OB-1, Oberheim @ 27 February 2018, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1 Project Machine

“Purchased in 2002. Very clean condition. There is no pulse wave on VCO 2. It came that way when I bought it, so I just leave it on Triangle which sounds just great. The manual says you can vary the slope of the Triangle waves, but I have never been able to do that. You can vary the pulse wave on VCO 1. Everything else works great. Two sub oscillators to create a really fat sound, plus cross mod and sync to get some very interesting sonic explorations. These synths are quite rare and not up for sale very often. They are direct descendants of Oberheim’s SEM modules. A true piece of synthesizer history.” Link

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“Super Rare: Oberheim OB-1 Synthesizer. The Heaviest sounding monophonic synth …Ever. Programmable memory locations where you can store your own settings. There are 2 oscillators – but each has a sub-octave which really fattens things up. Includes Genuine Oberheim VCF Pedal, Oberheim Cassette Interface and cable for additional memory, Original Patch Book, Instruction Manuals for Cassette Interface and Synth, Schematic. Wow! You will never see another set like this. Ever”

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“Good Condition and recently gone through by a local tech who also installed the a new

Tauntek programmer with the following updates:

A new MCU-based programmer pcb is now available for the OB-1

I have designed a replacement for the Oberheim programmer with the following features:

1) 64 programs in 8 banks of 8

2) Programs are stored in non-volatile EEPROM. No battery needed.

3) After a program is loaded, only controls that have moved are “live”, so patch editing is now possible.

4) Manual mode forces all controls to be “live”.

5) Optional (non-volatile setting) periodic flash of current bank selection

6) Optional (non-volatile setting) quantization of coarse freq for oscillator 1 to octaves

7) Comes with 24 pre-programmed patches, which can be over-written later if you chose

8) Smaller pcb mounts on four of the existing standoffs, providing better access to pcb underneath

9) Implemented connectors are the same as original programmer for easy installation

10) All IC’s are socketed. All components are through-hole.

11) 20-turn trimpot for easier one-time oscillator tuning adjustment

More info at tauntek OB1 site

I installed new key bushings as well in the last month.

Outer case has some blemishes and surface rust here and there, but in overall good cosmetic condition.

Pretty rare piece and would make a great addition to your studio or collection.” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 22 August 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“I have too many synths so I have to make room! This guy is amazing! The sounds that come out of this are SUPER musical! Its a true analog synth which has analog oscillators which are controlled digitally. Very advanced for its time. This unit has a reputation and it deserves it. It is monotimbral and polyphonic. It can play 6 notes max simultaneously. You wont need that many notes to create powerful sounds! For the best programming experience, if you want to program your own unique synth voices, I highly recommend midiquest pro. I havent found any other editors that work as good as that one. Its available online. But as the name states, it has 1000 sounds already onboard, so just browsing through all those, you should be able to find something very close to the sound you want and then modify it to your liking. It sounds so beautiful… It has midi in/out/thru, Mono 1/4″ Out, and the power cord is included. The rack ear on the right is slightly bent as you can see in the picture but it doesnt affect the functioning in any way.” Link

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obie-1” Bought this in 2003. Excellent condition. Used in my home studio only-temp controlled, no smoke. Have a lot of synths that I don’t play much, so time to pare down and keep only my most used ones.
Everything works perfectly, including the memory, EXCEPT…
The only problem is the OSC 1 Pulse setting doesn’t work. There is one knob to choose between Saw on the left and Pulse on the right.
No go on the right. It came this way when I bought it. Seller didn’t disclose this fact, and I didn’t make an issue of it (maybe should have). It doesn’t really affect anything in the overall scheme of the sound design. With OSC 1 on Saw, you still get that analog Oberheim sound that’s quite distinctive.
I’ve always loved the big sound and versatility of the OB. I also have a Moog Voyager, so that will be handling alot of the sounds the OB can do, but of course, it’s not an Oberheim.” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 19 January 2016, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1 Project Machine

ob1 “As is no returns no exchanges no refunds. Vintage electronics needs cleaning,restoration and calibration. Not fully working. VCO 1 FUND & VCO 2 FUND & OCT do not appear to make a sound. Noise and VCO 1 OCT appear to function and all other controls have an effect on the sound. All keys sound but will need cleaning. No battery is in the unit and i am unsure if the PROGRAM section will store/retrieve your 8 personal presets.” Link

