Frank Eventoff Sonica

” The Sonica was a synthesizer designed by Frank Eventoff in 1979. A limited run of 650 were made, this is number 597. This one is in good condition with wear near the numbering and a tear in the grill cloth in front of the speaker. Includes original case, unsigned warranty card, and owner’s manual. These are ultra rare and incredibly hard to find.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Frank Eventoff Sonica #248

sonica “Featured in this NO RESE​RVE auction is a fine example of the vintage handmade FRANK EVENTOFF SONICA portable Electric Serge Synthesizer.

It features 15 Keys for Notes, an additional 1/2 Step Touch Button (“tone” and “slider” buttons are not working properly), Master Volume and On/Off Knob, 1/8″ Output (for external amplifier connection), Key Adjuster knob, and Kill Switch.

All knobs and switches are in Excellent Operating Condition with the exception of the “slider” and “tone” buttons occasionally cutting out. It is in Good Vintage Cosmetic Condition (see photos), with normal signs of previous careful use on its body.

This Unique late 1970’s instrument is a rare find. It is numbered #248 of only 600 that were made in the USA. Made of Solid Wood, with Brass Trim and Engraved Brass Plate (see photos). It comes protected in its included fiber-board case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Frank Eventoff Sonica

sonica “”Sonica Serge Synth Instrument, Frank Evantoff Number 585.

Own a part of synthesizer history. One of very few surviving, fully working Sonica Instruments. One sold at auction for $3,416.00

This example is in excellent condition, no damage other than one small ding (size of a BB) in the base of body. No corrosion on battery connections, original case, unmarked original instructions (even has unused stamp for warranty return). This instrument was bought new and put in a closet and recently found.

You are bidding on an extremely rare FULLY WORKING electronic synthesizer instrument by Frank Evantoff, called the Sonica. Number 585 of only 650 produced. Shaped like small lute with a guitar like neck which fits perfectly into the hand. By touching the frets on the neck the instrument produces notes best often described as between a theremin, sitar and a violin.” Click here to visit listing on eBay