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” The Roland SH101 is a classic analogue synthesiser from the 1980s. Despite being monophonic (i.e only plays one note at a time) it was in high demand in garage and techno band recordings of the time, especially for its funky bass sound. Being light and often strapped around the shoulders like a guitar it was consequently a very cool looking instrument to play while strutting your stuff. It is one of the few keyboards from that era that has maintained its value and is still in demand.

I used it for several years in the mid 80s, both on the road and on recordings, but since around 1989 it has stayed indoors and unused in my home, snug in its hard case. As a result there are no scratches or marks to speak of on the body. I recently had it serviced and cleaned, ordered a new power supply and had the interior of the hard case refurbished. As you can see from the photos the case is also in excellent condition and provides first class protection. ”

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“This listing is for –

The classic Roland Sh-101! This synthesiser doesn’t really need any introductions, renowned by both musicians and producers – very much a studio staple for many.

They keyboard is in very good working order and cosmetically in fantastic condition also. A great example of this model” Link

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“Roland sh 101 in good working order. No power supply but is shown working in pic 2. The portamento switch is missing and the bender knob is damaged but still works fine. See pictures for most accurate description. This was used for recording and live performances with my old band but has been in the loft for last 10 years. Needs a bit of a clean. Classic piece of kit that makes some awesome music in the right hands.” Link

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“This package includes:

x1 used Roland SH-101
x1 used Roland hand grip for SH-101
x1 used manual

I purchased this SH-101 second hand in the 1980s. For the past fifteen years it has been in storage. Now, to save space, the synth needs to find a new home.

Overall, the unit is in good visual condition and was tested before sale. All features work, including the pitch bend wheel, hand grip, and sequencer. All LEDs illuminate.

Please note:

The SH-101 requires a little care. The unit turns on and operates, but the power socket and headphone jack have loose connections. I haven’t tested the other jacks. I have never used the CV/Gate.

There are marks on the casing to either side of the battery compartment (see photos).

One of the base plate screws is missing. One of the screws used to fasten a shoulder strap (not included) is missing.

The manual is discoloured with age and the back cover has a tear in one corner. Many pages are marked by pencil notes (see photos).

There are no original boxes.

There is no power adaptor.” Link

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“I am the second owner of this Roland SH-101. I’ve had it since 2011. I bought it from Far Out Music in Indiana who got it from the original owner. Their service guy serviced it before I bought it.
When I first saw it I thought the green was it’s original color, but have since figured out it faded to that color.
At least it faded very evenly.
I’ve used it on a few recordings and hate to part with it, but I play so rarely now. Some one else should have the pleasure.
The underplate is missing screws (see picture) and looks like batteries leaked at one time, but it didn’t damage any electronics.
All buttons and sliders and knobs and keys work as they should as well as the CV ins and outs. I’ve uploaded a youtube video just adjusting parameters to demonstrate everything works. I forgot to record using the arpeggiator and sequencer.”

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“Classic analog mono synth used for techno and acid house music. Features include: single oscillator with mixable wave forms, CV/Gate control, and intuitive sequencer/arpeggiator. Includes Roland soft carry case, and mod grip. Clean battery compartment.” Link

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“really amazing condition WITH THE ORIGINAL BOX!!!
with power supply
your chance to get a mint original SH101
good luck !” Link

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” Mint condition. Moving and need to sell it” Link

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“Synth in great shape both functionally and cosmetically. Everything works great – only selling because it’s not being used nearly as much as it should be.

Some things worth noting: there is a small amount of damage in the battery compartment, and the main output jack needs cleaning. These actually are not a big deal, but there shouldn’t be any surprises with an item of this value. Batteries still work fine and the output jack has only made noise/cut out once in the last four months. Simply turn the cable and it’s fixed. These two things need a very basic cleaning.” Link

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“Roland SH-101 SH101 Blue AS-IS for parts VIDEO DEMO

Selling for parts AS-IS. Unit powers on and keys are responsive but makes very odd sounds.
I’m no audiophile and could just be setting up the unit wrong but I don’t think that is the case so I’m selling for PARTS/Repair ONLY!” Link

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“Comes with new battery cover. Old one has a broken tab, but is still usable and will include as well. No acid leaks. There are a few marks on the synth, check photos. Could use a good cleaning/dusting, I never got around to it. Everything works, plays well and sounds good. It is a vintage synth so it is sold as-is with no warranties, and no returns.”

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“Very Very Rare to see Roland SH-101 BLUE with Original Box. The unit has some minor scratches but nothing major. Overall in excellent condition for its age. All functions working. Please see pictures for more detail.” Link

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“There are issues with this synth, was working fine till about 1 year ago when:

1. Volume comes and goes, it drops very low and gets distorted, but often comes back after being left on for some time, but is prone to dropping again usually when the VCA envelope switch is used. Seems to be like it might be the outputs or the VCA

2. The mod/pitch wheel works for pitch but not mod

Otherwise it’s in ok condition, all knobs and faders are there and are working properly. CV, arp, sequencer all work perfectly. Sold as seen but if you know how to fix you’ll it get it for a steal. ”

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“Fully functional. No cosmetic damage. No battery acid damage.” Link

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“Owned from new

Battery compartment cover missing

Works brilliantly

No mains or case available” Link

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“An exceptional condition Roland SH-101, that not only looks fantastic, but sounds every bit as good. This will likely be the best condition on eBay.