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used ob1used ob1 “For your consideration the OBERHEIM OB-1 (1978) monophonic synthesizer. This is the rarely seen color-coded knobbed version unlike the versions seen here on eBay are either the gray model or the black tip knobbed version. This synthesizer is in perfect working order, recently serviced for optimal playability and durability for years to come. Everything has been tested and verified and it is 100% up to full operational specs. It will be re-verified, photographed and professionally packed with loving care. This synthesizer is for the serious collector. The body is in excellent condition, very minimal scratches, and side wood panels are in very good condition. The unit has only been kept in a studio environment and kept well protected from dust and the elements. The unit comes with original printed manual on 8×11 paper and the OB-1 Patch Book. Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to own a piece of history.” Link

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usedo b1 “OBERHEIM OB-1 s/no 0036 1978

Not too many made of these wonderful PROGRAMMABLE monophonic synthesizers. This one has been serviced/scaled etc by top tech Jimbo Walker of Stoke; now back to factory spec – ie 100% working order.

Condition:- apart from tiny blemishes, very, very nice indeed; even the underside has no stand-rash….. all knobs & switches do what they are told. 3-octave keyboard has NO chips or scratches on the keys. Nice 10ft long fixed mains cord (220-240Vac) is very handy. Dims :- 80 x 40 x 15 cms Weight 2.5Kgs” Link

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oberheim ob1“Guess you know what this baby is!

It’s in great shape. I don’t really use it as much as I should so letting it go. It’s a bit complicated to use so best for analog expert (which I am not).” Link

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ob1 “Oberheim OB1 classic and ultra-rare Monophonic synthesizer.

This is a beauty! It is in wonderful condition and totally on the money!” Link

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ob-1For sale is one is very rare Oberheim OB-1 in near mint shape. This may be one of the nicest OB-1’s you’ll find. This keyboard doesn’t come up for sale too often in this kind of condition. Cosmetically it is in near mint shape, with the front face looking perfect & only minor scruffs on the front side. It is 100% fully functional & works perfectly. It’s been recently fully restored by a top analog tech & will be ready to use in your studio for years to come. Full restoration details below. The sound is very similar to Oberheim SEMs, & was the first synth to feature patch memory/programs. It is even loaded with the original presets! Awesome bass, thick leads, effects & more. Don’t miss out on this legendary synth!

A deep service with restoration has been performed by Chris at This Old Synth (www.thisoldsynth.com) including:
+ Unit completely stripped and cleaned inside and out with all pots and switches cleaned
+ Keyboard stripped, bushing posts leveled, new bushings fitted, all keys hand-cleaned, buss-bars removed and polished, and key contacts cleaned
+ Power supply re-capped
+ Battery replaced
+ All tantalum caps on the power circuitry replaced as they are a common failure item
+ All can type electrolytic caps replaced
+ All functions tested and any issues remedied
+ Power supply adjusted, then unit tuned and scaled per service manual
+ Patches from the original patchbook loaded
+ Passed 2 weeks of burn-in testing” Link

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“Oberheim OB-1 synthesizer for sale. Used only in smoke free studios, no gigging.
Excellent shape!
S/N 283” Link

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“Used in my studio for over 10 years. Routine cleaning once every year. Fully functional, near mint condition! All original! Unpack, plug in and play!” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 26 November 2013, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“in good working condition has some use marks but is in great working order.Unit was just serviced and cleaned to verify all is working correctly. Not sure if original looks like it was added but there is a switch on Aslator 1 that effects LFO Modulation and Pitch Envelope both effect aslator 1” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 12 November 2013, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“This auction is for a vintage Oberheim OB-1 monophonic analog synthesizer. Looks and works excellent! Local bidders welcome to take a listen at my studio in Hollywood.” Link

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“A beautiful example of a very, very rare,really powerful, versatile, dirty sounding, analog mono synth from circa 1979.

This can be controlled via midi to CV/Gate unit which I am selling separately.” Link

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“Oberheim OB-1

For your consideration is the Oberheim OB-1 analog synthesizer.
The OB-1 has been gently used in a smoke free studio, but shows significant cosmetic wear(see pics).
The synth has been fully tested and is completely functional.
The OB-1 has also been recently serviced by a professional tech.
Included in the listing is the Oberheim OB-1 as pictured.” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 21 May 2013, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

” Oberheim OB-1 vintage analog synth
One of the first serial number 0038.

