Oberheim OB-XA and Oberheim DSX

“OBERHEIM OB-XA SYNTHESIZER KEYBOARD – 8 VOICES 120 PROGRAMS + Oberheim DSX WORKS. Condition is “Used”. Very rare piece of history. These were hooked up to an amp and do work. Not sure if they need tuning or something like that. This was used on tour of some sort. . Only one button has plastic covering missing which u can buy a cover to replace it. It comes with both power cords as well. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX

“Up for Auction/Buy It Now is a vintage Oberheim DSX Digital Polyphonic Sequencer.
Condition is Used. Good Cosmetic Shape. Works Great.
Includes power cable.

All buttons and display were tested and were good. The battery is measuring 3.8 v. All capacitors were tested to be within appropriate ranges.

Version 3 board. Version 3.02 firmware.
All Sales Are Final on this item.
Buyer pays all shipping charges.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX Project Machine

“Vintage Oberheim DSX Digital Polyphonic Sequencer. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.

no cables included

The main circuit board shows some corrosion (see pictures). The Capacitors were tested to be good, but the battery only showed .1V,

All buttons on the interface and the display were tested and were good (I plugged in the interface board into a working unit to test). So it appears that the problem is with the main board. Not sure it can be fixed. May be better off used for parts as the control board is in great shape.

Version 2 board.

Please note the scratch between the D and the X on the cover.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX

“My DSX is in fantastic condition both cosmetically and functionally. I had the battery replaced this month. Please feel free to ask questions. If you are not going to be using this with an oberheim protocol compatible synth or drum machine, check out DSX Hack for moving your midi sequences to the internal memory.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX

“Appears to power up and work fine. I don’t have another Oberheim synth to connect it to so I’m unable to test it. Was told it works fine. See photos of inside. Some corrosion near caps at front of bottom PCB. Power cord not included (it’s just a regular PC cable).

When you turn it on it says “CONNECT SYNTH” based on some googling that means it’s version 2.X or lower.”
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Oberheim DSX

“Greetings; I’m offering up my Oberheim DSX Sequencer. It comes complete with the foot switch, volume pedal, power cord, and interface cable. This DSX has been stored in a closet at my home for many years. It is in excellent condition for its age. I sold my OBXa many years ago, so I have no way of testing it properly. The DSX worked well with my Obie before I stored it, which was 10+ years ago. My OBXa had the MIDI conversion, so I didn’t use it too much….(I was using a Roland MC-80). I’m not sure if it needs to be serviced, but the battery will most likely need replacement. I will include the instructions if I can ind them. I’m not too far from most of SoCal if you would like to arrange for pick-up” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX

“Fantastic 80’s sequencer from Oberheim to help drive your analog equipment.
Previously used to programme and sequence my OB8 and OBXA, this has been kept in a pro recording environment and smoke free.

Beautiful condition which also comes with the manual, keyboard connector cable and power lead.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB8, Oberhiem DX, Oberheim DSX

“This auction is for an Oberheim system that includes an OB-8 analog synthesizer, an Oberheim DSX sequencer, and an Oberheim DX drum machine. All are in fine cosmetic and working condition. This version of the OB-8 has the page 2 features (if you ever wondered, those include things like legato portamento, equal linear time portamento, exponential portamento, invert LFO freq mod on VCO1, invert LFO pulse width modulation on VCO1, VCF tracked by pitch bend lever, and several other features). There is really nothing that sounds like an OB-8. Some of the patches on this synth are massively fat and the string sounds are to die for. This auction includes the OB-8, DSX, DX, three power cords, the 37 pin connecting cord for the DSX to OB-8, three operators manuals (one for each unit), a flight case for the OB-8, an heavy duty dust cover for the OB-8, and an “OB-8 factory stock patches” cassette dated “Jan 19, 1983.” I’ve never used or verified the contents of this cassette, but that’s what is printed on it. This is a rare opportunity to own a collection unmolested Oberheim gear from the classic era of polyphonic analog synths. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX and Oberheim DX

oberheim lot “Probably one of the cleanest DX and DSX’s you’ll ever get a chance to own!! Both come with a rare midi option and work 100%! Very minor marks! Paint is super shiny and clean as the day they came out the factory! Original DX manual included. Aside from the DX, the DSX is very rare and is also a great addition to all you OB owners out there:). Sounds are one of the fattest and punchiest you’ll ever hear bar none! Custom fit flight case not included but will sell separately. Come get it and enjoy!! Thank you!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa, Oberheim DX Stretch, Oberheim DSX

obie ” Complete Oberheim System including OB-Xa Synthesizer (8 Voice / 120 Programs), DX Stretch Drum Machine (MIDI) & DSX Sequencer w/ Computer Interface Cable

OB-Xa (8 Voice / 120 Programs) – Professionally serviced and overhauled (for well over $1000). Including all new J wires, bushings, NOS curtis chips, caps, gating chips, opamps, battery, pots cleaned, contacts cleaned and fully calibrated (including mod / bend section). Keybed is great and plays like new. Some scratches on top. Please see pics. All knobs and buttons are there. Sounds totally amazing! I programmed in all the factory patches.

Oberheim DX Stretch (MIDI) – Professionally serviced. Including new battery, all sliders and contacts cleaned. This is a later model with MIDI out (key to connecting this Oberheim system out to other MIDI drum machines, synths and sequencers). Excellent condition. Missing one slider top. Please see pics.

Oberheim DSX (OS 3.04) – Contacts cleaned. No further service needed. Excellent condition. Comes with original Oberheim Computer Interface cable. This sequencer is amazing! Super flexible. Compatible with numerous vintage synth / sequencer voltages via internal switches that can independently change 8 total cv / gate channels to different voltages. With this Oberheim system combination you can do cv / gate, trig, clock or w/ the DX midi out to control and incorporate basically anything. This is the only sequencer I have found that will sequence my vintage Minimoog Model D.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX

“I bought this with the purchase of an Oberheim DX. They came together. The owner did not want to part with just the DX, so I bought both, though I have no use for the DSX at the moment. He was the original owner and bought them new (in the 80’s) and never once used the DSX. Unfortunately, he did not have the original box still. It’s exceptionally clean. I powered it up and pressed some buttons. All the lights work. The screen is clear. That was the extent of my testing. It felt like it was brand new. Due to it’s age & electronics, it’s sold as is. Includes power cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay