Teisco Synthesizer 110f

“Goods Bits – I have tested the unit and all functions work as they should. Cosmetic condition is reasonable – it has general wear and tear, nothing major – please review the photos I have uploaded.

Not so Good Bits – the tuning off the oscillators drifts off sometimes i.e. when jumping octaves or switching between waveforms. The octave switch is a bit wobbly. Some clicking is audible when playing very short decay sounds (keyboard contacts?) With this in mind, the unit would benefit from a full service. Please consider this when bidding.

So in summary you are looking at a rare Dual Oscillator Vintage Analogue Synthesizer with endless modulation possibilities, CV/Gate control, Formant Sound shaping options, lots of pretty lights. It all works, but could do with servicing for reasons stated above. Power cable included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teisco SX-240

“This an 8 Voices/2DCO+ 1Sub OSC with a VCF section controlled by a VCF envelope, VCA section control by a VCA envelope.
A lot of modulation possibilities and and amazing ensemble effect.
This underated and underestimated synthesizer could be compared to a Jupiter 8 mixed with a Juno 6 in terms of sound possibilities.

This synthesizer is in excellent condition, almost flawless, it has the original Tape factory presets so that you can load the original sounds again.
It also has the Original soft case.

The Teisco SX-240 is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished.
All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated.
The keyboard has been cleaned, every keys are working correctly without double triggering.
The back-up battery has been changed before any damage or leak happens.”
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Teisco Synthesizer-110 F

“Almost good condition but unfortunately LFO doesn’t work. Other part works well and sounds good, beefy and cool real analog. 2VCO duo-phonic notes, you can play bass and melody at the same time. Unique Touch sense mod, filter, and Ring modulator, useful function.”
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