The pitch bend lever is unstable and should be looked at.
It fluctuates a bit and when you let go of it, the pitch stays up about a half step
you then half to jiggle it for it to return to proper pitch.
This only happens in the Broad position. The MOD and Narrow positions function properly.
(there is a 3 position switch for bend routing)

Everything else appears to be functioning properly.” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 07 May 2013, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“vintage oberhiem ob-1 with a low serial number of #328 Great physical condition. The memory battery looks to have been replaced at some point and was just checked and was at a fresh 3.6v. It is not a solder in battery, it’s in a factory holder like it should be. no corrosion in the battery holder. This keyboard was a one owner before i purchased it last winter. This keyboard saves patches and both sections analog and the patch memory digital section work great. I love the touch sensor capacitance switches. It should be noted that the knobs with grey tops don’t save into patch memory per the oberheim owners manual (available online,) so you do have to pay some attention to where the knobs are pointed if you’re looking for an old analog preset synth. This thing was way ahead of it’s time. Which is the reason it was used by some of the greats. Geddy lee was the biggest name who used this and there were only a hand full of the two mki and mkii models made.

Less than 500 of the ob1. Please note the difference, this is an original OB1. Not the ob1a that sell for less because they made more.” Link

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OB-1, Oberheim @ 19 March 2013, Comments Off on Oberheim OB1

“Vintage Oberheim OB1 in working condition. Plug it in and play it. Poorly replaced power cord will need attention.

I have owned it since new. Low serial number. Last of my Oberheim’s. ” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 27 November 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“Greetings: Here we have an Oberheim OB-1 in very good condition. The CEM 3310 envelope chips have been replaced with new ones and the oscillators have been tuned. This synthesizer has been throughly checked out and is preforming to spec. The pitch bend lever is not stock and there are scratches in the paint on the top of the case, please see pictures. ” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 06 November 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“The unit is in 100% working condition and is cosmetically excellent (very rare for its age)!” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 05 June 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“I really hate to sell this one as I searched for it for so long, but sadly it has to go to make room for other equipment.

I’m selling an extremely rare Oberheim OB-1 Analog Synthesizer. For those unfamiliar, this is a monophonic synthesizer and was among the first synthesizers to offer the ability to store presets. The unit can store 8 presets at one time using battery backed memory.

This particular unit has recently been calibrated and has had a new battery installed. Everything seems to be working great, although there may be the occasional crackle from a potentiometer.

The only issue that should me mentioned is that this OB-1 at one point was modified for use with some kind of sequencer. The modifications have been removed but there is a small hole in the front where a toggle switch had been mounted and a 1/4″ hole in the back where a jack had been mounted. Both of these holes can easily be plugged. The front hole had been marked and the legending should be easily removable. There is also a balanced output installed to the back with a balancing transformer.

The unit is in quite nice shape overall with minimal marking on the metal, as shown in the pictures. There is a little scuffing on the wooden end caps. See the pictures for details.” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 24 April 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“Up for sale is a very rare Oberheim OB1 monophonic synthesizer from 1978, in perfect working condition and very good cosmetic condition. This was the very first synth in its class with programmable memories (eight touch-sensitive buttons) and is in a similar class of sound as the SEM but with more programmability and features. The synth was recapped a few years ago and recently checked over, and all functions and patch storage work perfectly. The keys are all level and the action is great. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Oberheim OB-1 vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is nice cosmetic condition. It needs some work, it powers, but when you hit a key, it endlessly sustains. As such, it is sold As Is, For Parts or Repairs.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a Oberheim OB-1 Vintage Synthesizer. It also includes the very rare Cass-1 Interface box.

Cosmetically the OB-1 in excellent condition with very little wear. Has some light marks on the wood sides and also has some small specs of red paint beside some of the knobs. I’m guessing a previous owner has put them there as preset markers. Some of the red specs were also removed at one point leaving some faint scuff marks in it’s place. Both the red paint specs and scuffs are very minor and not really noticeable. (see photo as an example)

The Cass-1 Interface is in mint condition. It includes the original connection cable and original owners manual. The purpose of the Cass-1 Interface is to back up the memory presets onto standard audio cassettes. The Cass-1 Interface is also usable with the Oberheim 4 and 8 voice poly synths that are equipped with the memory presets panel. It’s a very useful interface box for creating and archiving a sound library which you can load and save into the synth.

