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“Huge fat mono analog sound. They do not make them anymore all 4 filters in this thing. This sounds amazing due to things that need to get paid i am selling this.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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atc “Used, great condition ATC-X QFS. Version 1.4 of the OS EPROM chips were installed about two years ago. Minor scratches around the case but the faceplate is in perfect condition. All features and functions, inputs, outputs, knobs and buttons work perfectly. Includes power cable. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for bids is a used Studio Electronics ATC-X fully analog synthesizer rack module. Comes with all four available filters – Moog, ARP, Oberheim SEM, and TB-303 – giving you the true sound of these beautiful vintage synthesizers. The filters are built-in the unit on internal cartridges that are automatically selectable by the unit. Two analog oscillators, three envelopes, ring modulation, etc. etc. Just plug it in to your MIDI controller or sequencer and let it sing. The synth is controlled by selecting one of the membrane switch functions on the front face and using a real knob to select the values, which is a lot better than punching through menus like on so many modern synths.

Used, perfect working condition. Slight cosmetic wear from normal use. No operational issues – switches internal cartridges perfectly, all membrane buttons working perfectly. I’ve had the synth for about 6 months and just have too many items to keep this one. The synth comes with the power cord – no manual or box is available.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is an ATC-X Synthesizer Module by Studio Electronics in absolutely MINT condition! This is the 4 filter version that sells new for $1495 not the single filter version that sells for $1149. The “ATC” stands for Analog Tone Chameleon due to it’s multi analog filter system. This unit has to be in the top 5 most underrated synthesizers ever produced. Not only does it sound amazing but it is an all discrete VCO design (not DCO like many manufacturers claiming to be making 100% analog synths). The sound is huge and warm but can also be aggressive and gritty when needed, you cannot get this sound from a plugin. The “X” in the name refers to new features that were added including analog distortion and ring modulation. However, possibly the best feature is that it contains 4 analog resonant filter types which include Mini Moog, Oberheim SEM, Arp 2600 and Roland TB 303. But don’t take my word for it, check out this video below which demonstrates the power of this synth. The ATC-X has been a producers hidden secret for years, used by everyone from Snoop Dog and Hans Zimmer to Depeche Mode. I’ve personally used this unit to remix Lily Allen, Nadia Ali and Enrique Iglesias, all of which went to #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Charts. This is from my personal collection and the reason for selling is because I bought a Studio Electronics Omega/Code 8 which is basically like having an 8 voice ATC-X.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“You are looking at a mint condition, fully working Studio Electronics ATC-Xi. This is the full fat Nova version with all four filters – 303, Moog, Arp and Oberheim S.E.M and includes the amp switch which changes the sound from ATC to Moog and the sine wave generator.

This is the best analog I’ve ever owned and I will be very sorry to see it go, however my family have unfortunately demanded I put food on the table and pay the council tax.

At some point, I’ll definitely be purchasing one of these again, it’s capable of some amazing, trouser-flapping basses and is surprisingly versatile with the 4 filters. With other synths like the Virus you find yourself going through the presets and not liking more than half of them. You get the feeling with this one that every patch is useful in some way or at least very malleable. It’s been said before but it’s hard to make it sound bad. I would describe it as warm, roaring, deep and aggressive with a professional sound all the way through. It’s dead easy to assign parameters to your MIDI controller and I have the manual in PDF form which has the MIDI implementation chart if you need it.

You’ll get:

The ATC-Xi
Power cable
Manual in PDF form if you want me to send it (you can get this if you Google a bit)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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atcx “Up for auction is a Studio Electronics ATC-X mono synthesizer.

This is a highly controllable, very versatile midi synth that includes 4 highly desirable filter types internally; The Moog filter, The SEM Filter, The ARP 2600 and a Roland TB-303 Filter.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.