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system700“Roland System 700 Vintage Analog Modular Synthesizer

Cosmetically this one is in very good condition. Everything appears to be working fine. Some of these modules do need calibration. Very normal for a synth almost 40 years old.

One of the cabinets has a moog filter with it’s own external powersupply.

This system comes with all connecting cables. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is one incredibly rare Roland system 700 block 6 modular synth piece. Block 6 is the Interface Frequency-to-Voltage converter plus Envelope Follower plus Schmidt Trigger and is augmented by a sixth VCA, a versatile MultiMode Filter, and a 9-input Audio mixer. This unit is NOS new old stock and has never been used in fact the case it comes in has only been opened twice in the last thirty two years. Once in 1980 when purchased and now. As you can see by the photos it is in truly in perfect condition not a scratch or blemish to be found. I’ve bought and sold many vintage analog synths over the years but I have never come across a system 700 and to find a piece that has never been used is incredible. The materials parts and craftsmanship are outstanding it’s easy to see why Roland in the late 70s early 80s were second to none. The only issue I can see is since it is a modular piece I have no way of testing its operation. But as stated with the fact that it has never been used and the quality of Roland back then I dought there would be a problem This is a museum piece the scarcity of which I’m really not even quite sure of it is rumored that roland only sold apox fifty full systems and for that reason is hard to place a value on. The last full system sold close to 40 thousand dollars.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Roland System 700 Modularsystem . Original-Keyboard mit Deckel. Modell Nr. 701A.
Das Keyboard hat keinerlei Beschädigungen; zeigt aber aufgrund seines Alters ein paar
Ein Muss für Sammler. So ein Teil taucht nicht jeden Tag auf!

Das Keyboard kann nicht selbständig genutzt werden, sondern nur in Verbindung mit einer
Main-Unit, die hier nicht Bestandteil dieser Auktion ist.

Eine weitergehende Gewährleistung wird nicht übernommen.
Der Artikel wird so versteigert, wie in dieser Auktion angeboten.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Oh yeah!

You are not dreaming!

We here have a truly amazing, very beautiful, good working and mostly super rare (some say only 40 produced worldwide ..) vintage synth called Roland System 700. I’m the second owner. It has been bought in Montreal, Province of Quebec in Canada in 1979. The seller told him only 2 were sold in Canada.

VERY FAT SOUNDING synth for sure…
Great for any musician or collector

I’m mostly a guitar player looping spacey pink floydish stuff with synth layers and I don’t need such a big machine to be happy; my smaller synths are just ok for me.

We have the main unit (Block One), the keyboard (Block 2) and the cable to connect both

Serial number
Block one 500406
Block two 500402

Esthetic condition is: not perfect but very good/excellent.
– The back small door to hide the power cable is missing.
– There is a sticker of the emblem of the province of Quebec on one side.
– There a missing knob and two missing small white swithes (like on roland space echoes). You can find them on ebay often.
– There are several missing srews
– The tolex is in great shape, but it is begining to slightly ”unglue” at some places, very very small scratchesor sighs of use
– There is rust on the metal bars of the cover panels that close the synth and the keyboard, but it is because they were in the garage while the synth was is the studio.

Working condition is: not perfect but very good/excellent.
– Some slides may need some cleaning
– One of those white swtches do not want to move

I must say I did not tried all the possible patch connections between modules, there are just too much possibilies!!! Although I know the basics of vintage synth use, I do not have the user manual so it is hard to know everything that can be done with that amazing synth, and if everything is sounding exactly as it should, it is so rare..” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modular, Roland, System 700 @ 17 October 2010, Comments Off on Roland System 700 Main Console

“Item in good condition.
Working 100%.

One of the rarest and sought after synth on Earth.
Also the biggest synth ever produced by Roland.
The System 700 is rare, beautiful and sounds amazing !

– 3 VCOs
– 1 VCF LP 24dB/Oct
– 1 VCF HP/BP/LP 12 dB/Oct
– 2 VCAs
– 2 VC LFOs
– 2 ADSRs
– Sample & Hold
– Pink & White noise
– Ring Modulator
– Spring Reverb
– Phaser
& more…

Unit runs on 110V.
If you need any further information, feel free to ask me before bidding.. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.