Both the synth and interface have been tested and are fully working” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” Up for auction is my low serial number Oberheim OB-1 monosynth. When I was last using this synth regularly, it would play absolutely marvelously.. However, after being in storage for a few years, it is once again in trouble:

When powered on and a “program” selected, audio output is extremely low. There’s two audio outs on the back, low and high. High is audible, and low I couldn’t hear at all. I tested all of the knobs, switches and keys, and all work. As it’s so low in output it is hard to say about the overall tuning, but the oscillators and filter still track to the keyboard.
One key is slightly lower than the rest- the D3

Because of these issues, I’m starting this auction at an extremely low price with no reserve.

This synthesizer is serial number 0058.

Back in 2005, Kevin Lightner (synthfool.com) completely restore this particular synth. It was in heavy use until 2009, at which point it went into the studio closet.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-1, Oberheim @ 10 January 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“This classic Oberheim OB-1 analog mono synthesizer has been cleaned up and checked out by an electronics shop. All the circuits match the schematic settings. The internal battery has been replaced with a new one. It has however lost its voices and will require someone with the right equipment to reinstall them before it will play. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-1, Oberheim @ 15 November 2011, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1 Project Machine

“Up for bid is the Vintage OBERHEIM OB-1 MONOPHONIC Analog Synthesizer. SELLING AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. Here’s the issue according to my tech: Turns ON but keyboard doesn’t track & stays out of tune.Due to its current state, there is no guarantee that the description is 100% accurate.

This keyboard has been stored for a while. What separate this unit from other OB-1 is it has a program selector switch knob so it holds 48 programs. Stock OB-1 only has 8 program memories. The original owner is the keyboard player for Huey Lewis & the News. The program selector knob is installed by the Oberheim factory. Minor marks/scratches but overall the cosmetic condition is very good. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-1, Oberheim @ 06 September 2011, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

” A very rare chance to get hold of a vintage classic, the Oberheim OB-1 which has been totally striped and rebuilt by James at Synth Repair Services. This is as close as you can get to a brand new OB-1. All of the logic has been replaced (bit of a weak point on the OB-1), all sockets replaced, PSU upgraded, all capacitors replaced etc. etc. The OB-1 is in very good physical condition apart from a bit of wear and tear on one of the end cheeks which is hopefully visible on the photos.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-1, Oberheim @ 30 August 2011, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1 Project Machine

“Up for auction is an Oberheim OB-1 in as is condition. I played around with it for a good week or so and have assumed the VCF and VCA envelopes to be non-functional. In other words, if you turn it on and press a key, the sound will play just fine but not stop. If you tweak any of the VCF or VCA knobs there will be no effect on the patch. In addition, the second A key does not work. From my judgement there doesn’t seem to be anything else non or semifunctional with the synthesizer but I could be wrong. In addition I did not test any of the jacks besides the audio out. Again, this unit was played for about a week while I sampled what I could and all knobs and buttons besides those in the VCF and VCA groups seem to be working fine. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-1, Oberheim @ 24 May 2011, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“This listing is for a OBERHEIM OB-1 OB1 synthesizer. The unit is is in excellent cosmetic condition and fully function except the (extremely limited and arguably useless) memory function does not work. I am not sure how to fix it as I am not technical. I tried changing the battery, no luck. All other functions, knobs, sliders, keys etc. are fully operational.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-1, Oberheim @ 12 April 2011, Comments Off on Oberehim OB-1

“Oberheim OB-1 in mint condition on offer. Item is fully functional, beautiful, and sounds great. Wood is perfect. New battery installed, key contacts cleaned.
The rare OB-1 has discrete VCF and VCOs which offer a rich sound similar to the SEM and OBX, plus onboard memory making it an extremely sought after monophonic synthesizer. Lots of possibilities with its extensive modulation (for a monophonic synthesizer) control and full CV/GATE capability.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-1, Oberheim @ 05 April 2011, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“For auction is my Oberheim OB-1 synthesizer.
The synth is in excellent cosmetic condition with minimal wear and tear – no big scratches or gouges.
Functionally, the synth is in excellent condition – everything works as it should. Battery was replaced about 10 years ago and still holds programs.
This is a fantastic sounding mono-synth with 100% discrete analog circuitry – similar to Oberheim’s famous SEM module.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.