like a lot but in 1986 it was alot.

That being said this ESQ-M is sold “as is” no returns except for transit damage ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq ESQ-m

” ENSONIQ ESQ-M with new battery, rack ears and manual. Mint condition sound module that has never left my home studio. Comes with power cord, Pristine manual, and rack ears included (no, I won’t sell those separately for $40!!) I actually sold this unit a couple of years ago and broke the data slider when I was packaging it to ship! Bummer! I had the shorted slider replaced last week along with the back up battery. Now the unit works like new.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq ESQ-M

“ENSONIQ SQ80-M (Professionally Modded ESQ-M) Power Supply Recapped w/ Audio Grade Capacitors!

This was originally an ESQ-M but has been modified with the “ESQ-M to SQ80-M Conversion Kit” and “Future Proofed” by upgrading all of the power supply electrolytic capacitors with audio grade capacitors by a professional synth tech! The internal battery has also been replaced. The unit worked perfectly before and all functions have been tested after the modification and capacitor upgrade.

No functional issues, no exceptions.

The case does have some rack rash as well as the rack ears but nothing that affects the functionality.

The sale includes the SQ80-M and a standard power cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq ESQm

“You are bidding on an Ensoniq ESQm hybrid analog / digital synthesizer. It is the rack-mount version of the well known Ensoniq ESQ-1 keyboard.

If you’re looking at this unit, you probably know it well for it’s unique sound. If not, the ESQm is an 8-voice hybrid analog / digital synthesizers based on the exact same engine as the ESQ-1. It utilizes digital oscillators processed through a subtractive synthesis engine with a pure analog VCF / VCA section built on the coveted CEM 3379. This combination of digital and analog components give it a very unique “hybrid” sound that can range from stark and cold, to warm and ballsy, to experimental and creative, and many variations in between. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq ESQ-m

esqm “Ensoniq
Digital Wave Synthesizer
as is, not tested, NO returns!
it may have something wrong with it, I do not know
turns on and appears to work, but I have only plugged it in
and am not aware of how these operate –
when you first turn it on the display
says something about a battery being low
it appears to respond to pressing of buttons in display
have not checked volume
seems to have 120 settings for different instruments and sounds
again, this is as is
I have no reason to believe it does not work
but it has not been fully tested
as you see in photo it also says “replace edit prg”
it has marks and residue on the top from
its electrical cord being taped to the top” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq ESQ-M Project Machine

esqm“This item has or may have cosmetic blemishes on its exterior such as scrapes, dents, and other marks. The condition of the interior is unknown as this item has not been disassembled. Unsure of whether or not all of the functions and /or lights are in working condition. Other parts or pieces belonging to this item may be loose, bent, broken, missing, or damaged. We do not know the history of any of our items. Please see photos for details of this item. Please note; we do not ship on weekends or holidays!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq ESQ-M

esqm “This eBay listing is for a used Ensoniq ESQ M Digital Wave Synthesizer module that I’m selling as-is and untested as I have no clue on how this item works – sorry!! There is a slot on the front panel for a cartridge with nothing inside. It does power up and I get a light on the front but nothing on the display.” Click here to visit listing on eBay