MTI 16R Auto Orchestra

“For your kind consideration is this vintage MTI 16R Auto Orchestra drum machine and synthesizer. This very rare piece is an all analog drum machine and synth – all in one. The foot controller triggers the notes for the piano and organ sounds. There is also a backing bass track that can be turned on and off. The drum machine elements can be turned on and off as well and there are volumes for the different elements as well. A truly unique piece. Recently serviced by a reputable local tech and it’s working wonderfully. Included are the rack unit, foot controller, and components that were replaced by the tech. Enjoy!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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MTI 16R Auto-Orchestra

” Super cool vintage analog auto orchestra. Has bass, chords and drums with foot controllers to change the key and chords.

It sat for a year or so and I plugged it in and everything worked perfectly. Then a week later, the drum module stopped working. It’s probably just a dirty switch or other easy fix. I never use it, so I figured it should go to someone who will.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

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