Oberheim Strummer Project Machine

“One of vintage Perf / X modules by Oberheim .This one is Strummer – keyboard guitar emulator.
Unfortunatly the unit is not working.
If you can fix it – the Memory chips are replaceble and you can convert it to other Perf / X units :
interactive arpeggiator ,interactive drummer sequencer ,systemizer ,navigator as they share the same PCB board.
No power supply.

This is Parts / Repair unit .No return.”
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Oberheim Strummer

“Tracking down vintage gear? I’ve had this in my closet boxed and now putting it on eBay. The “Strummer” listens to chords played on your MIDI keyboard and plays them back to your MIDI sound source (Synthesizer or Sampler) just as they would be played from a guitar. Not only will the chord voicings be correct, but the chords can actually be “Strummed!” With the “Strummer,” you can even change the speed and direction of your “Strums” just by changing the way you play your MIDI keyboard. Also, “Strummer” has the ability to distinguish the difference between chords and single notes, allowing you to send chords out on one MIDI channel (Distorted Guitar Sound for example) while your single notes are sent out on a different channel (i.e. Solo Sound). Your keyboard may have a great guitar sound, but can you play a great guitar part? Yes. The Oberheim Strummer will transform your keyboard playing into a stunning and convincing performance featuring realistic guitar articulation. It comes in the original Oberheim box with manual and ac adaptor.” Click here to search for synths on eBay