I take the upmost care to look after my synths and It’s only ever been in a smoke free environment. This is a much loved synth but unfortunately it’s time to let go of this beauty due to a considerable studio downsizing, however I hope that it finds the loving home it deserves.

As well as the synth, you will get the original owners manual, which is in excellent condition. I will also include the custom case I have for it for free, as well as both the original power supply (not UK) and an official Roland UK power supply, so that you’re ready to go, just plug and play.”

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“Mint. Perfectly Functioning.” Link

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“It has one key left, however all the key buttons still work so can be easily replaced with new keys and springs. Some of the pots and sliders took a glancing blow from the hammer and are a little bent. They all work and I never attempted to straighten (Resonance, VCO switch and tune).

I used to use this with Kenton CV gate 20 years ago, been in storage for 12 years. Powered on and tested and seems to function well.

Update: Tested further tonight and have identified further issues. When the sequencer is used and load pressed all red led lights including power go out, however sequencer still loads notes and the red led lights return when play is pressed – not sure if this a minor or serious issue. The noise slider is a littler erratic, maybe clean will fix it or require new slider – it’s either off or nearly fully on then on lost granularity in middle of slider travel.” Link

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“Reluctant sale of my SH101. Midi modded.

This is in great condition considering the age, although the tuning knob is missing. It sounds and plays great. ” Link

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“Reluctant sale of my Roland SH101.

No sticky keys and play great!

Slightly broken key underneath and missing the tuning pot.

Haven’t got the original psu, but will include one. ” Link

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“This mint condition SH-101 works perfectly and has no marks or damage. it has spent most of its life safely in my dads basement. I have used it only a handful of times and want to find a person who will play it more.” Link

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“In good condition. Has some marks from normal use. Manly on couple corners. Rest of it looks great and well taken care of. Comes only with what is shown in pictures; grip, power supply, and synth. Please see pictures for details on condition.”

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“Roland SH-101

Title says it all!

Not only is this baby in 100% perfect working condition, it is in truly beautiful, LIKE NEW, collector quality cosmetic condition. From a smoke-free home with no writings, stickers, scratches, cracks, water damage, etc. anywhere. Keys are milky white, looking like they have never been used. Even small scratches that normally occur from regular use are limited, if there at all. Included is the power cord, as pictured. (I know that this auction is priced a bit higher than other 101s, but the condition is just so notably minty that it warrants a higher price).

And let’s be real. Roland will NEVER be able to replicate the original… There is something special to it; there is a real mojo. The built in step sequencer is truly elegant, and frees you from the mind-numbing black hole of the computer screen. There’s a reason that this synth was so prized by the likes of Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and 808 State!

As if this wasn’t great enough, this is the US version- no need to use a cumbersome voltage converter needed for the Japanese versions!” Link

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“Won’t switch on

Lfo mod slider is bent but functions” Link

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“I’m offering a vintage Roland SH-101 (blue) for sale. It has been sitting in storage for over a decade and is in near perfect condition. Everything works including the modulation grip.

Unfortunately I do not have the strap holder, but this can be purchased aftermarket. I will also throw in a Boss AC adapter.” Link

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“The classic techno monosynth, in excellent condition, with the original manual, MG-1 mod grip and guitar strap, two minor mods, and a beefed-up power supply.

The SH-101 is one of the world’s most popular analog synthesizers. If you know anything about synths, you know all about this one.

Also included in this package is a special 15 volt power supply for the synth. Normally the 101 uses a 9 volt supply, but experiments by Phillip
Pilgrim, a noted expert on the 101, have shown that increasing the supply voltage to 15 volts dramatically cuts down on hiss and buzz. (See Phil’s SH-101 page for an explanation.)

This synth has two mods which actually improve its usefulness. The first is a large capacitor across the power line, which helps cut down on hum. In combination with the special power supply, this cap makes this one of the quietest 101s you’ll ever hear. The second mod is a switch that allows you to control the synth either from a keyboard or from the CV In jacks, without disconnecting the CV cables. This is handy for live use.” Link

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“.This item works well
It is operation confirmed.

Because it is used goods, there are a dirt or a wound associated with use,but I think that it is a item of moderation.” Link

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“Roland SH-101 with mod grip in excellent cosmetic and working condition.

One slider (resonance) has a little noise in the level 1 – 2 range.” Link

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“Perfect working order, not a single issue
Appearance – In great condition
Tested Perfectly with adapter (international power converter adapter included) and batteries”

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“All keys work but it does have a few issues. The headphone socket seems to have a hum and I can not get the VCF on the bender to work. Apart from that it all seems to be working fine.” Link

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“Pretty clean other than some fading of the paint on the range selector. Works perfectly. Comes with a power supply (not original). I don’t have the keytar attachment.” Link

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“Here is the blue SH-101 in the rarest of factory issued colors. Perfect working order, not a single issue. Tested Perfect with adapter (universal adapter included free) and batteries OK!” Link

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“This synth needs no introduction, an absolute classic!

It has no MIDI, so I’ve always used the Arturia Beatstep and the CV & Gate to trigger via MIDI. Which is why I’m offering the 2 together – See separate listings for individual items.

The synth is in a good condition, there are signs of wear but that’s to be expected with an instrument manufactured in the early 1980’s.” Link